Nebelung Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Felis Catus
Nebelung Physical Characteristics
Grey, Silver
13 to 16 years
seven to 15lbs
Nebelung Distribition

” In German, words Nebelung implies ‘animal of the haze’.”

Nebelung Characteristics: What to Know prior to You Purchase

Although they are acknowledged by TICA as their type, Nebelung cats are basically much longer- haired Russian blues. They have the Russian blue cat’s layer shade of blue- grey with silver ideas, yet with tool- lengthy hairs of a dual layer.

The Nebelung is an instead brand-new type, coming from America throughout the 1980s. A cat proprietor called Cora Cobb of Colorado appreciated the gorgeous tool- lengthy grey layer of among her male Russian blue- kind and female shorthair black cats’ spawn. She maintained this kitty from their very first trash and called him Seigfried after a personality in a Wagner opera. Cora kept in mind Seigfried’s distinctly pleasant, mild, and dedicated nature and gorgeous body qualities she had actually not seen in her various other cats. To pass these caring and appealing characteristics of Seigfried’s on, Cobb later on reproduced the man with a similar tool- lengthy layer female from a 2nd trash with the very same moms and dads. That female was called Brunhilde, additionally after a personality in the Wagner opera. The outcome of these 2 special moms and dads is the family acknowledged as Nebelung today.

The cat type’s name Nebelung is German and implies “animals of the haze.” They have long, muscle and sports bodies with somewhat sharp heads. Their temples are straight and nose ideas superficial with a concave contour. The cats’ ears are big and sharp with environment-friendly to yellow- environment-friendly eyes established extensively apart. It is the type’s layer that very first makes them stand apart. Their wonderfully abundant, blue- grey, and glossy tool- long dual layers are totally established by their 2nd year of life. Men generally have a lot more neck ruff than females, like their far-off feline relatives the lions.

Being a Nebelung cat proprietor implies having brushing and treatment duties special to the species. Both males and females require once a week cleaning to guarantee they do not establish matting. Although they are not specifically clingy, Nebelungs do not such as way of living adjustments or regular interruptions such as when house- based proprietors return to workplace- based job or college. They can come to be distressed otherwise well- interacted socially as a kitty.

The type is healthy and balanced on the whole with no significant acquired illness. However they can come to be picky concerning their food and also ruined eaters. This can bring about excessive weight and weight- relevant illness. Or else, when well looked after, they commonly live as long as 18 years.


Nebelungs are loved for their caring, caring, dedicated, and pleasant individualities. They are mild yet spirited, making them a best friend for member of the family of any ages. These smart cats very closely bond with their proprietors.

Their dedication to their humans commonly leads these cats to adhere to member of the family around your home. They just appreciate understanding what their individuals are doing and like to be component of the activity, also simply by observing. They are lap cats that appreciate being spoiled and cuddled. In a family setup, the Nebelung commonly picks a couple of favored humans with whom they bond most very closely.

The type really feels most positive and safe and secure within a well- recognized regimen. They do not such as adjustment and need time to adapt to relocating from one home to one more, the enhancement of brand-new member of the family, or various other interruptions. Throughout such adjustments, it is very important to reveal your Nebelung great deals of love and love to comfort them that all is well!

The Nebelung individuality connects well with cat pals they can live and have fun with in the very same home. If your Russian blue longhair type deals with current adjustments, it is commonly a great concept to locate a suitable cat bro or sibling they can befriend and appreciate.

You will hardly ever hear your Nebelung meowing. They are a soft- talked type that generally just pronounces when something is wrong in their globe such as when the can requires cleansing or their food meal is vacant.

When site visitors pertain to the house, the longhaired Russian blues generally conceal under a bed or maintain themselves at a secure range. Or else, they are very caring and love to participate in have fun with their liked ones.

Nebelungs create terrific family buddies.mama_mia/

Dimension and Weight

Nebelung cats are moderate dimension in physical construct, generally just considering from 7 to 15 extra pounds at an elevation of 9 to 13 inches. They are much longer than shorthair Russian blue cats, among their beginning types. Their legs, tail, neck, and body all have longer or broader dimensions than the famous Russian blues. Males and females do not differ extensively in dimension or weight. However, similar to a lot of cats, males can be somewhat bigger, especially after sterilizing. Males additionally commonly have lion- like neck ruff that distinguishes them from females and provides a somewhat bolder appearance.


As a result of their lengthy blue- grey layers, brilliant environment-friendly eyes, and pleasant, mild personalities, Nebelung cats remain in high need. This need influences their cost. However additionally since they are a fairly brand-new residential cat type acknowledged by numerous reproducing organizations, they are difficult to locate. This implies they are not generally located in animal sanctuaries or rescue facilities for pet fostering and possible proprietors need to locate a reliable dog breeder.

If you are fortunate sufficient to locate among this type’s gorgeous cats in a sanctuary, you will generally pay a cost of anywhere from $50 to $200 for fostering. However if you buy one from a reliable dog breeder, you can anticipate in advance prices of in between $600 and $1200. It is very important to be skeptical of individuals offering so- called Nebelung cats on the net unless they have documents suggesting the cat’s authenticity as a participant of this type. Lots of tool- lengthy- haired pets are provided on numerous websites under the type, yet long hair alone does not make the cat a Nebelung There are numerous various other characteristics certain to the type and determining their cost, from their caring and mild individuality to their knowledge and vital physical qualities.

Among one of the most crucial type truths is that having a Nebelung is commonly a lot more costly than having various other types of cats, especially shorthair types. Not just do they have the regular food, brushing, and veterinarian treatment prices related to any kind of cat’s possession, yet they additionally need some unique treatment and interest. Their lengthy layers need once a week cleaning to stop tangles that bring about matting. They often require to see a groomer for thinning of the layer, matting elimination, or a total cut to expand a fresh layer.

Participants of this type are commonly fussy eaters. Your brand-new cat might include costly preference, transforming its nose approximately regular cat food and desiring a much more pricey brand name. The typical proprietor pays in between $120 and $150 monthly for their food, deals with, and wellness supplements suggested by a vet. These cats are additionally delicate concerning the treatment and maintenance of their can, so you need to be prepared to carry the expense of their recommended brand name.

Regular vet treatment and various other wellness prices for a participant of this type variety in between $50 and $120 each year.


Kittycats of the type are amongst the prettiest you can locate in the cat globe! They are cosy, pleasant, and spirited. Their extensively established environment-friendly eyes make them look like smart and interested as they are, anxious to absorb the globe around them.

Kittenhood is a vital time in any kind of Nebelung’s life as the fluff rounds require very early socializing and taking care of to guarantee they are not distressed or shy cats. Naturally, the species is recognized for going to conceal in various spaces or under beds when site visitors enter their domain names. However being around various other residential cats, individuals and pets is an excellent concept to aid suppress their all-natural shyness. Social direct exposure can additionally make sure the humans they like to obtain a lot of lap- time snuggles for which the type is recognized.

Among the prettiest characteristics of Nebelung kitties is their silent little meow. The type is recognized for being quieter than numerous various other sorts of cats. Throughout their life times, these cats have a tendency to “talk” just when they require to emphasize such as when their water dish or food meal is vacant. However as kitties, their pleasant voices have a tendency to be extremely soft and silent. Some will certainly pronounce in soft little squeaks as they find out exactly how to connect.

Like the grownups, the type’s kitties are tool- sized when contrasted to various other cat types. However there is no refuting the unique cuteness of their irresistibly cosy blue- grey layer.

Life Expectancy

This type of cats generally lives long, healthy and balanced lives since the residential type has yet to get any kind of acquired illness. This implies that their life-span is mostly figured out by exactly how their proprietors take care of them and various other variables. While a lot of live in between 13 to 16 years, it is not unusual for participants of this type to live 18 years. Some have also- aged to 20 or older.

Nebelung Type vs. Mixed

Although their most recognizable attribute is their tool- long blue- grey hair, a Nebelung has numerous various other crucial characteristics certain to their species. If they are not from this type, they might be a blended type or participant of one more tool- lengthy family like the Asian Longhair. The Asian longhair is commonly incorrect as a Nebelung and vice- versa since both types can have similar grey layers.

Among one of the most crucial truths to keep in mind concerning their physical appearance and verify a cat is a Nebelung is the existence of extensively- established environment-friendly eyes. established type requirements for the Nebelung and keeps in mind that some participants of the cat type have yellow- environment-friendly eyes throughout their kitty stage. These grow in shade by the age of 2 years. Back then, you can keep in mind an environment-friendly halo that develops around the student and general environment-friendly shade.

The type’s layer is completely blue- grey and tool- long. If a kitty or cat has spots of various other shades or a non- grey layer, it is potentially a blended cat, an Asian longhair, Balinese, Javanese, Himalayan, or various other types. Various other layer characteristics that can make the type less complicated to determine are the silver ideas on heaven- grey hairs that provide the cat’s layer a shimmery, hazy appearance.


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