Norwegian Elkhound

This breed traveled with the Vikings!
Norwegian Elkhound Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Norwegian Elkhound Physical Characteristics
Grey, Black, White, Silver
Norwegian Elkhound Distribition

Pictures of these dogs have actually shown up in old Norse art work. Besides existing n art work, these dogs likewise made their method right into very early Viking tales.

Norwegian Elkhounds are among the earliest dog types in Europe. These dogs are nimble, sharp, and constantly all set for experiences with their family members. Along with being enjoyable family buddies, they are likewise completed guard dogs. The dogs belong to the dog team and rated searching buddies for the Vikings. Although phenomenal searching dogs, they likewise make suitable family buddies.

These dogs are constantly all set to sign up with any kind of experience. They are delicate to their proprietors yet highly independent. The dogs are ideal for family tasks and have a longer life-span. Although there are no crossbreed selections of this type, there are numerous shade choices from black to silver that aid supply different appearances.

3 advantages and disadvantages of owning Norwegian Elkhounds

Pros! Cons!
A rather small type: This type hardly ever surpasses 50 to 60 pounds, making their dimension compact for a searching type. Since they are not as big as some similar dogs, they are fairly simple to handle on a chain when educated. Adapts to various other pets with problem: Norwegian Elkhounds will certainly need a long time to get used to various other animals and typically intend to be the leading dog. Although they typically make pals with various other dogs, they are not cat followers!
They like individuals: These dogs are devoted to and bond carefully with the entire family. These dogs delight in obtaining lots of focus and will not miss cuddling chances. A high fencing- jumper: Norwegian Elkhounds can overcome 6- foot fencings swiftly, regardless of their much shorter elevation. Guidance is essential to maintain these dogs from heading out on a journey.
Perfect dogs for energetic proprietors: Norwegian Elkhounds have a power degree that maintains them in a practically continuous state of movement. If you take pleasure in tasks that take you out right into the open airs, your dog will certainly enjoy to on you. An extremely loud type: Since Norwegian Elkhounds belong to the Dog team, they can be really loud. These dogs will not make the difference in between barking at video game in the area or barking at a passing postal service provider while in your home.
Norwegian Elkhound Close-Up
The Norwegian Elkhound is a best dog for an energetic proprietor with lots of time to dedicate to training.

Norwegian Elkhound Dimension and Weight

The Norwegian Elkhound is thought about a tool- sized dog, with male elevation balancing 20 inches and female elevation balancing 19 inches. The typical weight is 55 pounds. for males and 48 pounds. for females. The dimension follows the typical life-span.

Elevation (Male): 19- 21 inches
Elevation (Female): 18- 20 inches
Weight (Male): 50- 60 pounds
Weight (Female): 40- 55 pounds

Norwegian Elkhound Typical Health And Wellness Issues

This type has a couple of health and wellness concerns that can come with a high rate to deal with. Hip dysplasia is just one of one of the most usual health and wellness concerns that these dogs deal with, an excruciating problem influencing wheelchair. Modern retinal degeneration is a problem that can impact the eyes. Norwegian Elkhounds might likewise be at risk to autoimmune hypothyroidism. Fanconi disorder, a sort of kidney condition, and skin cysts are likewise problems that these dogs are vulnerable to. Obtaining a dog from an accountable dog breeder that evaluates for troubles with the heart and eyes might aid lower the opportunities of your pet establishing these troubles. Simply put, one of the most usual health and wellness concerns that Norwegian Elkhounds face are:

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Modern retinal degeneration
  • Autoimmune hypothyroidism
  • Fanconi disorder
  • Skin cysts

Norwegian Elkhound Character

From the moment they are pups, this type is normally extroverted, independent, safety, and devoted. These dogs are constantly satisfied to be know the activity, with a personality that personifies its enjoyable- caring nature and a troublesome shimmer in its eyes. This type has a solid independent touch, which can make training a bit complicated sometimes.

Norwegian Elkhounds are safety, not allowing also viewed dangers trouble their family members without a battle. Although not hostile, they have a bark that is typically sufficient to motivate a would certainly- be trespasser to steer clear of. These dogs are devoted to their family members, without doubt, and establish solid bonds with all relative.

Exactly How To Look After a Norwegian Elkhound

There are numerous crucial factors to consider for brand-new Norwegian Elkhound proprietors to bear in mind, no matter whether they have dogs from a dog breeder or rescue dogs. Type- certain concerns might vary from preserving an excellent weight to whether a black layer shade needs unique like which problems your veterinarian must evaluate the dog for throughout tests.

Upkeep And Pet Grooming

Norwegian Elkhounds do not drop much however blow their layers 2 or 3 times annual, usually bring about globs of black or silver hair around your home. Cleaning one or two times a week and showering the dog every 6 months will certainly aid maintain the layer tidy. Dog brushes with tight bristles will certainly survive the dog’s hair swiftly. Besides skin cysts, these dogs usually have no considerable layer or skin disease.


These dogs are really smart, with a solid independent touch. Nevertheless, they are fairly simple to educate when making use of benefit- based techniques. Rewards are several of one of the most prominent benefits.


Norwegian Elkhounds need strenuous task daily due to their all-natural power degree. As a result of the type’s task degree and loud bark, these dogs are much better matched to residences with backyards than to houses. A minimum of a stroll a day is advised. Running much shorter ranges in encased locations and playing bring are instances of tasks that are suitable for these dogs, consisting of crossbreed tasks like incorporating bring with a great future.

Norwegian Elkhound Pups

Although not as usual in rescue as numerous various other types, locating a Norwegian Elkhound pup with a rescue is feasible. Since these dogs are so high- power, they are usually an inadequate suitable for individuals without the moment to dedicate to the dog’s training. These pups, particularly, love to obtain their teeth on anything within simple reach. Often, proprietors that get among these dogs hesitate to dedicate the moment to training or pay the rate of an instructor.

Norwegian Elkhound Puppy
The Norwegian Elkhound Pup often tends to eat and nibble on anything they can locate.

Norwegian Elkhound And Kids

Although these are devoted family dogs, they are not always matched to individuals of any ages. These dogs are usually rather harsh in their play, raising the opportunities of wounding a kid. The type does ideal with older youngsters and teenagers.

Dogs similar to Norwegian Elkhound

Similar dog types to the Norwegian Elkhound consist of the Finnish Spitz, German Spitz, and Japanese Spitz.

  • Finnish Spitz— Shares a love of elk searching, a loud bark, and lively nature with the Norwegian Elkhound This dog is rather smaller sized in dimension, nevertheless.
  • German Spitz— A smaller sized choice, the German Spitz shares the thick layer, guard dog characteristics, and thick layer with Norwegian Elkhounds, in addition to a similar shade.
  • Japanese Spitz— Likewise a smaller sized choice to the Norwegian Elkhound, the Japanese Spitz shares solid family commitment, a cosy layer, and a sports construct.

Famous Norwegian Elkhounds

One of the most popular Norwegian Elkhound was Head of state Herbert Hoover’s dog, Weeje, that dealt with him at the White Residence throughout the 1930s. An “X- Documents” episode points out a Norwegian Elkhound that a personality has. The type likewise shows up in When Christ and His Saints Slept by Sharon Kay Penman and Orlando: A Bio by Virginia Woolf.

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