Muscovy Duck

Unlike most duck species, the Muscovy is silent and only makes noise when excited or threatened.
Muscovy Duck Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cairina moschata
Muscovy Duck Physical Characteristics
Blue, Black, White, Green, Purple, Chocolate
8 to 12 years
6 to 15 pounds
Muscovy Duck Distribition

The Muscovy duck is well acknowledged by its vibrant pink fleshy pores and skin (caruncle) surrounding its eyes. This curious-trying chook initially inhabited tropical areas however has advanced to thrive in temperatures as little as 10°F.

Muscovy geese have offered sustenance to South American households for many years with their meat and eggs. Nevertheless, feral colonies have popped up through the years in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Europe, and america.

Three Unbelievable Muscovy Duck Details!

  • Muscovy geese have a mean lifespan of eight to 12 years, however in captivity, they will dwell so long as 20 years.
  • These geese don’t make a variety of noise. In contrast to different geese, they may solely make a sound when attacked or overly excited.
  • In the event that they get excited or really feel threatened, their tails will begin to wag persistently. As well as, the males would possibly make a hissing or puffing noise.

The place to Discover the Muscovy Duck

Muscovy geese originated in quite a few Central American and South American international locations together with, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Nevertheless, feral breeding colonies have popped up in america, particularly in Massachusetts, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Northern territories up into Canada.

As well as, they’re present in gardens and parks throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. They will thrive in a various quantity of habitats and will be present in wetlands, swamps, streams, grasslands, forests, lakes, rivers, and agricultural areas.


These thrifty geese construct their nests in hollows or chambers of outdated timber, between 10-65 ft above the bottom. Nevertheless, typically they may nest in thick vegetation on the bottom near water. Females will usually nest in the identical location their complete lives.

Muscovy Duck Scientific Name

Muscovy geese’ scientific identify is Caira moschata, they usually belong to the Order Anseriformes, which consists of 180 species of waterfowls. They type a part of the Family Anatidae that features aquatic birds like:

  • Ducks
  • Geese
  • Swans

Members of Anatidae are unfold over every continent besides Antarctica. They’re tailored for floating, swimming, and in a number of instances, diving in shallow water.

There are 174 species in 43 genera inside this household. Their frequent identify is the Muscovy duck, however they’re also called the Musky duck or Barbary duck.

Muscovy geese solely have one subspecies known as the home Muscovy duck ( C.m. domestica).

Dimension and Appearance

The Muscovy duck is a big chook with a wingspan of as much as 64 inches. They’re fairly hefty and might weigh as much as 15 kilos. Nevertheless, females are smaller and weigh between 6 to 7 kilos. They’ve a large and lengthy physique with males measuring round 30 inches and outspread, flat tails.

As a result of the females are lighter, they’re higher flyers. Males wrestle to get off the bottom due to their hefty our bodies. So captive females must have their wings clipped to cease them from escaping.

Muscovy geese are usually black and white, however there are a number of variations, together with:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • Inexperienced
  • White
  • Bronze
  • Lavender
  • Rippled
  • Barred

The males’ black feathers change colour when the daylight hits them, however like many chook species, the females are muted and boring. It is because they should mix into their environment whereas they’re sitting on their nest.

Muscovy geese’ head is their most distinctive function with their darkish pink/ black facial masks and vibrant pink caruncles, which develop faster in males than females.

As well as, the caruncles are extra colourful and canopy a bigger space on the males. One other distinctive function of the grownup males is the reddish-black knob on the base of their invoice.

Each sexes have a crest of erectile feathers on their heads, which they elevate when nervous or excited. Nevertheless, males have extra outstanding crests, which type a part of their mating ritual. Their eyes are brownish-yellow and have a nictitating membrane that helps them see underwater.

One other distinctive function is their webbed ft that finish in lengthy claws, which permits them to perch in timber. That is why they coined the nickname “higher wooden duck.” Lastly, their legs and ft are black in colour.

male vs female muscovy duck
Male muscovy geese have extra pronounced caruncles than Toleikis

Migration Sample and Timing

Muscovy geese don’t migrate. Nevertheless, throughout droughts, they may transfer from their inland habitat to swamps and coastal lagoons.

Conduct, Reproduction, and Molting

Muscovy geese are diurnal birds that don’t migrate. However, they’re fast and agile animals that roost in timber at evening to keep away from predators. They spend their days fussing in shallow water and grazing on the bottom.

These geese are social and can typically dwell in pairs and small teams. Nevertheless, males are territorial, particularly when preventing over meals and mates, and each sexes will be extremely aggressive.

Females do struggle one another, however not as typically as males. Surprisingly, females will peck at their ducklings in the event that they attempt to eat from the identical meals supply.

Muscovy geese talk by elevating and decreasing their heads, wagging their tails, and making noises that embrace quacks and hisses. Males’ calls are low and breathy, whereas females make a trilling coo.


These uncommon geese are omnivores, and their preferences embrace:

  • Plant Materials
  • Small Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Reptiles
  • Crustaceans
  • Insects
  • Millipedes


Muscovy geese don’t mate for all times; they’re polygamous, which implies that there’s one male that mates with a number of females of their territory. Different animals that follow this mating habits are:

  • Bengal Tigers
  • Elephants Seals
  • Gorillas
  • Noticed Hyenas
  • Widespread pheasants
  • Hamadryas Baboons
  • Elk
  • Pink-Winged Prinias

Muscovy geese’ mating season happens between August to Might, and females can lay between 8 to 16 white eggs. They construct their nests in crevices and hollows and incubate their eggs for 35 days. Females take nice care of their eggs and solely go away the nest as soon as a day to eat, drink water, and bathe.

Ducklings are born absolutely developed, however it will probably typically take 24 hours to interrupt by their shells. Their mom teaches them the way to feed instantly, they usually eat grass, corn, bugs, and grains of their first weeks, however something that crosses their paths is honest sport.

The males will typically watch over the brood for just a few weeks and chaperone them when in search of meals, all the time protecting a watchful eye. Ducklings attain their independence round 60 to 70 days, and females attain sexual maturity at 28 weeks. Nevertheless, males mature one week later at 29 weeks outdated.


These geese dwell lengthy lives that vary between 8 to 12 years within the wild. Nevertheless, in captivity, muscovy geese can dwell for 20 years.


In contrast to most duck species, the Muscovy is silent and solely makes noise when excited or threatened. Females make a quiet trilling coo whereas the males set free a low, calm, breathy name. As well as, in the event that they really feel threatened, they make a hissing and puffing sound.

Predators, Threats, and Conservation Status

Muscovy geese must be careful for hazard the place ever they go. Within the wild, they make nice meals for predators like:

  • Herons
  • Owls
  • Massive reptiles
  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Minks
  • Skunks
  • Foxes

And home geese have to fret about canine and cats as nicely.

Population Threats

The most important risk to Muscovy geese is habitat loss resulting from deforestation. Different threats are searching, egg-gathering, and hybridization with home birds.

Muscovy geese are listed as Least Concern on IUCN’s Redlist and have a inhabitants dimension between 50,000 to 499,999 people. Nevertheless, their quantity has decreased through the years due to habitat loss.

Muscovy Duck Ecological Area of interest

Muscovy geese play a important position of their ecosystems as predators of terrestrial and water vegetation and animals, making them pivotal in inhabitants management. As well as, they’re a meals supply for predators of their habitat.


Numerous Native American tribes in North America had domesticated the Muscovy duck by the point Columbus arrived within the Bahamas. Then, within the 16th century, just a few of them have been transported to Europe on the ship Santa Maria.

Now, they commerce beneath the identify “Barbary duck” and are very fashionable as a result of their mildly gamey meat is paying homage to roast beef with the veal’s tenderness.

Their colour typically determines their style. For instance, white muscovy geese are sought-after as a result of their meat tastes the most effective, whereas darker geese have extra melanin within the pores and skin, which will be unappealing.

Muscovy Ducks as Pets

Muscovy geese are very calm and peaceable, in order that they make nice pets. Nevertheless, they want a water supply to outlive. So in case you’re pondering of taking up a Muscovy, that you must present them with a pond or lake with an abundance of timber surrounding the physique of water.

However that’s not all; the timber must be large enough to have chambers or hollows within the trunk the place the geese can construct their nest. Fortunately, in addition they thrive in nesting containers if the timber aren’t appropriate.

They don’t like bodily interplay with people and are greater than able to find their very own meals. Nevertheless, you may present them with mineral dietary supplements and all-function nutritional vitamins to make sure they’re wholesome. However, all the time examine together with your native veterinarian earlier than giving any dietary supplements to make sure they’re secure. Fortunately, Muscovy geese are much less prone to ailments than different duck species.

Well being Points

Muscovy geese are usually wholesome. Nevertheless, a research performed in Colombia revealed that these geese do have one well being concern. They’re extra prone to Plasmodium and Haemoproteus parasites that each thrive in tropical temperatures. Fortunately, these parasites are zoonotic, which implies they aren’t dangerous to people.

As well as, they’re victims to worms and lice, however that shouldn’t be an issue with the right medicines. One other concern is duck plague, which is an acute illness with a excessive mortality price. Luckly, there’s a vaccine out there in america.


Muscovy geese are omnivores who eat crops and prey on different animals. Subsequently, ducklings want a particular food plan of all flock feed with added brewer’s yeast. Additionally they take pleasure in a mix of grass, corn, and grains. As they mature, juveniles will start to eat bugs, crustaceans, and slugs together with the adults.

All grownup Muscovy geese want is all flock feed, and they’ll scavenge the remaining themselves from the backyard and physique of water.

When you have a pest drawback, Muscovy geese are a superb pet to have as a result of they may eat all of the flies, slugs, termites, and snails.

However if you wish to spoil them, you can provide them chopped lettuce, recent greens, pesticide-free grass, and corn.

Setting Up a Coop and Roaming

Muscovy geese like a excessive space for roosting,so your coop must have sturdy perches. Good companions embrace chickens, who take to each other with these quiet geese.

If you happen to don’t have perches in your coop, you may add massive hen type nesting containers, which can work completely, however how massive ought to the field be?

The most effective dimension nesting containers for Muscovy geese could be two ft excessive and 18 inches extensive and deep. When you have two or extra of those massive geese, leaving the highest of the field open could be useful to allow them to nest collectively.

You’ll be able to’t maintain muscovy geese within the coop on a regular basis. They want time to take pleasure in free ranging and can take this chance to chase pests and scavange the realm surrounding the water for larvae, crustaceans, and plant roots.

If they aren’t set free to roam, they may make their discontent identified and can thrive if allowed to graze outdoors the coop.

If letting them roam free is just not an possibility, you may maintain them in a run, however they want area the place ever they’re. At a minimal, they want 15 sq. ft and a few kind of water supply.

They typically fall sufferer to canine, raccoons, foxes and cats, so guarantee they’re all the time in a safe space the place predators can’t get to them.


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