Northern Water Snake

Northern Water Snake Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Nerodia sipedon
Northern Water Snake Physical Characteristics
Grey, Black, Tan, Black-Brown, Grey-Brown
9 years in captivity; unknown in the wild
Northern Water Snake Distribition

The northern water snake is a species of typical water snake that is belonging to The United States and Canada and discovered in the eastern and main areas. It relates to garter snakes. It is called a water snake or an usual water snake. Together with the grouped or southerly water snake, it was presented to The golden state, where it takes on the indigenous huge garter snake.

4 Amazing Northern Water Snake Truths!

  • While it is nonvenomous, it has an awful bite that launches anticoagulant, that makes the injury hemorrhage a whole lot
  • It’s valuable to humans since it eliminates parasites such as mice
  • It just strikes if it is grabbed or endangered, however will certainly attack consistently up until or unless it’s launched
  • It initially runs away right into any kind of neighboring water when endangered

Where To Locate Northern Water Snakes

The place of northern water snakes’ environment array remains in eastern and main The United States and Canada. They are particularly abundant in southeast Canada and the northeastern USA. Making their environment on shores and near lakes, they make use of beaver and muskrat dens for sanctuary. They appear after their wintertime hibernation, where they interact socially throughout the springtime and autumn and are singular throughout the summertime. The breeding period is from April via June.

Scientific Name

The northern water snake remains in the snake family Colubridae, which has 249 category and suggests “snake” in Latin. Its genus, Nerodia, consists of nonvenomous water snakes. There are 9 species in Nerodia and they’re all belonging to The United States and Canada. The scientific name of the northern water snake is Nerodia sipedon

The Various Sorts Of Northern Water Snake

There are 4 subspecies of typical water snakes, consisting of the northern water snake. The various other 3 are as adheres to:

  • Lake Erie water snake ( N.s. insularum): which resides in the rough coastlines and high cliffs of the American and Canadian islands in western Lake Erie
  • Midland water snake ( N.s. pleuralis): which resides in the main and southerly USA
  • Carolina water snake ( N.s. williamengelsi): which resides in North and South Carolina

Population & Conservation Status

According to the IUCN, the northern water snake population is steady and detailed asLeast Concern A subspecies called the Lake Erie watersnake was endangered in 1999 because of being eliminated by humans, environment loss, and deterioration. Nonetheless, the intrusive species of the round goby was presented, ending up being approximately 90% of its diet, and the snake recuperated sufficient to where the USA Fish and Wild animals Solution eliminated its endangered condition in 2011.

Appearance and Summary

Due to its shallow appearance of a tool to plus size, thick body, dark spots, and being water, the northern water snake is typically perplexed for the poisonous cottonmouth and the copperhead, although it is nonvenomous. It is additionally perplexed for the nonvenomous brown water snake and the banded water snake. Therefore, recognition is via physical functions and family member dimension instead of shades. Recognition from the cottonmouth originates from the northern water snake’s longer, thinner body, a level head as large as the neck, round students, and absence of warm- picking up pits, fangs, and poison glands.

Just how to determine northern water snakes:

  • A dimension of approximately 4.5 feet in size consisting of the tail, however approximately 2 feet 8 inches for females and 2 feet 3.5 inches for males
  • A weight of 5.5- 14.5 ounces for females and 2.9- 5.4 ounces for males
  • Tan, red- brownish, brownish, grey, brown- black, red- purple, or black shades on and approximately totally black bodies
  • Brown, red- brownish, black, or dark environment-friendly smudges on its body
  • Dark crossbands on the neck
  • Lotion, yellow, or grey stomach with black and red fifty percent- moon areas in different patterns
  • Child snakes are lighter in shade than grownups


Northern water snakes are typically incorrect as being a copperhead or Doug Gordon

The northern water snake has a level head that is as large as its IcemanJ

The northern water snake rises to 4.5 feet in manuellacoste

Poison: Just How Hazardous Are They?

These snakes do not pursue humans and assault them unless they are endangered or dealt with. They are neither harmful neither poisonous, however the realities regarding them reveal that they launch a solid- scenting musk and have effective jaws that can provide extreme attacks over and over. It additionally launches an anticoagulant that makes the injury hemorrhage a whole lot. If you are attacked by one, deal with the injury and look for clinical focus if the bite is serious or establishes an infection.

Actions and Humans

Throughout the wintertime, northern water snakes enter into hibernation. Individuals typically discover them sunbathing on rocks, tree stumps, and brush throughout the warmer months. They are energetic both throughout the day and evening. It does not look for fight with individuals and various other animals however will strongly attack if endangered or dealt with. Some individuals take pleasure in these snakes for being a type of organic insect control.


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