Northern Screamer

They are closely related to magpie geese
Northern Screamer Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Chauna Chavaria
Northern Screamer Physical Characteristics
Grey, Red, Black, White
1,500 to 7,000
15 to 35 years
Northern Screamer Distribition

The northern screamer is brought in to seasonally swamped levels.

The northern screamer, likewise called the black- necked screamer, is a water bird native to the island to little South American areas. Its restricted variety places it in jeopardy for environment loss and contamination, and finding among these birds is an unusual reward. They are durable birds with distinct coloring that develop set bonds and potentially mate permanently. Discover every little thing there is to find out about this unusual screamer, consisting of where you can locate them and exactly how to recognize them.

5 Incredible Northern Screamer Realities

  • The northern screamer populates the marshes of Colombia and Venezuela.
  • They are carefully pertaining to magpie geese.
  • They are fairly inactive, and you usually locate them set down on the tops of trees.
  • These birds are extremely singing, however their telephone calls are loud and unharmonious.
  • Northern errors are “near threatened” because of their proceeding environment loss.

Where to Locate the Northern Screamer

The northern screamer has a reasonably little variety, just living in Northern Colombia and Northwestern Venezuela. You can locate them in marshes in lowland exotic woodlands, such as marshes, shallows, swamps, well- decayed lakes, and river financial institutions. These birds are likewise brought in to swamped levels throughout the wet period. To locate them, pay attention for their loud, unharmonious telephone calls and want to the tops of trees or near the water where they forage.

Northern Screamer Nest

Both moms and dads aid in developing their nest, which is normally drifting plant life secured amongst marsh plant life in superficial water. They might likewise put it on the completely dry ground beside the water. Their set constructs it by discovering particles and plant life around the nesting website, such as sticks, reeds, and weeds. When finished, the nest appears like a freely created round form.

Scientific Name

The northern screamer ( Chauna Chavarria) remains in the Anseriformes order, which includes 180 species of waterfowl. And its family, Anhimidae, stands for the errors, 3 South American bird species. The Chauna genus makes up the northern and southerly errors in South America’s marshes.

Dimension, Appearance, and Actions

The northern screamer is a huge, strong bird carefully pertaining to magpie geese. This stout bird expands in between 30 and 36 inches, however we do not understand its weight or wingspan. Their bodies are grayish- black with white touches, and their crown and neck are black with a wide white red stripe throughout their chin. Its legs and feet are red- pink, and it has an unique red eye ring. They have little, addicted costs, solid legs, and partly webbed feet. They likewise have 2 sharp wing stimulates, which they make use of to prevent predators (although their predators are unidentified). Females are smaller sized than males however attribute similar quill. While they do not practically shout, northern screamers make reduced, throaty audios that look like barking.

These birds are diurnal and like to invest their days setting down on tree tops and noisally announcing their area. This species kinds set bonds and might mate permanently. Friends make set contacts us to develop their bond and will certainly do various other courtship display screens like strolling alongside, making reduced, program audios, and preening. Sets remain with each other throughout the reproducing period, however after, they might develop little teams. This species is generally earthbound however are excellent fliers and can rapidly reach the tree tops.

Pair of northern screamers in a forest
Northern errors are grayish- black with white touches. They have wide black and white bands on their necks and heads and a red beak and eye ring.CC BY- SA 2.0.– Permit


The northern screamer consumes a vegan diet, feeding practically specifically on plant issue.

What Does the Northern Screamer Eat?

This species consumes water plant life like origins, stems, yards, and seeds. They will periodically eat insects, however they are not a normal component of their diet. The northern screamer searches for food by grazing or excavating with its expense.

Predators, Risks, and Conservation Status

According to the IUCN, the northern screamer is a “near threatened” species. As a matter of fact, it practically fulfills the requirement for “endangered” condition. It has a reasonably little population that remains to decrease at a stable rate. They have actually experienced a loss of environment because of wetland draining pipes, pipe and roadway building, urbanization, and mangrove cutting. This species is likewise vulnerable to searching, egg accumulating, residential and commercial contamination, and sewer.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

The northern screamer can reproduce in its setting year- round, however the height reproducing period takes place in October and November. Reproducing sets are singular and develop their nest with each other. Females lay 3 to 5 yellow-colored- white eggs, and both moms and dads take transforms breeding for 42 to 44 days. Their young are birthed in a sophisticated state and leave the nest right away after hatching out, where they succeed their moms and dads. They remain predominately in the water till they can fly and fledge within 8 to 10 weeks after hatching out. This species is totally independent at 12 to 14 weeks. These birds have lengthy life expectancies and can live in between 15 and 35 years.


The IUCN approximates the northern screamer population to be in between 1,500 and 7,000 fully grown people. This species does not experience any kind of severe changes or fragmentations in its numbers, however its population is lowering. They are undergoing a sluggish and constant decrease because of environment loss, egg accumulating, and searching.

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