Puli Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Puli Physical Characteristics
35 pounds
Puli Distribition

The puli is a distinct dog type, covered from nose to tail with wild, normally taking place cables. These portable dogs were reproduced to companion with humans as rapid, effective animals herdsmans, making them devoted friends and extremely smart students.

Chroniclers think pulik– the plural kind of puli– were given Europe by Asian nomadic people to protect huge groups of sheep in Hungarian plainlands. While they’re utilized much less typically as herdsmans today, their reaction stays solid– pulik herd nearly anything, from various other dogs and birds to human kids.

Puli dogs’ all-natural dreadlocks are quickly identifiable. They are wooly and thick, and almost totally water-proof, reproduced to secure them from ruthless European winters months. Whether corded or cleaned with, puli layers need thorough, dedicated focus. With correct treatment and great deals of management, the puli makes an enjoyable- caring, nimble friend that mores than happy to sign up with on any type of journey.

Continue reading for more information regarding pulik and what to recognize prior to taking into consideration embracing a dog.

The name Puli implies “drover” or “destroyer.” These dogs nearly went extinct as a result of provide scarcities throughout The second world war. Fortunately, they have actually returned in numbers and appeal.

The Very Best Dog Food For Puli

Pulik calls for a diet of high- top quality dog food, whether it’s readily ready or residence- prepared, based upon a vet- authorized dish. Many united state dog food brand names have to fulfill the Organization of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) requirements, and you must just feed your dog a brand name that has actually been authorized.

The Puli’s diet needs to be age- ideal, with kibble or dishes developed to suit their demands in the young puppy, grown-up, or elderly dog life stages. These dogs can be susceptible to weight gain, specifically without correct workout, so monitor your dog’s calorie usage and track their weight if required. A formula being composed mostly of high- quality, animal- sourced healthy protein and enhanced with fantastic nutrients will certainly create a satisfied, healthy and balanced puppy.

3 advantages and disadvantages of having a Puli

Pros! Cons!
Very smart and conveniently trainable
The puli’s knowledge makes it very easy to educate and anxious to please.
Loud barker
An alert guard dog, your puppy will right away allow you find out about beginners.
Exceptionally devoted
The dog will certainly never ever intend to leave your dimension.
Independent with rounding up impulses
Without correct management, puli can go rogue and reject to pay attention to commands if it assumes it recognizes ideal.
Healthy and balanced with reduced clinical upkeep
Pulik are a normally healthy and balanced type with couple of hereditary wellness worries.
High- upkeep brushing demands
These dogs need comprehensive brushing treatment as a result of their cables.

Puli Dimension and Weight

Female pulis are portable, getting to elevations in between 14 and 16 inches, while males rise to 18 inches. Complete- expanded puli males can evaluate 30- 35 extra pounds, and females get to in between 25 and 30 extra pounds.

Elevation (Male) 18′ Tall
Elevation (Female) 16′ Tall
Weight (male) 35 bs, completely expanded
Weight (female) 30 pounds, completely expanded

Puli Usual Health And Wellness Issues

Pulik are normally healthy and balanced dogs with couple of genetically acquired problems. Nevertheless, respectable dog breeders will certainly check their reproducing dogs for usual wellness problems throughout various sorts of dogs. Per Puli Club of America standards, dog breeders must check to validate their dogs are devoid of problems such as hip dysplasia, knee, degenerative myelopathy, and eye examinations. Extra heart, thyroid, and hearing examinations prevail however not global amongst dog breeders.

When taking into consideration a puli, make sure to ask any type of possible dog breeder regarding what problems they check and various other concerns connected to the personality and wellness of a dog’s moms and dads.

Puli Personality

The puli is dazzling and high- power, calling for adequate workout to release all the psychological and physical power loaded right into its tool- sized kind. With correct workout and regimented training, a puli can stay in the city. Nevertheless, they choose to stay in outside atmospheres, such as a confined residential property or farming land, where they can access the kind of workout for which they were reproduced.

Pulik are extremely comfy and love snuggling with kids and their member of the family. Nevertheless, they are delicate dogs that do not succeed with negative therapy – – they might dislike their proprietors otherwise provided correct treatment.

Just How To Deal With Puli

Types of Big Dogs
Puli dogs’ all-natural dreadlocks are quickly identifiable, wooly and thick, and almost totally water-proof, reproduced to secure them from ruthless European winters months.

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Pulik are reckless and high- upkeep dogs with several needs in pet grooming, training, and workout. Nevertheless, to those happy to do the job, the puli gives lots of love and commitment, producing caring and devoted guards of their “herd.”

Upkeep And Pet Grooming

The puli layer is the primary emphasis of any type of specialized proprietor and calls for constant treatment, whether corded, clipped, or cleaned. Puli layers need easy showering till they get to 10 months old when their undercoat begins to create. As the dog grows, the layers expand thicker and floor covering to the touch. All-natural splittings up happen in the hair as it globs with each other near to the skin– these are the starts of the cording procedure. The hair extends, and the proprietor needs to by hand divide the cables right into soft globs by arranging them and drawing them apart with your fingers.

This procedure calls for rep over 6 to 9 months till your puli gets to 2 years old. Make sure to appropriately present your dog to hair therapy with lots of favorable support and love, and your puppy will certainly concern link the job with admiration. When the cables are created, consist of clipping and normal upkeep as component of a regimen that consists of nail cutting, ear cleansing, and looking for particles in the layer and behind the ears.


Pulik require lots of training and psychological excitement to live delighted, healthy and balanced lives. These dogs are dazzling, able to discover techniques swiftly, and anxious to please their proprietors. Nevertheless, if you do not show clear management and a constant collection of guidelines, pulis will certainly have no worry disregarding commands. Rounding up dogs are loathe to conveniently surrender control and uncommitted for rep, so proprietors will certainly require to offer framework and clear guidelines and develop themselves as alpha to preserve their puli’s regard. Early training in puppyhood and socializing will certainly go a lengthy method to making your puppy’s commitment.


Pulik are high- strength dogs that flourish on workout. Dog breeders will certainly warn proprietors not to exaggerate it on sporting activities to maintain joints healthy and balanced. Regardless of this, pulik flourish at sporting activities, consisting of obedience training, herding, dexterity, and various other rate- associated tasks. In day-to-day live, the puli calls for a minimum of a hr of workout daily, generally in the kind of numerous strolls or complimentary play in an open yard.

Young Puppies

As the brand-new proprietor of a puli young puppy, your key task is to present him to as several brand-new individuals, dogs, and young puppies as feasible in a favorable fashion. After finishing all required vaccinations, reveal your dog to good friend check outs, auto flights, and also puppy college to link satisfying brand-new experiences with positivity and enjoyable. All brand-new conferences must be pleasurable for your dog, and making your puppy comfy with brand-new noises, scents, and views will certainly assist him turn into a certain, calmer puli.

Puli And Kids

Pulik are incredibly keen on kids and will certainly play functioning as friend and guard extremely seriously. They enjoy securing their fees and typically will certainly inscribe on little ones when elevated with each other. A puli typically forgives kids’s disrespect however will not endure severe infractions or bossing around. Because of this, it’s vital to monitor child- puli play and instruct your kid to regard dogs appropriately.

Dogs similar to Puli

The Puli is very closely pertaining to various other corded sheepdogs and herdsmans, such as Komondors, Croatian sheepdogs, and the Bergamasco sheepdog.

  • Komondor: Komondors are an additional corded dog that calls for equally as extreme pet grooming.
  • Croatian sheepdog: Croatian sheepdogs are active, nimble dogs with an all-natural herding capability similar to pulik.
  • Bergamasco sheepdog: Bergamascos are an additional selection of sheepdog reproduced initially in contemporary- day Iran.

Popular names for Puli dogs consist of:

  • Lazlo
  • Monster
  • Henry
  • Alma
  • Pepper
  • Luna

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