Have lived in South America for millions of years
Piranha Scientific Classification
Piranha Physical Characteristics
Grey, Red, Black, Multi-colored
10 years
Top speed
-3 mph
Up to 3 to 7 pounds
Piranha Distribition

Piranha is the typical name made use of to describe any one of possibly over 60 species of freshwater fish with razor- sharp teeth.

Piranhas have an unpleasant online reputation for being intense animals that participate in harmful feeding crazes. Nonetheless, they in fact eat a wide range of food, consisting of plants and carrion. Piranhas are rather tiny, generally under 2 feet, and usually take a trip in teams called shoals.

5 Extraordinary Piranha Truths!

  • This fish’s hostile online reputation is extremely overstated, partially as a result of Theodore Roosevelt’s publication “Via the Brazilian Wild.”
  • These fish might obtain extra hostile when they are depriving. If embeded a stationary swimming pool for a long period of time, they will likely strike anything that gets in the water.
  • The black piranha has one of the most effective bite pressure of any type of bony fish.
  • The fish’s leading and lower teeth operate like scissors to promptly tear and reduce food.
  • Piranhas shed and grow back teeth constantly like sharks.

You can have a look at even more amazing truths concerning piranhas.

Piranha Classification and Scientific name

Piranha is the typical name for numerous species of fish within the family Serrasalmidae or the subfamily Serrasalminae that are likewise in the tetra family Characidae of the Characiformes order. Piranha species are discovered in a number of category, consisting of:

  • Catoprion
  • Pristobrycon
  • Pygocentrus
  • Pygopristis
  • Serrasalmus

These fish species are often called caribe or piraya. Some details species scientific names consist of the red- bellied piranha ( Pygocentrus nattereri), the lobetooth piranha ( Pygocentrus denticulata), the San Francisco piranha ( Pygocentrus piraya) and the black piranha ( Serrasalmus rhombeus).

Piranha Species

The specific variety of species is unidentified, yet there are believed to be 30 to 60 or even more. One of the most well known species is the red- bellied piranha, which stays in South America and is mainly discovered in the Amazon River in addition to a number of various other piranha species.

Some noteworthy species truths consist of:

  • Red- bellied piranha: Located mainly in the Amazon River, this fish is one of the most well known piranha species with the toughest jaws and sharpest teeth.
  • Black piranha: Likewise called a red- eye piranha, this fish is believed to be the biggest species and is understood for having the toughest bite about its body mass.
  • Lobetooth piranha: This species is likewise taken into consideration unsafe to humans and lives primarily in the Orinoco River container and the reduced Amazon tributaries.
  • San Francisco piranha: Located primarily in Brazil’s San Francisco River, this species is likewise with the ability of assaulting huge animals and humans, though it generally feeds upon smaller sized animals.
  • Wimple piranha: This fish makes it through by snacking on various other fish by nipping their fins and ranges and after that swimming away.

Piranha Appearance

These fish’s tinting differs by species. For instance, the red- bellied piranha is grayish with white speckles and a red stubborn belly. The black piranha is a consistent shade of grey to almost black with distinct red eyes. Piranha species have a particular rhombus form. They are usually in between 6 and 13 inches long, yet some species can be approximately 2 feet in size. The weight of the fish does not generally surpass 6.6 extra pounds. They have an identifiable jaw form with huge jaw muscular tissues that are attached to the jaw suggestion, that makes it stick out a little. The teeth of this fish are razor sharp and serrated, that makes them really proficient at promptly tearing flesh.

piranha fish swims in the water

Piranha Distribution, Population, and Environment

These are fresh water fish and are native to the Amazon container. Some species have actually been uncovered in Bangladesh, China, and also the USA, yet these are normally jail-breakers from tropical fish investors. Several species are discovered just in a solitary river system while others, like the red- bellied piranha, are discovered in a number of river systems in South America. Some species like dirty, sluggish- relocating water and are usually discovered in really superficial water. Nonetheless, various other species like deep river networks and turbid water.

These fish prevail and not intimidated. Tiny fish are primarily energetic throughout the day. Larger and tool- sized fish are energetic throughout a number of durations, consisting of dawn, late mid-day, and evening.

There is just a small industrial fishery of these fish along with sporting activity angling. Some species are made use of as tropical fish yet are prohibited in numerous locations as pets. They are taken into consideration a problem by fishers as they usually take lure, take fish off the line, and damages angling equipment.

Piranha Predators and Victim

The majority of species are opportunistic predators They will certainly eat almost anything from plant to various other fish, insects, carrion, worms, and more. Some species are proficient at range- consuming and feed mainly by nipping off the ranges or fins of various other fish. This is extra typical with adolescent fish and smaller sized species. Piranhas likewise feed on on a regular basis.

What consumes piranhas?

These fish are routinely consumed by almost anything bigger than it, consisting of turtles, crocodiles, various other fish, dolphins, and numerous species of water birds. They are likewise pursued by humans and made use of as food fish, or their teeth are made use of for sculpting by numerous South American people.

What do piranhas eat?

These fish are omnivorous and eat a wide range of food, consisting of fruit, seeds, insects, and various other fish. They might exploit huge animals that enter into their environment by assaulting en masse. A big adequate team can promptly eliminate a rather large animal. Nonetheless, they do not generally take a trip in searching teams, and they generally strike weak or hurt animals.

Piranha Reproduction and Life Expectancy

The reproduction behaviors of the majority of species are reasonably unidentified. The majority of understood reproducing actions has actually been observed in fish tanks. These fish can generally reproduce by the time they are a years of age. Females lay countless eggs near thick plants, to which the eggs stick. Males feed the eggs, and after that the eggs hatch out after 2 or 3 days. Youthful fish will certainly conceal in plants till they allow sufficient to safeguard themselves. The moms and dads will certainly usually safeguard their nesting websites by swimming around them. These fish might meet 10 years in bondage, yet it’s unidentified the length of time they reside in the wild.

Piranha in angling and food preparation

These fish have a small industrial angling rate of interest and some leisure angling rate of interest also. Capturing them is rather uncomplicated, yet the major secret is to have a cable- covered line over the hook. Fishers generally make use of little bits of meat and proactively whip or plunk the line to bring in piranhas. The piranha will certainly usually promptly swipe the lure prior to it has the ability to be brought up. Dealing with the fish should be done really thoroughly as they will certainly attack. They likewise have sharp ridges on their bottoms that can reduce skin and infuse microorganisms.

These fish can be consumed and are generally smoked whole. They are primarily consumed in their indigenous South America. The preference is called really salted, questionable, and a little bit ripe.

Piranha Population

There is no worldwide information on the amount of of these fish are left on the planet. They are not detailed as intimidated or endangered by IUCN, MENTIONS, or USFWS. New species are still being uncovered.


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