They reuse nesting sites for 70 years!
Osprey Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Pandion haliaetus
Osprey Physical Characteristics
Brown, White
100,000 to 1.2 million
9 to 10 years
Top speed
50 mph
2 to 4 pounds
Osprey Distribition

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Their wings make an “M” form when seen from listed below.


The osprey ( Pandion haliaetus) is a big raptor living in every continent other than Antarctica. They live near bodies of water bountiful with fish, such as seaside tidewaters and salt marshes. Seek them overlooking the water and diving feet initially to capture their target of option: fish. You will normally discover them on their own or with their long-lasting companion. Discover every little thing there is to find out about this interesting species, consisting of where it lives, what it consumes, and exactly how it acts.

5 Incredible Osprey Truths

  • They recycle nesting websites for 70 years!
  • Ospreys have relatively easy to fix external toes, permitting them to hold unsafe fish easily.
  • They can get to a max rate of 50 Miles per hour prior to diving right into the water.
  • Fish comprise 99% of their diet.
  • Raccoons are infamous for taking osprey eggs from the nest.

Where to Locate Osprey

Ospreys have a worldwide array, living throughout a lot of the globe. It lives in warm and exotic areas on all continents other than Antarctica. This migratory species types in Canada, Alaska, and the North USA prior to moving to the southerly states and as much southern as Argentina. It likewise types in Europe prior to transferring to Africa and remains inactive in its Eastern and Australian settings. You will certainly discover this bird near fresh or seawater, anywhere fish exist. They live in seaside tidewaters, salt marshes, big lakes, rivers, and tanks. They will certainly likewise nest in any kind of place with a body of water and choose superficial water.

Osprey Nest

They reproduce near freshwater lakes and rivers, building big systems in the forks of high trees, rough outcrops, energy posts, and fabricated systems. They make the system making use of lots of sticks, driftwood, or algae and proceed contributing to it annually. Some nesting websites have actually been made use of for 70 years.

Scientific Name

The osprey ( Pandion haliaetus) comes from the Accipitriformes order in the Pandionidae family, which includes the ospreys. The Pandion genus is the single participant of the Pandionidae family, and the ospreys are the only extant species in the genus. There are 4 acknowledged subspecies of ospreys, yet the distinctions are minute.

Dimension, Appearance & Habits

Birds that eat fish: Osprey
Ospreys are proficient at rising and diving yet are not as acrobatic as various other hawks.iStock.com/ Harry Collins

The osprey is a big diurnal raptor, determining 19 to 26 inches long and considering 2 to 4 extra pounds, with a 50 to 71- inch wingspan. It has actually rounded talons and relatively easy to fix external toes, which permit them to get unsafe fish. They have slim bodies, long, slim wings, and long legs. Their wings make an “M” form when seen from listed below. Ospreys are a deep brownish over and white listed below and have white heads with brownish red stripes going through their eyes. Males and females look similar, other than males are slimmer and have narrower wings.

Ospreys are primarily singular yet develop long-lasting set bonds with their companions and sometimes roost in little winter months groups. They are proficient at rising and diving yet are not as acrobatic as various other hawks. They generate tight, stable wingbeats and get to approximately 30 Miles per hour. Nonetheless, they can obtain a max rate of 50 Miles per hour prior to diving right into the water. Their telephone calls are high- pitched whistles and chirps. They primarily make use of these audios to connect with their companions and competing birds or to caution others of trespassers.

Movement Pattern and Timing

Ospreys are locals to lengthy- range travelers. In The United States and Canada, they reproduce in Canada and along the north shores of the USA. They move southern to winter months from the Gulf of Mexico via Central America. Some populaces in Florida and The golden state stay in their settings year- round. European dog breeders winter months in Africa, and Australasian ospreys are normally nonmigratory.


The osprey is piscivorous, a predator that mainly consumes fish.

What Does Osprey Eat?

Fish comprise 99% of their diet, yet they might likewise eat rodents, rabbits, serpents, frogs, birds, salamanders, shellfishes, and carrion. They have exceptional vision that can discover undersea items from the air, and they capture fish by diving undersea, either foot initial or by immersing their entire bodies. They normally bring their target to a close-by teach to take in.

Predators, Dangers, and Conservation Status

The IUCN notes the osprey as LC or “least concern.” As a result of its comprehensive array and exceptionally big, enhancing population, this species does not satisfy the “endangered” condition limits. While these birds do not deal with any kind of impending dangers to their international population, they are still vulnerable to overhunting, logging, egg accumulating, chemical usage, and wind power advancement.

What Consumes Osprey?

Grown-up osprey has no recognized predators Nonetheless, excellent- horned owls and bald eagles sometimes take their eggs and young from the nest. Raccoons are likewise infamous for taking osprey eggs. To maintain nest predation down, osprey develop their nests over systems that provide a complete sight of possible trespassers. To maintain predators away, they rest sharp, tremble their wings, provide advising articulations, and chase after trespassers.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

Ospreys are mostly virginal, developing lengthy- term set bonds and commonly mating forever. This species gets to sex-related maturation around 3 and 4 years, although some might not replicate up until the age of 7. Females lay 2 to 4 creamy colored eggs with red- brownish smudges and nurture them for 35 to 43 days. Their young fledge the nest around 8 to 10 weeks after hatching out. The osprey’s ordinary life-span is 9 to 10 years, yet they can live as long as 25.


The international osprey population is approximated to number 100,000 to 1.2 million fully grown people. Their population has actually raised by 108% in The United States and Canada in the last three decades and is likewise believed of enhancing in Europe. Nonetheless, their North African population has actually dramatically lowered and is in your area endangered.


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