Rat Snakes

Rat snakes are constrictors from the Colubridae family of snakes.
Rat Snakes Scientific Classification
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Rat snakes stay in a wide variety of settings.

There are approximately 50 rat snake species spread out throughout 15 category; they’re non- poisonous and valuable yard allies. You can discover them in the majority of components of the North Hemisphere, and they can be found in a range of shades and patterns. They’re all oviparous and ordinary eggs in hollow tree stumps and peaceful edges filled with ground cover; they’re likewise not commonly hostile.

Like the Rhinoceros snake ( G. boulengeri), some sporting activity a brilliant environment-friendly shade and a rhinocerous- like nose; others, like the Eastern& nbsp; fox snake& nbsp;( P gloydi), are much more very discreet; they sporting activity a guard pattern on their behind. These differed and versatile snakes stay in a wide variety of settings.

Rat snakes are excellent mountain climbers. The majority of species invest a considerable quantity of time in trees, on the tops of structures, and around the rafters searching for their following dish. The joke concerning these snakes in some locations is that it’s most likely a rat snake if it got involved in an unusual area.

4 Fantastic Realities Concerning Rat Snakes

  • There more than 50 pecies, spread out throughout a lot of the North Hemisphere.
  • Some species can go beyond 9 feet long.
  • They obtain their name from their preferred victim: rats and mice.
  • New Globe species are much more very closely pertaining to king snakes than they are to the Vintage rat snake species.

Where to Locate Rat Snakes

These snakes prevail; most locations of the North Hemisphere host at the very least a few of these snakes. They stay in numerous environments, consisting of thick rain forests, semi- dry areas and farmland, and dry deserts. Rat snakes are consistently discovered in strange locations, like the eaves of a roofing system or going up a block wall surface. They are superb mountain climbers, and they usually climb up trees, fencings, and various other challenges to reach their dish.

They’re energetic daytime (diurnal) seekers and eat a range of rodents, consisting of rats, mice, and also squirrels and chipmunks. Juveniles will certainly in some cases eat lizards, however the grownups virtually specifically like cozy- blooded victim.

The majority of rat snake species have actually adjusted well to humans, and lots of are discovered on the search, slinking around the sides of residences and structures.

Check out right here to learn about rat snakes in Florida. You can likewise check out right here to learn about 3 rat snakes in Georgia.

Rat Snake’s Scientific Name

Rat snakes are a huge team of snakes from the suborder& nbsp; Colubrinae& nbsp; in the family& nbsp; Colubridae  Colubridae is the biggest family of snakes; its participants compose roughly 75% of all snake species. Some species were reclassified from& nbsp; Elaphe& nbsp; to various other category in recent times, consisting of& nbsp; Pantherophis Orthiophis Zamenis, and others.

Till the very early 2000s, researchers abided a lot of them right into the& nbsp; Elaphe genus due to the fact that they thought they were all very closely associated. Nonetheless, when they did DNA evaluation of a number of Old and New Globe species, they uncovered it was much more challenging than they recognized. The Old and New Globe species aren’t all that very closely associated, and as a matter of fact, the New Globe rat snakes are much more very closely pertaining to kingsnakes than the Vintage rat snakes.

It improves – not all the teams that research study and name reptiles concur. For instance, in 2002, herpetologist Urs Tiger recommended relabeling most North American species& nbsp; Pantherophis, the& nbsp; Global Biodiversity Details Center& nbsp;( GBIF), and the& nbsp; Culture for the Research of Amphibians and Reptiles& nbsp;( SSAR) concurred; they currently identify& nbsp; Pantherophis Nonetheless, International Compensation on Zoological Language& nbsp;( ICZN) and the& nbsp; Convention on International Sell Endangered Species ( POINTS OUT) do not show up to, however those points can and do transform.

Kinds Of Rat Snakes

There are roughly 50 species of these safe reptiles. The Vintage species live in Europe & & Asia, while the New Globe species live in the Americas. They’re mainly arboreal and have a wide array of patterns – they can be blotchy or candy striped, or strong- tinted. A couple of have lengthy sharp noses, and some are multi- tinted.

Vintage Team

This team of rat snakes resides in the majority of locations in the Eurasian continent and right into Southeast Asia.


Snakes in this genus live in locations of Southeast Asia. It consists of the Philippine rat snake& nbsp;( C. erythrurus), yellow candy striped snake ( C. flavolineatus), ornament snake ( C. helena), copperhead rat snake ( C  radiatus), and the Indonesian rat snake ( C. subradiatus).


The Elaphe genus consists of the Double- detected rat snake ( E. bimaculata), King rat snake (E. carinata), Japanese rat snake ( E.  climacophora), David’s rat snake ( E. davidi), Dione rat snake& nbsp;( E. dione), Japanese 4- lined rat snake ( E. quadrivirgata), the 4- lined snake ( E. quatuorlineata), Red- backed rat snake ( E. rufodorsata), Eastern 4- lined snake ( E. automates), and Russian rat snake (E. schrenckii).


These snakes happen in Japan and China. The genus consists of the Japanese woodland rat snake& nbsp;( E. conspicillatus) and China’s pearl- grouped rat snake ( E. perlacea) The Mandarin rat snake’s array consists of China, India, Myanmar, and Taiwan.


They live in locations of China, India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, and Indonesia. This genus shows a wide array of shades, and some sporting activity a rhinocerous- like horn on the suggestion of their nose. This genus consists of the Assam ornament snake& nbsp;( G. frenatum), Celebes black- trailed rat snake& nbsp;( G. jansenii), Red- trailed rat snake ( G. oxycephalm), blue- considered bush rat snake (G.  coeruleu m), rhinoceros snake& nbsp;( G. boulengeri), Hainan rhinoceros snake (G.  hainanense), rainbow tree snake& nbsp;( G.  margaritatum), and environment-friendly ornament snake ( G. prasinum).

Oreocryptophis porphyracea

This is an additional Southeast Eastern species. Mountain rat snakes are the only species in& nbsp; Oreocryptophis


consists of Cantor’s rat snake& nbsp;( O. cantoris), Hodgson’s rat snake ( O. hodgsoni), the Chinese charm snake& nbsp;( O.  taeniurus), and the blossom snake ( O. moellendorffi) They live in China and Southeast Asia.


is a Southeast Eastern genus. It consists of the keeled rat snake& nbsp;( P. carinata), Sulawesi black racer& nbsp;( P. dipsas), the white- bellied rat snake& nbsp;( P. fusca), Chinese rat snake& nbsp;( P. korros), Asian rat snake& nbsp;( P. mucosa), green rat snake& nbsp;( P. nigromarginata) P  dhumnades, and& nbsp; P  luzonensis They’re likewise called gigantic rat snakes as a result of their dimension; they can expand over 9 feet long.

Rhadinophis prasinus

Environment-friendly shrub snakes are brilliant environment-friendly, and array from 3 to 4 feet long. They live in locations of Burma, China, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.


Snakes in this  genus live in Europe and the Center East. Their genus name,  Zamenis, originates from Greek and indicates upset. They have a tendency in the direction of boldy protecting themselves, and some state they have a reasonably sensitivity. They consist of the Transcaucasian rat snake& nbsp;( Z. hohenackeri), Italian Aesculapian rat snake& nbsp;( Z. longissimus), Italian Aesculapian rat snake& nbsp;( Z  lineatus), Persian rat snake& nbsp;( Z  persicus), ladder snake& nbsp;( Z. scalaris), and leopard snake& nbsp;( Z. situla)

New Globe Team


The desert rat snakes live in locations of the Southwest USA and north Mexico. The Baja The golden state rat snake& nbsp;( B  rosaliae)  and Trans- Pecos rat snake& nbsp;( B. subocularis)  live in numerous environments varying from forested locations to deserts.


Most of snakes in the New Globe team are Pantherophis The genus consists of the Eastern rat snake& nbsp;( P. alleghaniensis), Baird’s rat snake ( P. bairdi), Great plains rat snake (P. emoryi), Eastern fox snake ( P. gloydi), Western fox snake ( P. ramspotti), Corn snake& nbsp;( P. guttatus), black rat snake ( P. obsoletus), Slowinski’s corn snake (P. slowinskii), and grey rat snake& nbsp;( P. spiloides).


There are 2 Mexican species, the yellow- red rat snake ( P. flavirufa) and Yucatan rat snake ( P. phaescens). Both species live in Yucatan, however the yellow- red rat snake likewise happens in Eastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua.


Green rat snakes& nbsp;( S. triaspis) live in lots of western locations of Central America.

Spilotes& nbsp;

Spilotes is a solitary- species genus and the chicken, or yellow rat, snake ( S. pullatus), happens from Eastern Mexico right into South America in southerly Brazil, southeastern Paraguay, and northeastern Argentina.

Rat Snakes: Population and Preservation

There are a couple of detailed on IUCN Redlist as vulnerable or endangered, such as the& nbsp; cavern racer ( E  Teniura)  and& nbsp; pearl- grouped rat snake in China ( E  perlacea) Still, the IUCN Redlist states that the majority of species have secure populaces. Nonetheless, lots of aren’t on the listing due to the fact that there isn’t adequate details.

Numerous animals victimize rat snakes, consisting of weasels, badgers, predators, coyotes, and various other snakes. Their primary hazard differs relying on where they live. Human advancement can be a concern, however regularly, it’s car experiences and prohibited harvesting of the snakes for the pet profession. In some locations, climate such as a storm is a danger due to the flooding brought on by the tornados.

Recognizing Rat Snakes: Appearance & Summary

These snakes are tool to big, in some cases long, rather slim. They are constrictors from the Colubridae family and eliminate their victim by getting onto it and stifling it. They vary in size from 3 feet to over 9 feet long, and their preferred activity appears to be entering strange placements that oppose reasoning. For instance, individuals consistently discover a rat snake wedged right into the cement lines of blocks as it makes its method from one area to an additional. They can not get onto the blocks like a lizard can, so they wedge themselves right into fractures and gaps utilizing their tummy ranges as utilize for motion.

In the majority of species, their heads are turtle- designed, some have what appears like a ghost in the pattern on the tops of their heads, and lots of have a lighter history shade with darker guard- designed patterns down the size of their backs. Obviously, not all have these functions, however sufficient of them make determining them less complicated.

Rat Snakes Images and Video Clips

Green Bush Ratsnake
Environment-friendly shrub ratsnakes are smaller sized, just 3- 4 feet long.Sibons photography/Shutterstock. com

Four-lined rat snake
Elaphe quatorlineata – the 4- lined rat snake happens in Macedonia and Greece.imageBROKER.com/ Shutterstock.com

Two juvenile corn snakes
Corn snakes are among one of the most prominent pet snake species due to the fact that they’re simple for newbies to deal with.Blue Dog Studio/Shutterstock. com

Rhinoceros Snake on a tree branch
Rhinocerous snakes prevail in Southeast Asia and have a horn- like estimate from the suggestion of their nose.Eric Isselee/Shutterstock. com

Classic corn snake on a white background
Corn snakes are potentially called for the pattern on their tummy ranges that appears like maize.Eric Isselee/Shutterstock. com

Just How Unsafe are Rat Snakes

These aren’t unsafe to humans. Nonetheless, some snakes in the Vintage team have really moderate poison in their mouths that does not impact individuals or dogs; none have fangs to infuse any kind of poison. A few of the bigger species can provide an uncomfortable bite due to the fact that they have solid jaws.

Often rat snakes will certainly get involved in chicken cages and eat the eggs and chicks, so some individuals aren’t thrilled concerning seeing one. They can obtain long, so they in some cases look unsafe, however they’re safe.

Rat Snake Actions and Humans

Numerous species have actually adjusted well to humans and hide under homes, in attic rooms, and around backyards. Rat snakes are energetic daytime seekers. Nonetheless, some are adaptable, so they likewise search in the very early night and early morning hrs.

If you discover one in your garage, there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid. Rat snakes are properly called; they eat rats and mice that create damages. Regrettably, they likewise eat chicken eggs and chicks if they can. They might likewise discourage you by jabbing their go out from some gap over your head.

If you alarm one, it will certainly rattle its tail versus something to make some sound copying a rattlesnake, and it might attack, however unless it’s a large rat snake, it most likely will not harm significantly and will just require a little fundamental emergency treatment.


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