They can find their way back to their nests from up to 1300 miles away.
Pigeon Scientific Classification
Pigeon Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, White
400 million worldwide
6 years
Top speed
95 mph
9.3-13.4 oz
Pigeon Distribition

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Pigeons are really commonly dispersed, with over 250 species worldwide.

Pigeons become part of the family Columbidae. Medically, they coincide as doves, though doves typically describe smaller sized species of pigeon in nonprofessional’s terms.

5 Incredible Pigeon Truths!

  • Some vivid species of these birds are reproduced in bondage, several with a wide range of tuft.
  • In scientific classification, “pigeon” and “dove” are compatible. Some species, such as rock pigeons, are likewise called rock doves.
  • These birds obtain their names from the Latin word for “peeping chick,” pipio.
  • If displaced, these birds can fly as much as 1300 miles to return house.
  • Pigeons are taken into consideration among the globes most intelligent animals! Additionally they have one-of-a-kind “infrasounds” adjustments that makes them an animal with the most effective hearing on the planet.

You can learn more extraordinary truths concerning pigeons.

Where To Discover Pigeons

Pigeons are birds that are discovered all over, conserve for Antarctic ice and the Sahara Desert. They occupy a wide range of biomes, consisting of meadows, woodlands, and cities. One of the most commonly dispersed species is the rock dove, or else called the usual pigeon. This species is feral in cities worldwide.

Pigeon Scientific Name

The family Columbidae originates from the Old Irish word for dove, which is Columb. St. Columba of Iona, or the “dove of the church,” might be the impact for the name of this family.

Pigeon Appearance

Depending upon the species, pigeons are birds that can be found in a wide range of shades, forms, and dimensions. They can be as little as 6 inches to over 2 feet long. The crowned pigeon is the biggest of the species and has to do with the dimension of a turkey.

The pigeon’s trip muscle mass make them a large bird, and they have a tiny beak with 2 fleshy cere near the face. They have a ring of skin around their eyes. They have brief beaks, brief legs, and small directly a lengthy neck. They can be found in in an amazing range of shades and patterns.

A number of these birds have crests and iridescence on their bodies, and some residential ranges, such as the white ice pigeon, have plumes on their feet. Several vivid types of residential species are come down from the simple grey rock pigeon.

Red Eyed Pigeon walks on a rock to go and eat
Alta Oosthuizen/Shutterstock.com

Pigeon vs Dove

Medically talking, pigeons and doves are compatible. Linguistically, smaller sized participants of the Columbidae family have a tendency to be called doves, while bigger participants are called pigeons. Nevertheless, this is not a tough regulation and there are exemptions, along with birds that are called both of these terms. For instance, the species Columba livia is called both the rock dove, the rock, and the usual pigeon.

Pigeon Habits

Depending upon the species, these birds can either live solitary or create big social teams. The majority of species roost during the night. They invest a lot of their day grooming and sunning themselves. They likewise shower in water or dirt.

These birds have actually been made use of thoroughly in background as navigators, as they have an outstanding local color and can take a trip really quickly.

Throughout the reproducing period, a lot of species end up being territorial and safeguard their nests.

Pigeon Diet

These birds eat berries, nuts, seeds, and fruits. They might likewise take in insects and various other invertebrates. In inhabited locations, feral birds will certainly feed on for food scraps.

Young birds take in an item called “pigeon milk,” which is created by their moms and dads. This is spit up food that appears in a fluid type.

They are among the really couple of bird species with the capability to draw water via their beaks. For a total listing of foods pigeons eat, have a look at our “What Do Pigeons Eat?” web page.

Pigeon Predators and Hazards

Snakes and predators are these bird’s most bountiful predators Due to the fact that they are a simple target, they have actually created techniques, such as gathering in big teams and having a brief nesting cycle, to stay clear of being preyed upon.

Pigeon Reproduction, Children, and Life Expectancy

These birds are virginal. Males do sophisticated screens in order to bring in the focus of females. The birds develop lightweight nests on top of trees or along rough high cliffs. Both moms and dads look after the eggs and infant pigeons.

Females might injure to 5 nests throughout the reproducing period. The majority of nests include 2 eggs, however might have either 1 or 3 depending upon the wealth of offered food. Due to the fact that they are fed nourishing pigeon milk, they proliferate. Some species are fed this till they leave the nest, while others will certainly change to strong foods.

Pigeon Population

As a family, these birds are incredibly bountiful. There more than 400 million birds worldwide.

Nevertheless, some species are endangered, seriously endangered, or perhaps extinct. According to the IUCN Red Checklist 2012, 30% of species are intimidated or near- intimidated. The very best means to maintain endangered species is to shield their environments from environment devastation.

Nevertheless, because of the intro by humans, some species have actually substantially increased their population dimensions.


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