Northern Flicker

Northern Flickers often make their homes in dead trees.
Northern Flicker Scientific Classification
Scientific name
C. Auratus
Northern Flicker Physical Characteristics
Brown, Fawn, Red, Black
6 to 9 years
3-5.9 ounces
Northern Flicker Distribition

Unlike you would certainly get out of a woodpecker, the Northern Flicker locates the majority of its food on the ground.

You have actually most likely seen these huge, brownish woodpeckers if you stay in The United States and Canada, where they make their house. Unlike many woodpeckers, these birds invest a great deal of time on the ground, as they eat primarily ants and beetles. These bugs obtain collected with the woodpecker’s a little rounded costs from the dirt.

4 Incredible Northern Flicker Realities

  • Ground- Home. Unlike many woodpeckers, the Northern Flicker locates the majority of their food on the ground, which mostly consists of ants and beetles.
  • A Couple Of Species? Initially, the Northern Flicker was taken into consideration 2 various species, as they can be found in 2 various pigmentations. Nevertheless, among these pigmentations was later on uncovered to be a hybridization with the Gilded Flicker.
  • Occasionally Moving. Several of these birds move, however others do not. It relies on the area. Throughout the majority of the united state, these birds remain year- round.
  • Drumming Interaction. Like various other woodpeckers, these birds drum on trees to connect. When you hear them drumming, they aren’t seeking food. They’re chatting with various other woodpeckers.

Where to Discover the Northern Flicker

You can discover the Northern Flicker throughout the USA. In these locations, the bird remains year- round essentially. Nevertheless, in Texas and a few other southerly locations, these birds move to various other locations to reproduce.

In Canada and Alaska, the birds remain throughout the springtime and summer season for reproducing functions. Nevertheless, they move to southerly locations in the winter season, as they can not discover food in these cooler areas.

These birds are likewise discovered in some Mexican areas. Nevertheless, they generally move north for reproducing in the summer season and springtime.

Northern Flicker Nests

Northern Flickers nest in a similar way to various other woodpeckers. As a matter of fact, they are occasionally discovered utilizing old nesting openings developed by various other woodpeckers. Or else, they produce their very own openings in dead or unhealthy tree trunks. In various locations, they prefer various trees.

Nests are generally around 6- 15 feet off the ground. Nevertheless, they can be as high as 100 feet high.

Both sexes assist dig deep into the nests. Generally, the entryway opening has to do with 3- inches in size. Nevertheless, the dental caries has to do with 13- 16 inches deep. The dental caries is bigger near the bottom to permit the grown-up to rest on the eggs. Nevertheless, the dental caries is bare essentially, though timber chips are left in the red.

Northern Flicker Scientific Name

Northern Flickers remain in the Colaptes genus. This genus has 14 various species. Most of these birds are much more earthbound than various other woodpeckers. As a result, it isn’t weird to discover them on the ground.

All woodpeckers come from the bigger Picidae family. This family has all woodpeckers. These woodpeckers are discovered worldwide, consisting of in New Zealand and Australia. As a result, it is a rather broad- varying family.

Northern Flicker Dimension, Appearance & Habits

Grownups Northern Flickers are brownish with black bars on their wings. Northern Flickers action around 11- 14 inches and have a wingspan of 17- 21 inches. Their body mass can differ extensively, though they are generally in between 3 to 5.9 ounces.

In the northern locations, their body dimension is normally bigger. You’ll discover the biggest birds in Alaska, as an example. The tiniest samplings get on Grand Cayman Island.

These birds have black spots on their top busts. Nevertheless, their reduced bust and tummy are off-white with black areas. Males have black or red stripes at the base of their beaks. The top of the tail is leading in both sexes.

Northern Flicker
Northern Flickers are recognized by their off-white bodies with black areas.FotoRequest/Shutterstock. com

Northern Flicker Diet

Northern Flickers eat even more bugs and insects than lots of various other woodpeckers.

What Do Northern Flickers Eat?

These Northern Flickers eat primarily insects. Their faves are ants and beetles, which they collect from the ground. Nevertheless, they will certainly likewise eat fruits and seeds– particularly in the winter season.

These woodpeckers generally hammer the dirt, where they discover ants under the ground. Their tongues can dart out as lots of as 2- inches, which assists them discover the ant larvae they enjoy.

Various other bugs generally consumed consist of flies, moths, and snails.

Northern Flickers Predators, Hazards, and Conservation Status

Northern Flickers are incredibly extensive and generally discovered throughout the USA. Nevertheless, their numbers are practically lowering by regarding 1.2% annually. Gradually, this has actually brought about a substantial decrease for many years.

What Consumes Northern Flickers?

Young nests are incredibly vulnerable to predators Squirrels, snakes, and raccoons can rob nests and eat eggs or child birds.

Nevertheless, grown-up birds aren’t especially vulnerable to predation. Nevertheless, they are occasionally pursued by predators. Cooper’s hawks and sharp- shinned hawks are one of the most typical.

Reproduction, Youthful, and Molting

These woodpeckers reproduce throughout much of their array. Extremely few of their population move for reproducing functions. They reproduce in the tooth cavities of trees. Nevertheless, they will certainly likewise utilize blog posts and birdhouses if they are proper. They favor to excavate their very own house, nevertheless.

It takes around 2 weeks for a mated set to develop their nest. Generally, their clutches are in between 6 to 8 eggs. Their eggs are the 2nd- biggest woodpecker eggs in The United States and Canada. Incubation takes around 11- 12 days, and each sex nurtures the eggs.

The young are fed for around 15 to 28 days. Afterwards, they leave the nest.


Presently, the approximated reproducing population has to do with 12 million. This population places the type at a reduced preservation worry. Nevertheless, they population is presently lowering by regarding 1.2% annually.

As a result, they might end up being endangered in the species.


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