Red-Bellied Woodpecker

Red-Bellied Woodpeckers will often steal the nests of other birds.
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Scientific Classification
Scientific name
M. carolinus
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Physical Characteristics
Grey, Red, Black, White, Tan
16 million
12.1 years in the wild
56-91 grams
Red-Bellied Woodpecker Distribition

Males and females have a little in different ways designed tongues, which might assist them forage in various locations.


Red- bellied woodpeckers look precisely just how you would certainly picture them to resemble. They’re tool- sized and have extremely noticeable red stomaches and caps. They’re quite very easy to see, though they are frequently puzzled with red- headed woodpeckers, a somewhat rarer species. As soon as you discover to ID their phone call, it is extremely simple to discover them.

4 Remarkable Red- Bellied Woodpecker Truths

  • Nest Stealers. Red- bellied woodpeckers just such as to nest in cervices. These frequent brief supply, so they are recognized to take the nests of various other birds.
  • Lengthy Tongues. These woodpeckers have actually barbed tongues and sticky spit, that makes it very easy for them to capture bugs inside cervices. Males and females have a little various tongue forms, which aids them discover food in various locations.
  • Food Storage Space. Red- bellied woodpeckers keep huge nuts and similar foods right into gaps for later on. They will certainly likewise make use of splits and fencing blog posts for storage space.
  • Playful. These birds are recognized for their unpredictable flying actions that is characterized as a kind of play. You’ll frequently see them flying in arbitrary instructions near the tops of the trees.

Red- Bellied Woodpeckers Place

These birds live year- round in woodlands in the eastern USA. They choose center- elevation primary branches, though you can likewise discover them on the tree trunks. Their telephone calls are loud and regular, which usually enables birdwatchers to discover them instead conveniently.

Red- Bellied Woodpecker Nests

Like a lot of woodpeckers, the red- bellied woodpecker nests in dead trees, generally woods or pines. They will generally dig deep into a brand-new dental caries annually. Nonetheless, some woodpeckers will certainly recycle old nests or take openings from various other species. Usually, if the very same tree is utilized, a brand-new opening is dug deep into simply listed below the old one.

Woodpeckers do not construct a conventional nest. Rather, the opening is primarily exposed. Nonetheless, they will certainly lay their agitate a bed of woodchips left over from the excavation.

Each dental caries has to do with 8 to thirteen inches deep. At the end, the space is about 3 by 5 inches.

Red- Bellied Woodpecker Scientific Name

These tiny woodpeckers come from the the Melanerpes genus. There are 24 species located in this genus that extend around the globe. The majority of them are rather vivid with red caps and similar attributes. Nonetheless, a few of them are merely black and white.

This genus remains in the bigger Picidae family, which consists of all woodpeckers. Woodpeckers are located globally varying from Madagascar to The United States And Canada. They are a rather heavily populated species and plainly identifiable.

Red- Bellied Woodpecker Dimension, Appearance, and Habits

Red-Bellied Woodpecker Perched on a Branch
As perplexing as the red head might be, the red- bellied woodpecker does, actually, have a red stubborn belly.rck_953/

These birds are primarily light grey. On their wings and back, they have actually a disallowed pattern that prevails among birds in their genus. Men have an intense red cap that makes them very easy to recognize. Females likewise have a red spot on their snooze and over their costs.

While this bird does have a minor red pigmentation on their stubborn belly, this is hard to see in monitoring. These birds are around 9 to eleven inches long and have a wingspan of 15 to 18 inches. They evaluate around 56 to 91 grams.

Red- Bellied Woodpecker Diet

The red- bellied woodpecker is a forager in mind. They are extremely opportunistic eaters, which indicates that they will certainly eat nearly anything edible that comes their means. Typically, they utilize their costs to sculpt right into splits or probe existing splits. Their tongue enables them to take out beetles and various other insects from trees.

What Does the Red- Bellied Woodpecker Eat?

Like lots of woodpeckers, they will certainly likewise conceal food in trees to eat for later on. By doing this, they get ready for winter months and times of little food.

The majority of the moment, these birds forage in dead or passing away trees. Some birds invest over 60% of their foraging time at dead trees, actually. While they can jab brand-new openings in trees to discover bugs, they mostly make use of existing openings. They are frequently a significant killer of insects that take advantage of trees, consisting of the emerald ash borer and various other intrusive species.

Red- Bellied Woodpecker Predators and Hazards

What Consumes the Red- Bellied Woodpecker?

Significant predators of grown-up red- bellied woodpeckers consist of predators, such as Cooper’s hawks. Nonetheless, they are likewise preyed upon by black rat snakes and home cats.

Nestlings and eggs have a bigger checklist of predators, consisting of owls, various other woodpeckers, squirrels, and rat snakes.

When a killer methods, these animals conceal from the killer or bug it with alarm system telephone calls. They will certainly protect their nest boldy from predators Usually, they will straight assault predators that come near their nests.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

Red-bellied woodpecker and young
Red- bellied woodpeckers make their nest in an opening they make in a dead or worn out tree.FloridaStock/Shutterstock. com

In the springtime, red- bellied woodpeckers start reproducing tasks. Typically, these entail drumming and singing audios to bring in a companion. Courtship will certainly frequently happen till completion of the reproducing period. These birds are recognized for virginal partnerships.

As soon as mating takes place, the male starts the procedure of nesting. A dead or worn out tree a lot lie. The male will certainly after that start to make an opening, which the female approves by participating in common touching.

The birds after that dig deep into an opening with each other. The female will certainly frequently finish the opening and afterwards enter it to lay eggs. Since dead trees are essential, their reproduction can be influenced by lowering dead trees in a location.

The adolescent birds remain in the nest for 24 to 26 days. Afterwards, the birds invest regarding 27 weeks in the location after fledging. Usually, the birds will certainly go back to the location they were birthed to replicate, though they will certainly likewise represent food schedule and predation problems.


The red- bellied woodpecker is quite heavily populated. Actually, their population is believed to be raising by regarding 0.8% every year. For that reason, they are thought about in the Least Concerned group. Their approximated reproducing population is 16 million.


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