Pied Tamarin

Pied Tamarin Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Saguinus bicolor
Pied Tamarin Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Black, White, Tan
8 – 15 years
Top speed
24 mph
220g – 900g (7.7oz – 32oz)
Pied Tamarin Distribition

” Among the 25 A Lot Of Endangered Primates”

Pied tamarins are endangered primates in northwest Brazil. The Yoda- looking species, that take pleasure in solid social bonds, likewise pass Brazilian bare- dealt with tamarins.

Primates at risk listing pied tamarins as one of the 25 most endangered primates. In addition, according to the International Union for the Preservation of Nature, the species’ population has actually gone down greater than 80 percent over 3 generations, making these tamarins Seriously Endangered.

Urban spread and country development are incredibly damaging to the species, and several preservation teams are functioning to make certain tamarin survival.

Amazing Pied Tamarin Realities!

  • Pied tamarins just reside in a quadrant of limited rain forest in Brazil. Nonetheless, preservationists are stressed that legislators might compromise safeguarded locations for development.
  • Pied tamarins are New Globe monkeys– a taxonomic group of 5 primate family members discovered in the exotic areas of Central America, South America, and Mexico.
  • The most significant risk to Brazilian bare- dealt with tamarins is environment damage connected to Manaus– a busy city in the heart of the Amazon Rain Forest.
  • Pied tamarins are just one of the only species in its genus with hairless faces.

Pied Tamarin Scientific Name

Saguinus bicolor is the scientific name for these tamarins. Saguinus is a portmanteau of the Portuguese word “sagui,” which equates to “little monkey,” and the Latin suffix “inus,” indicating “of or concerning.” Bicolor describes the animal’s double- toned hair.

Informally, pied methods “having 2 or even more shades,” and tamarin defines species in the marmoset– the little monkey– family. Many have unique hair tufts around the shoulders and neck– along with hirsute faces. Nonetheless, pied tamarins differ from the marmoset pack with their hairless cups.

Pied Tamarin Appearance and Actions


At 7 to 11 inches and just considering regarding 430 grams– simply except an extra pound– these tamarins are little contrasted to various other primates. Nonetheless, they are among the bigger tamarin species– and have proportionally big claws!

Pied tamarins’ necks and shoulders are wreathed in shaggy white hair. However, from the midsection down, they put on almond- tinted layers.

These tamarins’ black hairless faces, big distinctive ears, and round eyes produce an extremely “Yoda- esque” visage.

Mentioning eyes, females of the species can see even more shades than males since the previous take pleasure in trichromatic vision and the last only dichromatic.

When it comes to the remainder of their functions, these tamarins sporting activity level noses with sideways nostrils and have 32 teeth. And also, rather than finger nails, claws prolonged from pied tamarins’ toes– other than on the large toe.

Pied Tamarin (Saguinus Bicolor) - jumping off a tree branch
Pied tamarin or Saguinus bicolor getting on a branchyggdrasill/Shutterstock. com


These tamarins are social animals that reside in little participating teams of approximately 15 people, however many have in between 5 and 7 participants.

A matriarchal, polyandrous species, pied tamarin collections are led by alpha females that are the only girl participants of the people to mate and deliver. Various other females in the team display reproductive impulses, however they self- subdue advises.

Pied tamarins are extremely territorial animals that make use of body movement and high- pitched articulations to sharp close friends and scare adversaries. A reporter installed with scientists in the Amazon as soon as defined the monkey’s babble as seeming like a “boiling teapot doing morse code.”

Diurnal, arboreal, and quadrupedal, Brazilian bare- dealt with tamarins invest their days foraging in trees making use of all 4 arm or legs for mobility.

Furthermore, like many primates, these tamarins make use of a multi- faceted interaction system entailing scent markings, body movement, and a collection of whistles and chirps. Brushing is main to their lives and plays a significant function in keeping social equilibrium.

Pied Tamarin Environment

Pied tamarins just reside in one Brazilian area around Manaus, Amazonas. The actual- life Wakanda of South America, Manaus is a thriving, high- technology city slap in the center of the Amazon Rain Forest.

The rivers Amazon, Cuieiras, , and Urubu describe the species’ historic area. The species can be discovered 27 miles north of Manaus and approximately 62 miles east.

The bare- dealt with monkeys favor lowland jungles and generally await altitudes in between 32 and 40 feet. Presently, different conservation efforts shield tamarin environments. Nonetheless, preservationists stress over political leaders taking apart present securities and, by expansion, getting rid of location endangered species.

Pied Tamarin Diet

These tamarins are omnivores that take pleasure in figs, blossoms, fruits, insects, spiders, frogs, lizards, and bird eggs. Nonetheless, they favor to delight in plants and fruits.

Researchers that deal with these tamarins in bondage have actually had problems creating suitable diet regimens for their topics. Because of this, much of the little monkeys residing in zoos and laboratories fight with reproduction and reproduction. Nonetheless, the much more we learn more about nourishment, the even more development scientists are making.

Pied Tamarin Predators and Hazards

Tiny wild cats, predators, and snakes are the tamarins’ all-natural predators Dogs and cats presented to the area by humans likewise assault the little primates.

Food competitors is an additional significant migraine for pied tamarins. Red- handed and gold- handed tamarins likewise inhabit the exact same location, eat the exact same foods, and might be displacing pied tamarins.

However inevitably, environment damage is the species’ major risk. Manaus, the city in pied tamarins’ historic area, is increasing, as are bordering farmlands– and the concomitant roadway- structure and area cleaning are damaging the monkey’s all-natural residences. Electrocution is likewise growing.

Pied Tamarin Reproduction, Children, and Life Expectancy


Just alpha females replicate in these tamarin teams, and they mate with a number of males. Pregnancy lasts in between 140 and 170 days, 80 percent of births create doubles, and daddy does the majority of the child care. Mommies action in when the infant requires to registered nurse, however the dad and various other team participants take care of the remainder.


Child tamarins aren’t independent and hold on to their moms and dads for regarding 21 days. Babies mainly adhere to their dads, other than when it’s time to eat, and they’re handed off to mother. In addition, various other participants of the taking a trip pack will certainly take turns lugging and looking after children.

What are infant pied tamarins called? Like humans, new monkeys are called “babies.”

When babies get to a month old, they begin checking out a little bit by themselves however still invest 6 to 7 weeks strapped to another person.

Females get to reproductive maturation at 18 months; for males, it takes 20 months.

Life Expectancy

In the wild, these tamarins generally live one decade. In bondage, several endure to around 19.

Pied Tamarin Population

Despite the fact that preservationists do not have a company depend on the variety of continuing to be pied tamarins, professionals think about the animal Seriously Endangered since their population has actually reduced by a minimum of 80 percent over the previous 3 generations.

Primatologists currently mainly concur that these tamarins have 3 subspecies: S.b. bicolour, S.b. ochraceus, and S.b. martinsi. They all have somewhat various coloring however reside in the exact same area.

Pied Tamarins in United State Zoos

Presently, 170 tamarins reside in zoos worldwide. In the USA:

  • The Philly Zoo was the very first American zoo to reproduce pied tamarins.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo joins a pied tamarin species survival program.
  • The Dallas Globe Fish tank takes care of a number of pied tamarins and various other New Globe primates.

This is not an extensive listing. To discover a zoo near you with these tamarins, count on an online search engine.


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