Ragdoll Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Ragdoll Physical Characteristics
Brown, Fawn, Blue, Black, White, Cream, Chocolate, Lilac, Golden
about 15 years
15-to-20 pounds
Ragdoll Distribition

Satisfy the Ragdoll, the cat that will certainly go drooping when you snuggle with it.

Ragdoll: What to Know Prior To You Purchase

  • The ragdoll will certainly not obtain their complete layer and shade up until concerning 3 years of ages. All ragdolls are birthed pure white, however a lot of begin to create their tinting prior to they are 2 weeks old.
  • The ragdoll has a huge head with a customized wedge on it and blue eyes.
  • Ragdolls are hefty- boned big- dimension cats that can evaluate approximately 20 extra pounds. With their lengthy- haired layers, they look also larger.
  • Ragdolls go limp with satisfaction, particularly when they are being snuggled. It is this quality that provides this animal its name.
  • Ragdolls are normally healthy and balanced, however they can be suspectable to bladder rocks and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Ragdoll’s Blue Eyes

The lovely blue eyes of the ragdoll are what draw in lots of people to this type. The eyes ought to be broad- collection and decently inclined. They ought to look fantastic with the wedge on this cat’s face.

Ragdoll Individuality

Ragdolls are really faithful animals that like to be with you every secondly of the day. They will certainly follow you around your house in hopes that you will certainly pay them some focus. If you closed the door, after that anticipate to see a paw attempting to obtain under it as this animal desires in to have fun with you. Possessing a ragdoll commonly suggests that you will certainly have much less area in bed as lots of like to copulate their proprietors.

Anticipate to hang out snuggling your ragdoll. Do not be shocked when they instantly go limp in your arms. Their capability to go limp, like a ragdoll, is where this animal obtains its name.

These animals are dazzling. You can instruct them video games, like bring. They typically discover really swiftly. They like to play and will certainly commonly lug their preferred plaything around in their mouths.

The character of the ragdoll is commonly really trusting and accommodating. While that makes them a wonderful family pet, you require to enjoy your ragdoll. They rely on that they might enter problem with predators, like big dogs that do not like them.

Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat outside, sitting on a stump.
Blue Mitted Ragdoll Cat outside, resting on a stump.Cindy Creighton/Shutterstock.com

Ragdoll: Dimension and Weight

While ragdolls are not as large as Maine Coons, they are still substantial cats. They look larger as a result of their lengthy hair, however they ought to likewise be hefty- boned. The ordinary male ragdoll evaluates 20 extra pounds while females typically evaluate in between 10 and 15 extra pounds. That can be a great deal of animal to hold when they instantly make a decision to go limp.

Comparative, the residential shorthair normally evaluates in between 8- and- 10 extra pounds. Given that these animals are a lot larger, they commonly need bigger playthings, a larger can, and even more space.

Besides the Maine coon, there are various other plus size cats that you might intend to think about if you do not assume the ragdoll is the appropriate type for you. Think of the Chausie as they evaluate in between 15 and 20 extra pounds or the Siberian as it can evaluate in between 10 and 20 extra pounds.

The majority of ragdolls separate 9- and- 11- inches high at the shoulders. Comparative, the standard Persian can separate 8- and- 10- inches high, however it just evaluates in between 7- and- 12 extra pounds typically.

Ragdoll Rate

The cost of the ragdoll can range $150 for one obtained from a sanctuary to over $2,500 for a program- top quality animal. There is likewise a great deal of distinction depending upon the area where you are seeking to get a ragdoll. They are a little less expensive in the UK, where the ordinary cost is $700. You can discover ragdoll for concerning $50 in Nigeria and $50 in China. In Australia, you will certainly need to pay concerning $2,000 for a ragdoll.

Think of fostering. Bear in mind that when you choose fostering with a reliable company, the animal commonly has actually currently gotten standard treatment and sanitation. For that reason, the price of fostering commonly is a lot less than purchasing from a dog breeder.

Also throughout the USA, rates can differ. Anticipate to pay concerning $2,000 in New york city while you might discover the exact same top quality costs around $950 in Arizona. That exact same top quality cat might cost you concerning $500 in Florida.

The top quality of the animal that you are thinking about can make a great deal of distinction. For instance, you will certainly need to pay leading buck for a program- top quality animal, with those that are verified dog breeders costing over $2,500. A pet- top quality animal from an identified dog breeder might set you back concerning $450, while those originating from a sanctuary might set you back also much less.

Bear in mind that the first price of obtaining a ragdoll is just component of the price. You will certainly likewise require to spend for health checks, oral cleansing, and laboratory job from your vet. You can anticipate these expenses to amount to concerning $200 each year.

You will certainly require playthings and bed linens. While this type is accommodating, its plus size suggests that you might experience these things much faster. In addition, you can anticipate to pay concerning $240 each year to feed the animal.

Ragdoll Kitties

By the initial month, ragdoll kittycats typically evaluate in between 0.8 and 1.7 extra pounds. That is virtually 3 times the dimension of an ordinary kitty as they normally evaluate in between 3- and- 5 ounces. By the end of the 2nd month, these animals typically double in dimension to evaluate virtually 3 extra pounds. Do not be shocked when a ragdoll kitty evaluates over 6 extra pounds when it is 6 months old.

All ragdoll beginning white. Some kittycats will certainly start establishing their shades at concerning 2 weeks, while others will certainly take much longer. Typically, bicolor ragdoll will certainly create their shades initially, with others complying with. A kittycat might not obtain their complete shades up until they are 2 or older.

You can make use of the shades of the moms and dads to anticipate the kitty’s shades. For instance, if you reproduce 2 seal- factor ragdolls, you are more probable to obtain seal- factor kittycats because seal- factor is a leading genetics. Additionally, if you desire a kitty with a non- leading genetics shade, such as lavender, both moms and dads have to be lavender.

Two Ragdoll blue point little kittens playing outside.
2 Ragdoll blue factor little kittycats playing outdoors.Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock.com

Ragdoll Life Expectancy

The ragdoll is among the lengthiest living cats on the planet. Generally, they live for around 15 years. That approaches the ordinary life-span of the Balinese and the Russian Blue.

These animals are really sluggish developing. They typically do not reach their complete elevation and weight up until they have to do with 4 years of ages.

While the ordinary cat lives 12- to- 15 years, some proprietors of ragdolls report that their cat is older than 23. Proprietor Lucas Duxbury states that the animal he calls Granny Cat is really singing. While she does not constantly make it to the can any longer, she still wishes to be associated with what he is doing. Lucas, that resides in Canada, likewise states that Granny Cat’s hair floor coverings greater than his more youthful ragdolls.

Ragdoll Type Vs. Mixed

There are a number of manner ins which you can figure out if you are checking out a ragdoll or a combined type, consisting of:

  • Ragdoll cats have blue eyes. If the cat has actually a various tinted eye, it is not a ragdoll.
  • Ragdoll cats have lengthy layers. If the layer is brief, after that it is not a complete- blood ragdoll.
  • Ragdoll cats are big cats. Also as kittycats, these cats evaluate a great deal greater than the ordinary kitty as a result of their big- bone framework.
  • Ragdoll cats intend to be with you, and they will certainly play video games. If the cat is preventing you, after that possibilities are it is not a ragdoll.
  • Ragdoll cats are accommodating. They intend to be snuggled and will certainly go limp when you are cuddling them.

Kinds Of Ragdoll Cats and Color Styles

There are several shade mixes in these cats. The shade of the ragdoll cat can be mitted. In several of these animals, the shade just shows up on the back legs, and it appears like the cat is putting on mittens over its paws. On various other cats, the mitted component can copulate up the legs, making the cat appear like it is putting on upper leg highs.

These cats can likewise be directed. These cats have no white markings on their bodies as grownups. The tail, face, ears, nose, and feet on these cats are darker than their bodies.

There are likewise bicolored ragdoll cats. In this situation, they have a white upside down V on the face with a pink nose. After that, they have a various shade on their tail, face, ears, and feet. Establishing these cats apart, a lighter color of this shade develops a saddle form on the cat’s back.

These cats can likewise have a lynx pattern. These cats look similar to a tabby. They have an M- form of shade on their faces. After that, they have red stripes on their bodies, which are commonly just existing on the legs.

Nearly all ragdolls have shade factor layers. The shade factor layer can be of any one of the chosen patterns. One shade factor layer is not viewed as much better than an additional.

These cats are available in 6 various shades, consisting of:

  • Delicious chocolate– The delicious chocolate shade can vary from a brown, like a warm delicious chocolate shade, to a really dark brownish, like your preferred sweet bar.
  • Seal– These cats have really dark brownish on their bodies. Several appear like exceptionally big Siamese cats.
  • Lavender– This shade varies from light to tool grey with a pink shade.
  • Blue– This shade varies from light to tool grey, however it has a blue shade.
  • Fire– Occasionally called red, these cats have an orange actors, which can be really pale or a lot more noticeable.
  • Lotion– These cats have an off- white body that can vary from an orangish to delicious chocolate color.


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