Norwegian Forest

Has a long, thick double coat of fur!
Norwegian Forest Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis catus
Norwegian Forest Physical Characteristics
Brown, Red, Blue, White, Gold, Cream, Silver
14 – 16 years
12 – 20 pounds (adult male), 8 – 18 pounds (adult female)
Norwegian Forest Distribition

The large- boned and greatly furred Norwegian Forest cat is typically incorrect for the likewise developed Maine Coon, however it has a huge individuality all its very own. These cats hit it off with nearly every person, however they’re likewise safety of their region and constantly investigative.

Norwegian Forest Cat Characteristics: What to Know Prior To You Get

If you’re taking into consideration getting a Norwegian Forest Cat, take into consideration these variables prior to making the decision.

  • Wegies are big and energetic cats. Possible pet moms and dads need to either prepare to play or make certain that their brand-new pet has a lot of area to relocate.
  • Their thick layers need routine pet grooming, however wegies often tend to take pleasure in the procedure of being brushed. Or else, their thick hair can come to be twisted and bound.
  • The Norwegian Forest Cat is specifically vulnerable to a problem called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which triggers the heart to expand and can be eventful.

Norwegian Forest Cat Character

The Norwegian Forest is reproduced for some beautiful rough problems, however it hasn’t solidified them. Wegies often tend to be a few of one of the most friendly felines around, and their tendency for bonding carefully with individuals in their home makes them a suitable pet for a family.

That claimed, the heart of a seeker still lives in the breast of the Wegie, and these felines are significant concerning their play. When it concerns going after playthings or laser pointers, a Wegie spends totally in the search. However those very same all-natural reactions make them naturally territorial.

That should not be a trouble for the majority of households, as those territorial perceptiveness primarily materialize as routine patrols. Wegies often tend to be friendly with various other tamed animals, and their energetic individualities enable them to hit it off with young puppies and dogs.

Norwegian Forest Cat Dimension and Weight

A male wegie will commonly consider someplace in between 12 and 20 extra pounds, while females often tend to be rather smaller with a size that varies from 8 to 18 extra pounds. That places the larger participants of this type at approximately 2 times the dimension of the typical cat! You can normally anticipate a completely expanded grown-up to have a size of 12 to 18 inches and an elevation of as much as a foot.

That allows, however it does not triumph for the biggest tamed cat type. A Maine Coon male will generally consider anywhere in between 15 and 26 extra pounds, and Ragdoll cats are likewise recognized for striking weights because array. Stewart Gilligan, the biggest Maine Coon around, determines a complete 48.5 inches from tail to nose.

However even if your wegie does not appear big currently does not imply that it’s not going to obtain there. While cats can normally be taken into consideration to maturate around the moment of their initial birthday celebration, it can occupy to 5 years for a Norwegian Forest Cat to reach its complete dimension.

Young Norwegian forest cat standing in a garden.
Youthful Norwegian forest cat standing in a yard.Elisa Putti/

Norwegian Forest Cat Rate

Norwegian Forest Cats are an usual view in Scandinavia, however they’re still reasonably limited in the USA and various other components of the globe. That deficiency leads to a fairly high price for a Norwegian forest cat with documents. Depending upon specific conditions, an ordinary grown-up wegie will certainly set you back concerning $900 to $1,500.

That’s not making up wegies that are from distinguished pedigrees. The type is reasonably uncommon, which appreciates an excellent family dramatically. You can anticipate to invest as much as $4,000 for a purebred of high supply, as specific dog breeders often tend to hold even more take advantage of than they perform with even more typical types.

However if your primary factor for desiring a wegie is their individuality instead of their documents, sanctuaries and saves can provide even more sensible alternatives. Norwegian forest cats that have actually been reproduced with Maine Coon cats and various other lengthy- hair types prevail and preserve their naughty however caring personalities. The handling charges included with fostering will commonly set you back around $150 to $200.

Simply remember that there could be included costs included with traveling. Considering that wegies are scarce, you might have trouble discovering dog breeders near you. The majority of dog breeders will not publish rates on the internet and might need a waiting checklist, so make certain to do your due persistance as soon as you prepare to include a wegie right into your home.

Norwegian Forest Cat Kitty

Wegie kitties often tend to be a whole lot like wegie grownups– big, lively, and devoted to their humans. Their layers establish early, and a wegie kitty will certainly currently look rather big at 3 months from the quantity of its hair alone. Brushing behaviors need to be created early due to the fact that they’ll remain to be a need throughout life.

Norwegian Forest Cats are extremely interested kitties that such as to obtain as high as feasible and poke via cupboards and cabinets a lot more than the standard cat. Uncommonly, they do not smooth out that high as grownups and preserve that feeling of inquisitiveness and playfulness throughout their whole lives. They can adjust well to kids and various other pets at any type of age, however they create specifically devoted bonds when they’re still kitties.

Like the majority of cats, the wegie will certainly strike the age of puberty around the age of a year– although it can occur as very early as 6 months in some very early bloomers. However even if they have actually struck the age of puberty does not imply they have actually quit expanding. It can take 5 years for a Norwegian Forest Cat to reach its complete dimension.

In regards to trash dimension, Norwegian Forest Cats aren’t specifically various than various other cats. You can anticipate a clutter dimension of 4 kitties usually. While the trash dimension coincides, the kitties themselves are bigger than their typical feline equivalents.

Cute Norwegian Forest Cat kitten playing outside.
Adorable Norwegian Forest Cat kitty having fun exterior.

Norwegian Forest Cat Life-span

The typical life expectancy of the Norwegian Forest Cat isn’t a lot various from that of the standard tamed cat, although it is a little bit narrower and a bit much longer. While an interior cat is normally anticipated an age of in between 10 and 15 years, wegies often tend to live in between 14 and 16 years.

2 variables that silence the life expectancy of this type are their hereditary proneness to heart and kidney illness. Glycogen storage space condition kind IV is a lot more typical in this type than in the typical cat– however although it can be dangerous, it is essential to keep in mind that it’s still extremely uncommon.

Norwegian Forest Cat Type vs. Mixed

The CFA develops lots of requirements for a pure-blooded Norwegian Forest cat– largely their extra-large weight and size, their well- muscled body, and their one-of-a-kind dual layer made to protect versus water. The issue is that their builds and their individuality are extremely similar to the Maine Coon and could be or else equivalent from the typical individual.

That claimed, you should not mark down the reproduction of a Norwegian Forest cat merely due to the fact that it does not have the very same black and white markings that this type is frequently seen with. Wegies are available in a wide range of shades and patterns, and while black or black with white prevail patterns, you’ll likewise discover tortoiseshell, tabby, and smoke wegies.

Norwegian Forest Cat vs. Maine Coon

Even if these 2 cats are frequently misinterpreted for each other does not imply that you can not inform them apart. Norwegian Forest cats have narrower muzzles fit to a triangular nose, while Maine Coons have more comprehensive and a lot more leonine functions. Wegies likewise have tails that are sharp instead of cosy. However the most effective method to establish the distinction in between both might be individuality. Norwegian Forest cats aren’t totally mute, however they’re a lot more soft- talked than the loud and conversational Maine Coon.


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