Ribbon Eel

Can fit its body into a tiny crevice of a reef
Ribbon Eel Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Rhinomuraena quaesita
Ribbon Eel Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Blue, Black
up to 20 years
Ribbon Eel Distribition

The ribbon eel is among 223 species of moray eel.

The ribbon eel is likewise called a ribbon moray, a Bernis eel and a fallen leave- nosed moray. These eels reside on reef in the Pacific and Indian Oceans off the coastlines of southerly Japan, eastern Africa, French Polynesia and Australia. They can live for twenty years in the wild, however do not make it through for long in bondage.

4 Ribbon Eel Truths

  • Both male and female: All ribbon eels are birthed male. Yet, as this animal ages and modifications shades, it establishes female reproductive components permitting it to lay eggs.
  • Ghost eels: The white or ghost ribbon eel is carefully pertaining to heaven- ribbon eel. It’s called a ghost as a result of its beaming white skin. Likewise, ghost eels just appear in the evening to search. They reside in the very same environment as blue- ribbon eels.
  • Clear bodies: Throughout the larva phase, a ribbon eel’s body is clear or see- with.
  • Mouth breathing eels: A ribbon eel is typically seen with its mouth opening and closing. This is not an indicator of aggressiveness. An eel does this to press water over its gills to take a breath.

Ribbon Eel Classification and Scientific Name

This eel’s scientific name is Rhinomuraena quaesita The Greek word Rhinomuraena converts to moray eel nose which describes this eel’s unique lengthened nose. Words quaesita implies demanded describing the truth that this eel remains concealed in reef.

Various other names for this eel consist of ribbon moray, Bernis eel and the fallen leave- nosed moray. It remains in the Muraenidae family and the class Actinopterygii.

The moray eel family (Muraenidae) has 223 participants! Some instances:

  • Anarchias seychellensis
  • Enchelycore schismatorhynchus
  • Scuticaria tigrina
  • Gymnothorax kidako

Sorts Of Moray Eel: The Various Species

This eel comes from the moray eel family. This family has 223 participants of various dimensions and shades. Most of them reside in reef in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Some species in the moray eel or Muraenidae family consist of:

  • Seychelles moray: This moray eel resides in reef off the western and eastern coastlines of Australia. It has actually a yellow tipped tail.
  • White- margined moray: It lives near Xmas Island in the Indian Sea. Its environment consists of reef, and it pursues in shallows. It’s called for the white line on its dorsal fin and actions 47 inches.
  • Tiger moray: This moray obtains its name from the black or dark brownish splotchy pattern atop its brown body. They live near all-time low of reef situated in the Gulf of The golden state and somewhere else in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
  • Kidako moray: Gauging a couple of feet long this moray is significant for its brownish body including a white snow pattern.

Ribbon Eel Appearance

This eel has actually been contrasted to the legendary Chinese dragon because of its lengthy curving body and dorsal fin. It alters shade as it grows older. A larva eel is clear while an adolescent is black with a dorsal fin of yellow. As it ends up being totally expanded, it transforms a great blue with a yellow dorsal fin.

These eels are all birthed male however create female reproductive body organs later on in life. Now, it has the ability to lay eggs. These eels can expand to 51 inches in dimension.

The motions of this eel resemble a slim ribbon swing with the air. A streaming, zig- zagging motion with the water. It’s very easy for these eels to vanish right into a small hole in a reef because of their slim body. Their rate incorporated with the capacity to shake inside a reef can aid these eels retreat predators.

two ribbon eels
A set of blue ribbon eels located in Lembeh Strait, Indonesia.SergeUWPhoto/Shutterstock.com

Ribbon Eel Distribution, Population, and Environment

This eel’s variety consists of the eastern shore of Africa, the north to the southerly coastlines of Japan, French Polynesia and the north shore of Australia. It resides in reef and can be seen from one to 220 feet down in the deep sea sea.

The population of this eel is unidentified. Nonetheless, it’s taken into consideration Least Concern on the IUCN Red Listing.

Ribbon Eel Predators and Victim

Ribbon eels are predators that do not require to leave the security of their reef to discover food!

What do ribbon eels eat?

They eat tiny fish and shellfishes. As opposed to appearing of its reef hole, they stick its go out. It utilizes its fluttery nostrils to draw in victim. A tiny fish or shellfish is most likely to blunder this fluttery item as something to eat. When the victim obtains as well close, the eel gets it.

What consumes ribbon eels?

Fish that are bigger in dimension and sea birds eat ribbon eels.

Though they are often recorded and cost a high rate as unique pets, these eels are taken into consideration Least Concern.

Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Researchers think the reproducing period is at some time in between late winter months and very early springtime. A female lays eggs and a male launches sperm to feed them. They lay approximately 4 eggs that hatch out in regarding 8 weeks.

Freshly hatched out eels are called larvae and are clear. In other words, they have the form of an eel, however you can translucent them.

Quickly, a ribbon eel advances right into the adolescent phase. Now, its body is black with a yellow dorsal fin. At the grown-up phase, the eel ends up being brilliant blue with a yellow dorsal fin.

In the wild, these eels can measure up to twenty years. Regrettably, they pay a depressing rate when recorded to maintain as pets. They typically pass away within a month in an aquarium.

Angling and Food Preparation

Ribbon eels are not consumed by humans. Some humans record them to take into fish tanks secretive houses or organizations.


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