One of the biggest mammals of the dinosaur age that used to eat other dinosaurs
Repenomamus Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Repenomamus Physical Characteristics
Brown, Light Grey
28 years
26-31 lbs
Repenomamus Distribition

The Repenomamus was found in the year 2000, and then was offered its name, which converts about to reptile creature.

Summary and Dimension

Repenomamus is a genus of 2 species, specifically Repenomamus robustus and Repenomamus giganticus It was just one of the most significant animals in the Mesozoic period.

From the fossils that were discovered of this old creature, the adhering to features can be accumulated to define its physical attributes:

  • The dimension of the Repenomamus Robustus was around 3 feet long which is larger than a mouse today, and it evaluated around 8.8- 13 extra pounds.
  • The Repenomamus Giganticus was 50% bigger regarding 3 feet long and evaluated in between 26- 31 extra pounds.
  • It had a solid jaw that held sharp and sharp teeth in the front for attacking right into the flesh, yet it additionally had a couple of chewing teeth that excited the uncertainty that it might have been a killer greater than a scavenger.
  • The Repenomamus additionally had a couple of hairs on its face. They were long, delicate, and appeared like the hairs of a cat today.
  • Appearing like a badger or a huge cat, it had a hefty body that was covered in a layer of hair. Its body was much bulkier and bigger than its arm or legs.
  • It additionally had a brief tail that was covered in hair.
  • It had 2 sets of solid and brief legs and strolled on its more comprehensive feet like a badger. Nevertheless, the plantigrade feet showed that it stretched and operated on the ground. Each foot had a number of claws too.
Repenomamus illustration
Repenomamus is typically contrasted to the modern Tasmanian Devil.Nobu_Tamura/ Creative Commons Acknowledgment 3.0 Unported – Permit

Diet – What DidRepenomamus Eat?

Considering its fossils and sharp, sharp teeth, it is secure to presume that the Repenomamus was a predator. Nevertheless, the researchers were separated regarding whether the creature was a killer or a scavenger.

The typical suggestion was that this creature consumed tiny dinosaurs. Others thought that it additionally consumed insects and numerous smaller sized animals. Yet, a vital fossil searching for showed its real diet.

The Repenomamus fossil was discovered with bones of one more tiny dinosaur in its digestive tract components which itself was a plant- eater. This highly sustains the suggestion that it consumed tiny dinosaurs. So, the concept it was a killer is much more concrete than the opportunity it was a scavenger.

The majority of the animals at the time were taken into consideration scavengers. Numerous fossils of various other dinosaurs had bite marks of the smaller sized animals revealing that the animals hid in the darkness and delighted in the dinosaur carcasses.

Environment – When And Where Did It Live?

The Repenomamus existed about around 125 million years earlier. It was discovered to have actually lived throughout the very early Cretaceous duration of the Mesozoic period.

Researches recommend that the Repenomamus stayed in superficial locations and hid in the darkness, like a scavenger. It made its residence in similar locations yet did not remain a lot under the darkness. The fossil of this creature was discovered in Northeastern China. This component of China is understood to have actually been residence to feathery dinosaurs. Currently, whether it was a commonalities for both of them is unidentified.


Thinking about the diet of Repenomamus, it can be presumed that they pursued in packs. Since the Repenomamus was just one of the very first animals to have actually been taken into consideration an animal that can potentially eat dinosaurs, it is thought that they were friendly and organized with each other to search for their target. Various other animals of the exact same period were primarily insectivorous. The majority of the animals throughout this time around hung around in superficial locations, concealing from the dinosaurs. Exactly how did the Repenomamus come to be so vicious in nature?

The existing concept recommends that Repenomamus was residing in a various area than these various other animals. According to the fossils, Repenomamus lived among feathery dinosaurs. It did not need to conceal due to the fact that there were no bigger predators terrifying it away. As necessary, its target were tiny dinosaurs.

Risks And Predators

There are no understood predators of the Repenomamus Yet similar to various other animals, they were endangered by the nature and environment of that period.

In the Cretaceous period, points like land fragmentation, searching, environment adjustment, land deterioration, and logging were fairly typical. Additionally, the Repenomamus was understood to be a seeker of tiny dinosaurs. It was most likely not residing in superficial locations like various other animals that were insectivores. This leads us to think that any kind of larger dinosaur might have been a danger to the Repenomamus in addition to all-natural catastrophes being the significant one.

Discoveries and Fossils – Where It Was Found

The Repenomamus does not have numerous fossils all over the world. The only point understood is that this genus has 2 recognized species and both of them were discovered in China. As reviewed over, they are Repenomamus robustus and Repenomamus giganticus.

In 2000, the very first fossil of Repenomamus was found in the Northeastern side of China, especially in the Liaoning district. The Repenomamus robustus species was very first found in the year 2000 and after that later on Repenomamus giganticus was discovered in the year 2005.

The fossil of the Repenomamus giganticus is among the biggest creature fossils to have actually been discovered. Nevertheless, the fossil of Repenomamus robustus supplied some fascinating understanding, supplying possible proof that this creature consumed tiny dinosaurs due to the fact that its skeletal system was discovered with a skeletal system of an infant dinosaur.

Termination – When Did It Pass away Out?

The precise reason is unidentified, yet the fundamental presumption is that they passed away when a meteorite struck the Planet and eliminated 3- fourths of the animal population throughout this period. Numerous old animals were eliminated due to this.

Similar Animals to The Repenomamus

  • Tasmanian Devil – The Repenomamus appears a great deal like the modern-day animal these days, the Tasmanian Devil It has a similar dimension, and physique, and it also pursues like a scavenger. Its vicious nature additionally rather takes the nature of the Repenomamus.


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