Red-winged blackbird

The male red-winged blackbird can sing to attract mates
Red-winged blackbird Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Agelaius phoeniceus
Red-winged blackbird Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, White
More than 200 million
Top speed
30 mph
Red-winged blackbird Distribition

The red- winged blackbird is located virtually anywhere throughout The United States and Canada with the exception of deserts and hills.

The male is conveniently recognized by the black shiny plumes and red shoulder spots. Its abundant tune can be listened to each year starting in the springtime. It has actually likewise been understood to assault individuals that roam also near its area.

3 Impressive Red- winged Blackbird Details!

  • The red- winged blackbird is amongst one of the most varied songbirds worldwide. A minimum of 20 subspecies are acknowledged, several of which differ somewhat in their dimension and appearance.
  • The red- winged blackbird offers a helpful ecological function by aiding to manage insect populaces. On the various other hand, they will certainly likewise occasionally swipe grain from farmers.
  • In the reproducing period, numerous females will certainly share the exact same area of a solitary male.

Where to Discover the Red- winged Blackbird

The red- winged blackbird is belonging to The United States and Canada. Depending upon the moment of the year, it might be located anywhere from Alaska to the Caribbean and Central America. This species stays in a range of various practices, consisting of open areas and sporadic deciduous woodlands, however its preferred environment is fresh and deep sea marshes and marshes.

Red- winged Blackbird Nests

The red- winged blackbird constructs its nests in hurries, turfs, cattails, sedges, or various other high plants. The nest itself is constructed out of turfs and mosses lined with mud and branches.

Red- winged Blackbird Scientific Name

The scientific name of the red- winged blackbird is Agelaius phoeniceus The genus name is stemmed from an old Greek acceptation gregarious; if you’re not accustomed to this term, it explains the bird’s very social actions. The species name of phoeniceus is a Latin term significance crimson or red. This species is carefully pertaining to various other sorts of American blackbirds.

Red- winged Blackbird Dimension, Appearance, and Habits

The red- winged blackbird is characterized by a stout body, wide shoulders, and a slim cone- designed costs. Like numerous various other songbirds, there is a solid component of sex-related dimorphism, implying the sexes differ considerably in appearance. The male is covered in shiny black plumes with red and yellow around the shoulders. This spot is believed to an adjustment that can expand when feeling great or endangered. It could also be a signal of the male’s hostile degrees. The female, by comparison, is characterized by brownish tuft with dark red stripes on the bottom and white brow markings. While the male is somewhat bigger, the ordinary size of this species is 7 to 8 inches with a 12 to 15- inch wingspan.

The red- winged blackbird is a very social species that roost and takes a trip with each other in big teams. Throughout the day, these teams separate to forage for food and after that reform in the evening. Their actions modifications somewhat in the breeding period when a male will certainly end up being a little bit a lot more hostile in the protection of its area and its friends. It has actually been to assault a lot bigger animals such as humans that elbow in on its area. While both sexes make a range of various contact us to interact, the male is the just one with the ability of creating tunes; among one of the most vital adjustments for bring in friends. They discover this tune from various other males as an adolescent. This species is likewise fairly quick and nimble airborne, flying at rates of as much as 30 miles per hr.

Red Wing Blackbird Pair on a mulberry branch in Louisiana.
Red Wing Blackbird Set on a mulberry branch in Louisiana.Bonnie Taylor Barry/

Movement Pattern and Timing

North populaces of the red- winged blackbird move in groups of thousands for the wintertime towards the southerly USA and Central America. Western and southerly populaces have a tendency to continue to be in the exact same location year- round.

Red- winged Blackbird Diet

The red- winged blackbird has an omnivorous diet. It will certainly invest a lot of the day foraging on the ground and in trees.

What does the red- winged blackbird eat?

The red- winged blackbird will certainly eat virtually anything it can locate, consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, insects (like flies and butterflies), snails, frogs, and carrion.

Red- winged Blackbird Predators, Threats, and Conservation Status

The red- winged blackbird is thought about to be a species of least concern by the IUCN Red Checklist. The most significant risk to this species over the last couple of centuries has actually been the loss of marshes to give way for residences and structures. Like numerous songbirds, it has actually adjusted well to live near individuals, however this has actually occasionally resulted in mishaps and clashes. While the bird is intended to be shielded by the United States Migratory Treaty Act, it is occasionally purposely pursued or infected. All-natural predation and illness have actually likewise resulted in numerous sudden deaths each year.

What consumes the red- winged blackbird?

The red- winged blackbird is preyed upon by raccoons, minks, owls, wrens, magpies, and predators. It has actually advanced numerous adjustments to take care of predators, consisting of the capability to hide its nest in high plants and roost in big teams.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

The blackbird’s breeding period typically lasts in between very early springtime and mid- summertime. The male bird has actually advanced adjustments to launch courtship with his intricate tune and an aesthetic screen entailing the waving of wings. A solitary male will typically have around 5 females in his area to mate with. He is fairly hostile regarding protecting his area and will certainly assault any person that comes within the borders. The nest is constructed eventually in March to May (or perhaps previously in the south) near a marsh or various other damp location.

After copulating, the female will certainly generate 3 to 7 eggs per clutch with numerous clutches per reproducing period. The growth of the young is really quick. The chicks hatch out after regarding a week and begin flying in 10 to 2 week. By the 2 or 3 week mark, they are currently independent. The female bears a lot of the obligation for increasing the young, however the male does participate in feeding them when the mommy is lacking and likewise protecting the area. Because of predation and illness, the red- winged blackbird just lives for approximately regarding 2 years in the wild. If it can stay clear of a sudden death, after that it has a much more sensible life expectancy. The earliest recognized participant of this species lived virtually 16 years.


The IUCN Red Checklist presently approximates that there are 210 million private red- winged blackbirds to life in the wild today. Nonetheless, numbers seem in decrease.


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