Red-Headed Vulture

Not exclusively carrion eaters, these birds are also opportunistic hunters
Red-Headed Vulture Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Sarcogyps calvus
Red-Headed Vulture Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Black
Less than 10,000
Top speed
30 mph
Red-Headed Vulture Distribition

The red- headed vulture is seriously endangered You can find out more regarding the different preservation standings of wild animals right here.


The intense red head of this bird makes it simple to identify. While enforcing to check out, these birds are really fairly shy. Conveniently repelled from a carcass while feeding, the bird, although in quick decrease population- smart, has actually gained from the decrease of various other huge carrion feeders, decreasing competitors for dishes.

The birds are remarkably dexterous, a quality they flaunt throughout their breeding routine. It prevails to see these huge birds swoop, rise, and also realize talons with each various other as they show up to dance overhead.

Their reproduction practices of laying just a solitary egg at once, integrated with the disastrous impact of eating infected meat, have actually gone down the population degree of these magnificent birds to seriously reduced degrees.

Red- Headed Vulture Remarkable Truths

  • Both moms and dads play an equivalent function in increasing their young
  • These vultures repair work and contribute to their nest time after time
  • Likewise called Indian black vultures, these birds are most many in India

Where to Discover Red- Headed Vultures

These birds normally live alone or in reproducing sets throughout India. There are some continuing to be birds in Cambodia. While red- headed vultures additionally stayed in Thailand, they are thought about almost extinct in the location currently.


Search for these vulture’s nests on top of high trees. Their nests are huge and level.

Red- Headed Vulture Scientific Name

The red- headed vulture, additionally called the Eastern king or Indian black vulture, belongs to the Accipitridae family. Its scientific name is Sarcogyps calvus.

Red- Headed Vulture Appearance

This vulture is visible by its bare, red head. Loosened flaps of skin hang along either side of the neck. The body of this vulture is covered in dark plumes, varying from dark brownish to black.

Young red- headed vultures are lighter than their fully grown equivalents and have light, shabby plumes on their head.

red-headed vulture in a tree
Red- headed vultures are discovered mainly in India however occasionally additionally partially of Southeast Asia also.faisal magnet/

Red- Headed Vulture Habits

This vulture typically stays alone or as component of a reproducing set. They are instead shy while feeding, although the decrease of the even more leading Gyps vulture has actually brought about far better feeding problems for the red- headed vulture.

Once component of a reproducing set, the birds will certainly safeguard their area, repeling various other vultures.

Red- Headed Vulture Diet

As a carrion feeder, most of the red- headed vulture’s diet is carcasses of animals such as deer, animals, and turtles. They sometimes prey on fresh meat, eliminating fish that are stranded ashore and murder currently wounded birds or various other victim.

What does the red- headed vulture eat?

The red- headed vulture mostly consumes a diet of carrion however does sometimes make an opportunistic kill of stranded or wounded animals.

Predators and Dangers

The best hazard to these vultures is the prescription medicine diclofenac. Made use of to deal with health problem in animals, it continues to be in the cells after an animal dies. When vultures prey on the carcass, they are infected.

While making use of diclofenac in animals is currently formally outlawed, it is still commonly offered, and it is thought that similar drugs can additionally damage the birds.

Red- Headed Vulture Reproduction, Children, and Life-span

The reproduction and breeding routine of this vulture is magnificent. The huge birds are remarkably dexterous airborne, and their courtship includes shared screens of skyrocketing, diving, and turning.

Both participants of both develop their nest, specifying the framework with branches prior to lining with softer products, such as hair and lawn. A reproducing set preserve one nest, time after time. They make fixings and contribute to it as required. Nests can ultimately get to 3 feet in size.

Once the female lays her egg, both moms and dads have a tendency to the young. The new will certainly arise from the egg in around 45 days and need one more 2 months or two of continuous treatment.


Taken into consideration seriously endangered, the red- headed vulture’s population is decreasing, with a price quote of much less than 10,000 of these birds continuing to be.


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