Peruvian Guinea Pig

The Peruvian guinea pig is well known for its long, soft tresses and edgy bangs.
Peruvian Guinea Pig Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cavia porcellus
Peruvian Guinea Pig Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Black, White, Dark Brown, Cream, Chocolate, Dark Grey, Multi-colored
four to seven years
Peruvian Guinea Pig Distribition

The Peruvian guinea pig is popular for its lengthy, soft hairs and edgy bangs.


  • Peruvian guinea pigs make a number of charming noises, like squeaks and chirps in order to connect with each various other, out of exhilaration for food, and when they identify their proprietors.
  • They eat educate various other’s hair, in some cases for aesthetic functions, and various other connections to develop prominence. Males will certainly eat the hair of various other males to classify themselves the remarkable. This is called barbering.
  • Their hair can get to sizes of approximately 20 inches.
  • Peruvian guinea pigs frequently eat their very own feces in order to get all the nutrients from their diet.
  • They are social animals and choose to deal with various other pigs. They do not, nevertheless, home well with various other species of animals.
  • Peruvian guinea pigs can not manufacture their very own vitamin C, similar to individuals, so they need to obtain it from their food.


Peruvian guinea pigs have actually understood the art of being charming and snuggly. It is no surprise that this type regulates a lot interest and pet grooming. They are prominent guinea pig pets due to their lengthy, unique hair. It is nearly challenging to think that lengthy prior to these cute rodents were charming house buddies and reveal animals, they were primarily for meat.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Peruvian guinea pig is Cavia porcellus It comes from the genus Cavia of the family Caviidae. The genus name Cavia is from words “cabiai” which suggests guinea pig in a native language talked in French Guyana. The details name porcellus is Latin for “little pig.” In spite of being called guinea pigs, these charming little animals are not from Guinea and are not naturally carefully pertaining to pigs. They are from Peru, thus its name. An additional name is Peruvian cavies.


Guinea Pig Types-Peruvian
Peruvian guinea pigs have long and lush hair that requires routine pet cynoclub

Peruvian guinea pigs are understood for their glossy locks. They quickly attract attention due to their hair which is longer than any kind of various other type of guinea pig. Their hair can get to sizes of approximately 20 inches long. This hair is available in several shades consisting of white, brownish, black, russet, lotion, and dark grey. They likewise are available in various patterns, such as the solitary shade, bi- shade, and tri- color scheme.

The bodies of Peruvian guinea pigs are little and bilaterally symmetrical and split down their back so their hair drops elegantly on either side. Their soft, great layers are drawn ahead in the direction of the head right into its particular bangs that framework its face without hindering. Hair swirls or “rosettes” taking place on their hips and head develop this impact. They have little ears and tails. As a result of their shiny appearance, they are program animals.

Peruvian guinea pigs have 4 long, rounded incisors at the front of their mouths. These teeth are sharp from consistent gnawing and open- rooted, which suggests they never ever quit expanding. They likewise have 4 toes on their front legs and 3 on their back legs and these toes have sharp claws.

Guinea pigs are fairly huge when you contrast to various other rodent species. They can consider anything from 1.5 to 2.6 extra pounds and get to sizes of 8 to 10 inches.


Peruvian guinea pigs are effectively toughened up animals. They make fantastic pets due to their singing nature and pleasant characters. They are love being around their proprietors and various other pets too. Although they can be reluctant, they have a tendency to be extremely vibrant and spirited, needing constant interest from their proprietors.

As a result of their durable character and hefty pet grooming, they are except newbie proprietors.

Peruvian guinea pigs are extremely energetic and require constant workout, similar to all others. This suggests that they will certainly call for sufficient real estate area to walk around at will. As a result of their all-natural inquisitiveness and spirited nature, they need to be captivated on a regular basis and workout is an excellent means to do it. Nevertheless, it ought to be kept in mind that Peruvian guinea pigs ought to not utilize workout wheel due to the fact that they can have negative impacts on their backs.

Peruvian guinea pigs are not great mountain climbers, yet they do swim rather well, although they are not especially followers of remaining in water. They are singing animals and commonly connect their exhilaration or recognize their proprietors with squeaks. They have actually been understood to whistle in acknowledgment of their proprietors’ footprints and likewise when they are obtaining fed.

Like all various other types, Peruvians do not have a well- created protection system. They terrify quickly and have a tendency to ice up in position when confronted with a killer instead of compete sanctuary. When they do run, it is typically with sweeping motions that offer to puzzle their killer.

Peruvian guinea pigs likewise have a behavior of “popcorning” when they are delighted, an adorable activity that entails doing jumps and jumps airborne, typically continuously.

They are social animals and flourish in the existence of various other guinea pigs. In nations such as Switzerland, you should possess greater than one guinea pig. Possessing a solitary one is unlawful.

Taking Care Of a Peruvian Guinea Pig

Peruvian guinea pigs are a high upkeep type. As a result of their lengthy hair, they hinge on their proprietors for a lot of their pet grooming and treatment.

  • Pet Grooming: Cut their hair two times a month to remove matted or sticky hair and maintain it over flooring- size. Brush and brush their hair from the location of the parting external.
  • Showering: Peruvian guinea pig treatment is various from others due to their lengthy layers. While constant showering could not be required for various other types, it is for Peruvians in order to maintain their layer healthy and balanced, glossy, and tangle- complimentary. For us, the most effective hair shampoo for guinea pigs is Kaytee Spotless Pest Hair Shampoo, which is particularly created for little animals like rodents that have delicate skin.
  • Workout: Not especially dexterous animals, yet they do require to be captivated and energetic. They are extremely spirited animals and obtain burnt out quickly. We suggest JanYoo Rabbit eat playthings for guinea pigs as an outstanding means to maintain your hairy friend captivated while likewise aiding them erode their teeth.

Pros and Cons of Possessing a Peruvian Guinea Pig

There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to possessing a Peruvian guinea pig. Everything come down to the experience and dedication degree of the proprietor.


  • They are a lovely pet to have. Their existence is satisfying as they are kind, passionate, and spirited buddies.
  • If you prefer to have a smaller sized house pet rather than the conventional dog or cat, the Peruvian guinea pig is an excellent selection to make. You would not need to stress over the huge messes or louder sound a bigger animal could make.
  • For proprietors curious about program animals, this is among just 4 types of guinea pigs to show up in these programs.


  • The Peruvian guinea pig needs hefty pet grooming due to their lengthy hair. They are a high- upkeep, high- initiative type.
  • The Peruvian guinea pig requires great deals of interest. They eat on each others hair to combat boresdom.
  • Insufficient brushing makes the Peruvian guinea pig a lot more at risk to particular health and wellness problems than various other types.

Environment and Population

The Peruvian guinea pig has its beginnings in the Andes Mountain series of South America where it was primarily animals. As its name recommends, it is belonging to Peru, and nations such as Argentina and Bolivia. Throughout emigration, these guinea pigs were from France. They after that made their means to the UK obtaining prestige as house pets due to their beautiful appearance and ended up being prominent throughout the globe.

Peruvian guinea pigs are just one of the earliest types of guinea pigs.

Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Peruvian guinea pigs are social animals and flourish by residing in teams of 2 or even more pigs, typically 2 or even more females or “plants,” and one male or “boar.” It can be difficult informing the males and females apart for an inexperienced eye. Sows have vulvar flaps that are formed like the letter Y, while boars have extending appendages which look similar.

Boars and plants reach sex-related maturation at 3 to 5 weeks old and 4 weeks specifically. There is no details breeding period for Peruvian guinea pigs. Sows can bring to life trashes throughout the year, as lots of as 5 times. Their gestation duration lasts from 59 to 72 days and they usually bring to life concerning 3 puppies per trash, yet that number can vary from one to 6.

Their infants are puppies and are birthed precocial. This suggests they are well- created and semi- independent at birth. The puppies nurse their mom, yet are likewise able to eat strong food as quickly as they are birthed.

Female Peruvian guinea pigs can conceive once again 6 to two days after delivering.

Peruvian guinea pigs have a life expectancy of concerning 4 to 7 years. Some might measure up to 8 years when appropriately taken care of.


The standard food of the Peruvian guinea pig is yard and plant issue. They are vegetarian animals and call for lots of hay as this kinds their core diet. Along with this, they eat food pellets, made from lawns too such as timothy hay.

Think it or otherwise, Peruvian guinea pigs will certainly likewise eat their very own poop. These animals technique coprophagy, or consuming their very own feces, in order to supplement their diet. They do not eat all their poop, simply the unique ones. These guinea pigs create soft pellets of feces called “cecotropes” which they eat straight from their rectum. These pellets include vitamins, germs, and fiber for far better food digestion.

Peruvian guinea pigs, like humans, can not manufacture their very own vitamin C, as a result, they should get it via their diet. They call for concerning 10 mg of vitamin C day-to-day and two times that quantity if the pig is expecting. Feed them fresh eco-friendly, leafed veggies, and raw fruits to satisfy their requirements. Do not feed your hairy close friend way too much sweet fruit, nevertheless, in order to stop excessive weight.

Along with vitamin C, it is likewise crucial for your Peruvian guinea pig to have an ample consumption of Omega- 3 fats to preserve a healthy and balanced, glossy layer and fantastic skin.

Our selection for the very best food for your grownup Peruvian guinea pig is Oxbow Yard Select. It has every one of the vital nutrients your pig requires to flourish with no refined sugar or GMO items. Among the most effective aspects of this food is that expecting and breast feeding mommies can likewise eat it. It is particularly made to deal with guinea pigs in all phases of life.

Predators and Hazards

Peruvian guinea pigs are little rodents; as a result, they would normally be victim to lots of bigger animals. Surviving on human grass reveals them too. They can come to be victim to animals like weasels, cats, dogs, and predators. It is very important to protect your Peruvian guinea pig by maintaining it inside a lot of the moment and laying a careful eye on it when it is outdoors. Additionally, if you are a proprietor of bigger house pets, particularly one that would normally watch the guinea pig as victim, it is essential to educate them to cohabit with it, or maintain them far from the guinea pig totally.

Along with being victim to bigger animals, Peruvian guinea pigs are at risk to a range of health and wellness- associated troubles. They deal with the very same problems various other guinea pigs deal with.

  • Flystrike: This takes place when flies or maggots burrow and lay eggs in the skin of your Peruvian guinea pig. It is incredibly agonizing and discomforting for your pig. As a result of their lengthy hair, it could go undetected in the beginning. Routine pet grooming and upkeep is very important to stop this or a minimum of capture it at the beginning. If left without treatment, it might cause fatality for your hairy close friend.
  • Heatstroke: Peruvian guinea pigs are vulnerable to obtaining heatstroke particularly if they stay in warmer areas. Their lengthy hair would most definitely make them awkward particularly throughout the summer season. The pigs ought to not remain in straight sunshine and warm.
  • Mites: Unlike types with much shorter hair, the Peruvian guinea pig has long hair so the existence of termites is feasible.
  • Ear Infection: Since the Peruvian guinea pig has long hair, you could not see today if it has an ear infection. This is why routine pet grooming is very important. You can likewise take your guinea pig to the veterinarian for routine appointments.
  • Dangerous plants: Peruvian guinea pigs can deal with extreme health and wellness problems and also fatality if fed plants that are dangerous to it. Such plants consist of fatal nightshade, hellebore, hemlock, lily of the valley, ragwort, rhubarb, buttercup, ivy, in addition to plants that expand from a light bulb, such as onions and tulips.

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