Platinum Arowana

The male broods the eggs and baby fish in his mouth.
Platinum Arowana Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Scleropages formosus, Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, Scleropages formosus, Scleropages inscriptus, Scleropages jardinii, Scleropages leichardti
Scleropages, Osteoglossum
Platinum Arowana Physical Characteristics
Only a few, which is why its price is so high
15 to over 20 years in captivity
25 pounds
Platinum Arowana Distribition

Whatever kind of arowana it is, this fish is treasured for its severe rarity and its spectacular appeal.

For some lovers of actually unique tropical fish, the platinum arowana comes from the species Osteoglossum bicirrhosum For others, this fish, whose ranges radiance like rare-earth element, belongs to the Scleropages formosus species. Anybody that desires one will certainly need to pay the rate, and not simply in bucks. It is prohibited to possess a platinum arowana in the USA without an authorization, and people captured attempting to smuggle one in can end up behind bars.

4 Platinum Arowana truths

Right here are some truths concerning this spectacular and extremely pricey fish:

1. It can bring a cost of $300,000 and up.
2. In some cases they are provided cosmetic surgery to make them look also prettier.
3. Due to the fact that arowanas appear like dragons, they are thought about best of luck in China.
4. Female arowanas are bigger than males, however besides that they are extremely challenging to differentiate.
5. Researchers think the factor that arowanas are discovered in Asia, Australia and South America is that they advanced while a lot of the planet was still generally one land mass. Arowanas are extremely old fish!

Platinum Arowana Classification and Scientific name

The platinum arowana is an anomaly of numerous sort of arowana fish. One comes from the Scleropages formosus species. The genus name originates from the Greek word skleros, which indicates “tough” and the Latin word web pages, which indicates “leaves.” This describes the huge, tough, lovely ranges over the fish’s body. Formosus is the Latin word for “lovely.” Scleropages formosus has no subspecies, however shade morphs are discovered in various locations of its array. They are the:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Silver Eastern
  • Red- trailed gold
  • Gold crossback
  • Super red

The epithet of Scleropages inscriptus is Latin for “to compose on” and explains the lovely patterns on the ranges of this fish from Myanmar. Scleropages jardinii and Scleropages leichardti are discovered in Australia. The previous’s various other names consist of the Gulf saratoga, the pearl arowana and the north saratoga, while the latter’s various other names consist of the southerly saratoga, the seen bonytongue and the barramundi.

Various other names for Eastern arowanas are monkey fish for its tendency to jump out of water to take its food, dragon fish, or lóng yú and Eastern bonytongue.

An additional kind of platinum arowana is the silver platinum arowana, Osteoglossum bircurrhosum The definition of the genus indicates “bone- tongued” in Greek, and the epithet is Greek for “2 barbels.” Like Eastern arowanas, it can jump out of the water to capture its victim. Due to this, its various other name is “water monkey.”

Platinum Arowana Appearance

The platinum arowana has a long, level body that can mature to 4 feet in size, with lengthy dorsal, rectal and pectoral fins. The caudal, or tail fin of the silver arowana is smaller sized than the tail fins of the Eastern arowanas. The tail tapers elegantly, and the fish has a big, upturned mouth with several teeth, consisting of teeth on the tongue. One of the most recognizable feature of the fish is its huge ranges, which are a sparkling platinum/silver throughout the body. The ranges can be as huge as 0.79 inches in size. They are overlapping, smooth and disc designed, and in some species the ranges have actually lovely increased patterns.

Platinum Arowana Distribution, Population, and Environment

Platinum arowanas are discovered in bodies of fresh water in Eastern nations such as Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia, in South American nations such as Colombia and Brazil and in Australia. They are discovered in places such as slow-moving rivers, swamped woodlands and swamps.

Platinum Arowana Predators and Victim

Besides humans, the predators of the platinum arowana are fish that are bigger in dimension than it is. When it comes to victim, the fish has actually been understood to eat snakes, birds and bats, however it generally takes insects, smaller sized fishes, shellfishes and various other animals that reside on the surface area of the water for its food.

Platinum Arowana Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Researchers that have actually seen arowana fish generate notification that their courtship routine can take weeks to months, with the mated set swimming with each other near the surface area of the water during the night, circling, after that swimming next to each various other up until the female down payments eggs right into the water. These eggs are huge, a color of red or orange when it comes to S formosus and array from concerning 30 to 100. The male feeds them after that scoops them right into his mouth where they will certainly remain up until well after they hatch out. The fry leave their dad’s mouth after they have actually diminished their yolk cavity, and this can take as long as 2 months.

Arowanas fully grown when they’re around 3 or 4 years of ages, which is late for fish. If they are maintained in bondage and well- took care of, the life expectancy of a platinum arowana can be around twenty years.

Platinum Arowana in angling and food preparation

Platinum arowana are so unusual that they’re desired virtually solely for the pet profession, however silver arowana are often made use of for food by individuals that reside in the Brazilian rain forest. Nonetheless, there are currently constraints on when the fish can be captured.

Platinum Arowana Population

Platinum arowana are so unusual that some think there are just a handful at any kind of once, and also the extra normal Eastern arowanas are thought aboutendangered The conservation status of the silver arowana of South America is still unevaluated.


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