Portuguese Podengo

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is considered to be quite possibly the world’s smallest hunting dog.
Portuguese Podengo Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis familiaris
Portuguese Podengo Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Fawn, Red, Gold, Tan, Chestnut, White-Brown, Golden, Blonde, Light-Brown
Medium and large types, 10-12 years. Pequeno, 15 years.
Pequeno, up to 13 lbs. Medium, 35-44 lbs. Large, 45-66lbs.
Portuguese Podengo Distribition

Portuguese Podengo Intro

The Portuguese Podengo is a “primitive” dog. The Phoenicians reproduced it around 700BC and presented it to Portugal around 600BC. It is a high- power searching sighthound, indicating it pursues by view and secrets on activity. A Lot Of Podengos in Portugal become part of searching packs.

The Podengo makes an excellent guard dog and buddy for family members that agree to put in the power to educate this high- perky dog. Likewise, they are great with youngsters if they are interacted socially or elevated with them (specifically the Pequeno.) They such as to function and play, though they ought to be confined in a lawn with a high fencing as a result of their food- driven nature and their capability to leap.

The Podengo is available in 3 dimensions: little or Pequeno, tool (Medio), and huge (Grandé). Of the 3 dimensions: the huge one pursued deer and wild boar, the tool variation pursued rabbits, and the Pequeno pursued mice and purged rabbits out for seekers. Surprisingly, the Pequeno is noted individually with the AKC, while the Medio and Grandé are noted as variants of the exact same type. The tool- sized variation is the requirement for this type which is the selected icon of the Portuguese Kennel Club.

Portuguese Podengo Enjoyable Reality

The Portuguese Podengo Pequeno is thought about to be fairly perhaps the globe’s tiniest searching dog.

3 benefits and drawbacks of owning Portuguese Podengos

Pros: Cons:
The Portuguese Podengo bonds to a family and has solid pack impulses, providing it an extremely safety nature. Podengos make great guard dogs. Because the Podengo is such an excellent seeker, it often tends to be food- driven. This implies it might be much more loyal to its nose than its master. Once it infatuates on food, it might be challenging to control.
This dog’s power degree, sports capability, and knowledge make it excellent at showing off tasks. Obedience tests, dexterity training courses, scent job, rally, and rushing are all great alternatives. Its proneness for food implies that it might additionally often tend to weight problems. Viewing just how much it is fed, checking what it captures and consumes, and restricting deals with will certainly aid stay clear of that mistake. Workout is additionally a vital part in managing weight.
The various kinds of Podengo are all superb seekers. The Grandé was reproduced to search deer and boar. The Medio and Pequeno are superb rabbit seekers. The dog can capture the victim and purges it out for seekers. Its searching impulses might additionally be bothersome if you have various other little pets. The Podengo might regard cats, hamsters, and various other smaller sized dogs as victim to be gone after. If you have various other little pets, it is very important to mingle them with each other at a young age.

Portuguese Podengo Dimension and Weight

The Podengo Pequeno has to do with 8- 12 inches high and considers approximately 13 extra pounds. The tool- sized Medio has to do with 16 to 22 inches high and considers 35 to 44 extra pounds, while the huge (Grandé) has to do with 22 to 28 inches in elevation and considers regarding 44 to 66 extra pounds.

Pequeno Medio Grande
Elevation (Male) 8- 12 inches 16- 22 inches 22- 28 inches
Elevation (Female) 8- 12 inches 16- 22 inches 22- 28 inches
Weight (Male) Approximately 13 pounds. 35- 44 pounds. 44- 66 pounds.
Weight (Female) Approximately 13 pounds. 35- 44 pounds. 44- 66 pounds.

Portuguese Podengo Typical Health And Wellness Issues

Not numerous Podengos are imported right into the USA from Portugal, and Portugal does not carry out wellness testing for the dog. Therefore, we do not understand much regarding the dog’s wellness, though they might be evaluated for allergic reactions, hearing problems, and thyroid troubles in the USA. A lot of this testing is done simply to collect info.

Some wellness problems occur as a result of the type’s actions and personality. Because they are energetic dogs, frequently playing and completing in dog sporting activities, injuries are feasible. Likewise, their food- driven nature inclines them to weight concerns.

Portuguese Podengo Personality

The Portuguese Podengo has an independent, energised, and enjoyable- caring character. It calls for a lot of psychological excitement and suches as to play. It enjoys its family, yet it sees unfamiliar people warily. Its qualities of protectiveness and awareness make it an excellent guard dog.

This dog is a dexterous seeker which pursues by itself or in packs. Normally, it will certainly eliminate the video game otherwise flush it in the direction of the seeker. Although it can be great with various other dogs, it may consider little animals as victim, so it’s not always excellent around smaller sized dogs or cats.

Podengos actually like jobs, obstacles, and examinations. They often tend to appreciate dexterity training courses, nose job, and chasing (they such as to go after playthings and each other.)

Just How To Care For Portuguese Podengo

Portuguese Podengo dog
Provided its safety and searching histories, subjecting it to lots of experiences as a pup moving on is finest.Liliya Kulianionak/Shutterstock. com

Portuguese Podengo Upkeep And Pet Grooming

The Podengo has either layer kinds: either a wiry layer or a smooth one. The wiry layer sheds in areas and ought to be cleaned once a week with a pin- kind brush. If the dog has a smooth layer, periodic cleaning with a rubber brush or a brushing glove must do. The smooth layer is susceptible to much less losing than the wiry; total losing is modest. Do not cut or cut the layer.

Showering is hardly ever required, so as soon as every 3 to 6 months is great. Clean down the smooth- covered Podengo with a moist fabric sometimes.

Brush their teeth, cut their nails with leaners or a nail mill, and on a regular basis inspect the ears for wax and particles. Be conscious that the feet of the Podengo are delicate which you ought to take care not to reduce right into the fast.

Portuguese Podengo Training

The Portuguese Podengo is a clever, sports, and energised dog. This mix of knowledge and power makes it quickly distractible. It can find out a fair bit however requires strong training or follows its very own effort. Brief ruptureds of training with huge quantities of favorable support job best. Compensate it with appreciation, play, or deals with.

If it does not obtain much job or communication, the Podengo can come to be bored. This dog is constantly trying to find a great time; if it’s not involved, it can discover a great time in barking or devastation.

One more element of its training is socializing with unfamiliar people, youngsters, smaller sized animals, and various other dogs. Provided its safety and searching histories, subjecting it to lots of experiences as a pup moving on is finest. Welcome many individuals to your residence to lower the dog’s wariness of unfamiliar people. Train it to prevent its hunter/prey drive with little animals and youngsters.

Portuguese Podengo Workout

With all that power, one need to hang out working out the Portuguese Podengo 20 To thirty minutes of chain workout everyday plus totally free play in a well- fenced backyard will certainly go a lengthy means towards using up a few of that power. Searching, obedience training, dexterity drills, and fragrance job are additionally beneficial.

Portuguese Podengo Pups

Begin training as quickly as the young puppy returns, as early as 8 weeks, due to the fact that it is smart sufficient to manage the training, and without it, it can come to be reckless and difficult to educate later. The Podengo ought to go to puppy preschool at 10 to twelve weeks. Comprehensive socializing as a pup is vital to the dog’s modification and personality later.

Portuguese Podengo And Kids

Generally, the Portuguese Podengo is great with youngsters. Provided the dog’s rowdy nature, mingle the dog with youngsters from a young age. The tiniest kind of Podengo (the Pequeno) is finest with youngsters, score extremely on the AKC’s range.

Dogs similar to Portuguese Podengo

  • Ibizan Hound: Ibizan hounds are similar in personality, power degree, and function to the Portuguese Podengo The Phoenicians additionally brought them to the Iberian peninsula (Spain) to search rabbits.
  • Italian Greyhound: One more “primitive” dog, the Italian Greyhound has most of the physical features of a sighthound. Although it is categorized as component of the “plaything” team, it is a singular, activity- oriented seeker.

Famous Portuguese Podengo

  • Portuguese Podengos (Tito, Rosa, and Nikki) remained in a number of films, consisting of Zeuss & & Roxanne, Cheaper by the Loads, Dante’s Height, Homeward Bound 2, and others.

Popular Names for Portuguese Podengos


  • Carlito
  • Alexandre
  • Chico
  • Alfonso
  • Glaucio
  • Silvio
  • Rico
  • Gaspar
  • Gil
  • Reinaldo
  • Roberto
  • Narciso


  • Raquel
  • Herminia
  • Mira
  • Guia
  • Catrina
  • Antia
  • Aline
  • Renata

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