Red Tail Boa (common boa)

Red Tail Boa (common boa) Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Boa constrictor constrictor
Red Tail Boa (common boa) Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Cream, Multi-colored
20-30 years
Red Tail Boa (common boa) Distribition

The red tail boa is often called the Suriname red tail boa, boa constrictor, or usual boa.


The usual boa can expand to be 13 feet lengthy or better when they reach their complete- expanded dimension. They are remarkable pets, though their reproductive behaviors and all-natural environment variety significantly. They do not need much maintenance past a big unit and the ideal moisture, yet they are likewise caught as a method to make snakeskin items.

5 Outstanding Red Tail Boa Realities

  • As a result of the sluggish rate of the metabolic process, one dish can fill out this snake for months prior to he comes to be starving once again.
  • The earliest boa constrictor on document lived to be 40 years, 3 months, and 2 week old. Nonetheless, the anticipated life expectancy is 20- three decades when in bondage.
  • As huge as this boa might be when complete- expanded, they are very easy to take care of and are wonderful pets for newbies.
  • The usual boa mainly stays in Central America, though it is belonging to Colombia, Suriname, and various other nations close by.
  • The normal rate of a child is $200, yet extra distinct shades set you back concerning $1,000 or even more.

Where to Discover Red Tail Boas

The recommended environment of the boa constrictor has high degrees of moisture and heat, which is why they are frequently discovered in South and Central America. Woodlands, meadows, exotic woodlands, and semi- deserts are all prime places for these snakes to live. They are often described as the Colombian red tail boas or Suriname red tail boas for their wealth in Colombia and Suriname. Regardless of where you look, they adhere to the food. As a result of importation, they are an intrusive species in Aruba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Southeast Asia, and the USA.

If you’re aiming to take on one, that’s a various tale. As a result of the industrial need for this boa as a pet, they can be discovered with exclusive dog breeders or perhaps significant pet shops in both North and South America.

Sorts Of Red Tail Boas

The boa constrictor includes 7 major subspecies. Nonetheless, researchers have actually not divided them substantially in their summaries. The key distinction in between the subspecies seems the area, though a few of them have organic distinctions as well.

  • Amaral’s boa (B. c. amarali)– This species stays in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It was called for a Brazilian herpetologist called Afrânio Pompílio Gastos do Amaral.
  • Red- trailed boa (B. c. constrictor)– This is the major name connected with the boa constrictor, and it mainly stays in South America.
  • Peruvian lengthy- trailed boa (B. c. longicauda)– This species stays in north Peru.
  • Ecuadorian boa (B. c. melanogaster)– This boa specifies to Ecuador.
  • Orton’s boa (B. c. ortonii)– This subspecies was called for James Orton, an American biologist. It mainly stays in South America.
  • Pearl Islands boa (B. c. sabogae)– The species mainly lives off the shore of Panama in the Pearl Islands.

Despite The Fact That there are various other species that have actually been submitted under the red tail boa subspecies, herpetologists and taxonomists have actually given that divided them right into their very own species.

Red Tail Boa Scientific Name

The red tail boa, which is frequently described as the Suriname red tail boa, the usual boa, or the boa constrictor, is a team of subspecies under the Boidae family of the Reptilia class. The scientific name is Boa constrictor, which is Latin in beginning. Boa actually implies “huge snake.”

Red Tail Boa Population & Conservation Status

The most significant danger to the red tail boa is the more than- collection of the species by humans, whether it be for the pet profession or for its skin in the fashion business. They are not presently in jeopardy of termination since their numbers are constant, spreading them via Colombia, Suriname, Venezuela, and a lot of South America. While the precise population is unidentified, they are identified as Not Extinct by the IUCN.

Exactly How to Recognize Red Tail Boa: Appearance and Summary

The huge red tail boa can be fairly a view to see, specifically since it can expand to be as much as 13 really feel long. Their dimension mainly relies on their diet and quantity of room they need to expand, though the female is frequently the bigger of the sexes. While the female is more probable to be 7- 10 feet long as a complete- expanded grown-up, the males commonly do not expand any type of longer than 8 feet. Frequently, these snakes consider concerning 60 pounds. when they maturate, though there are some instances of these boas getting to 100 pounds. or extra.

The shade completely relies on the subspecies. The red tail boa is mainly understood for the saddle- like pattern of red or red- brownish smudges along its brownish, grey, or lotion- tinted body.

Exactly how to determine the red tail boa:

  • Tan, grey, or lotion shade on body.
  • Red or red- brownish saddle pattern from head to tail.
  • Varies from 3 to 13 feet long.
  • Evaluates about 60 pounds. or better.

Red Tail Boa Images

salmon columbian red tailed boa on white background and curled up
Red tail boas prevail pets for those trying to find a snake to enjoy.fivespots/

closeup of red tail boa
The red tail boa’s scientific name is the extra typically listened to boa constrictor.Jan Hejda/

red tail boa hanging from tree
Red tail boas can come up to 13 feet.Audrey Snider- Bell/

Red Tail Boa: Exactly How Hazardous Are They?

The degree of risk you remain in with a boa constrictor is mainly identified by whether they are maintained in bondage or come close to in the wild. In bondage, their actions is relatively foreseeable. They are accommodating and tranquil, bonding well with their proprietor. In the wild, they are much less knowledgeable about humans, so they might appear shy.

If they attack you with their teeth, you do not need to stress over any type of poison. As a matter of fact, they might merely release as quickly as they recognize that you are not the victim that they desire. You’ll require to clean the bite with soap and water. Clinical therapy isn’t actually required unless you maintain hemorrhaging, or if you were attacked on your eye.

Red Tail Boa Actions and Humans

Thinking about that this snake is frequently maintained as a pet, it is secure to claim that boa constrictors have a fantastic partnership with humans. As pets, they are very easy to tame, tackling a manageable character. They aren’t poisonous, and there are no fret about this kind of snake ending up being a bug. Their normal rate is simply $200 for a child. Nonetheless, a lot of the overall rate results from the requirement for a big unit, which might set you back $500 or even more.

In the wild, if they wish to capture victim or if they believe your hand is food, they might utilize their teeth to attack. Nonetheless, they swiftly identify the distinction in between both.

What Do Red Tail Boas Eat?

Red tail boas eat mainly smaller sized animals making use of an one-of-a-kind technique of tightness. Their preferred victim consists of bats, squirrels, opossums, rodents, and rabbits. They’ll likewise take bats out of the air, eat bats, and various other smaller sized animals such as lizards. Like all snakes, they’re rigorous predators that just eat meat.

For a total evaluation on their diet plans, ensure to check out ‘What Do Boa Constrictors Eat? 12 Animals they Search.’


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