Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

They are one of the smallest kingfishers!
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Ceyx erithaca
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Physical Characteristics
Red, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Lilac
4 years
0.4 to 0.7 ounces
Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Distribition

They like to live near woodland streams and fish ponds with lots of cover color.


The oriental dwarf kingfisher ( Ceyx erithaca), additionally called the black- backed kingfisher, is a little bird just somewhat larger than a hummingbird. They reside in southeast Asia, where they occupy evergreen and deciduous woodlands near streams and fish ponds. They remain reduced to the ground, where they perch and wait on target ahead close prior to rushing out and seizing their dish. Find out every little thing there is to understand about the oriental kingfisher, consisting of where they live, what they eat, and exactly how they act.

5 Impressive Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Truths

  • They construct their nests in below ground passages that result in a likely egg chamber.
  • This kingfisher species has 3 toes!
  • Their population is reducing from continuous environment devastation.
  • The oriental dwarf is just one of the tiniest kingfishers.
  • They move during the night in big groups.

Where to Discover the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

Oriental dwarf kingfishers reside in Asia in 15 nations, such as China, India, Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. Many populaces are inactive in their settings, however others in the northern most area of their array move southern for the wintertime. They occupy woodland and marsh environments however are most generally discovered in evergreen and deciduous woodlands. They such as to live near woodland streams and fish ponds with lots of cover color. Nevertheless, they maintain their nests away from water. Seek them reduced to the ground, where they perch and fly bent on capture target.


  • Bangladesh
  • Bhutan
  • Brunei Darussalam
  • Cambodia
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • Viet Nam

Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Nest

They construct their nests in stream financial institutions or dirt near the origins of a dropped tree. Both sexes dig a passage causing an unlined egg chamber, which they construct at a slope to assist with water drainage from water and waste.

Scientific Name

The oriental dwarf kingfisher ( Ceyx erithaca) comes from the Coraciiformes order in the Alcedinidae family, which includes the kingfishers mostly discovered in Africa and Asia. The Ceyx genus consists of the river kingfishers from southeast Asia. There are 3 identified subspecies of oriental dwarf kingfisher: C. e. Erithaca, C. e. Macrocarus, and C. e. motleyi

Dimension, Appearance & Actions

The oriental kingfisher is a pocket- sized bird and among the tiniest kingfisher species. It gauges 4 to 6 inches long and considers 0.4 to 0.7 ounces, with an unidentified wingspan. Males and females are similar in dimension and include the very same coloring: lavender crowns, rumps, and tails, dark blue and black wings, white chins and throats, yellow- orange underparts, red legs, feet, and expenses, and black temple places. This kingfisher species has 3 toes and is often described as the “3- toed kingfisher.”

This bird is primarily singular, favoring to forage and perch alone. Nevertheless, they create virginal sets throughout reproduction, and some might sign up with big groups throughout movement. Their articulations consist of loud, high- pitched shrills and softer phone calls when in trip. And these little birds are quick and nimble when searching target, however their specific rate is unidentified.

oriental kingfisher
Oriental kingfishers present gorgeous neon- intense shades, like lavender, royal blue, and orange.iStock.com/ lensalot

Movement Pattern and Timing

These kingfishers are homeowners throughout the majority of their array. Yet the northern most populaces in Bangladesh and Myanmar will certainly move southern for the wintertime in Malaysia. They take a trip during the night in big groups from August to December.


The oriental dwarf kingfisher is a predator that forages alone on a reduced perch.

What Does the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Eat?

Their diet includes mantises, grasshoppers, mayflies, winged ants, water beetles, and flies. They additionally eat spiders, worms, crabs, lizards, frogs, and tiny fish. This bird is a singular seeker that forages from an article in reduced plant life, flying bent on record its target. They might additionally capture insects midflight, seize spiders from their internet, and tweeze fish simply listed below the water’s surface area. They take bigger animals back to their perch, striking them with their beaks prior to eating them.

Predators, Dangers, and Conservation Status

The IUCN notes the oriental dwarf kingfisher as LC or “least concern.” Because of its comprehensive array, this species does not satisfy the “intimidated” standing limits. Their population is reducing however not quickly sufficient to satisfy vulnerable degrees. Cleaning of their woodland environment is their greatest danger, and their decline is most likely to proceed from human task. Their various other dangers consist of contamination, searching, electrocution from high-voltage line, accident, fatigue, and malnourishment.

What Consumes the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher?

The primary killer of a grown-up oriental kingfisher is a raptor, however their nest predators consist of apes, big birds, monitor lizards, and serpents. These birds are extremely territorial and will very safeguard their nests from burglars. And unlike various other kingfishers, the oriental dwarf does not totally immerse itself in water to run away predators.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

While many kingfisher species mate permanently, it’s unidentified whether the oriental dwarf kingfisher kinds long- term set bonds. Nevertheless, they are probably virginal with one friend throughout the reproducing period. Females lay 3 to 7 eggs, and both sexes take transforms nurturing for 17 to 18 days. The young fledge the nest 18 to 20 days after hatching out. Their ordinary life expectancy is 4 years.


The international oriental dwarf kingfisher population is unidentified and has yet to be measured. Nevertheless, they are in your area called limited, and their population pattern seems reducing as a result of continuous environment devastation.


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