Females lay up to 5 million eggs at one time in warm, shallow and salty waters
Milkfish Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Chanos chanos
Milkfish Physical Characteristics
Blue, White, Green, Silver
Milkfish production exceeds 1.1 million tons per year
Up to 15 years
Up to 35 pounds
Milkfish Distribition

Milkfish, whose various other names consist of Bandeng and Bangos, are the last staying living species of the Chanidae family.

5 various other previous category are currently extinct. This team of fish days completely back to the Very early Cretaceous duration in Planet’s background. It has actually wandered the cozy, exotic waters of what are currently the Indian and Pacific Oceans for greater than 140 million years.

The milkfish’s qualities consist of a blue top with silvery sides and a white base that twinkles in the water. Its various other distinct attribute is its vast and deeply forked tail. These animals commonly get to sizes approximately 6 feet and evaluate in between 17 and 35 extra pounds.

This fish is prominent in Asia for its white and tender flesh and is an essential resource of nourishment. Therefore, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines have actually been reproducing and elevating these fish for greater than 500 years. Therefore, the milkfish is not in danger of coming to be endangered presently.

5 Milkfish Truths

  • There is a milkfish event in Taiwan yearly and a gallery committed to the fish on the island.
  • Native Hawaiians like to utilize this fish, which they describe as Awa, in standard dishes
  • Tank farming techniques in Indonesia, Taiwan, and the Philippines elevate greater than 1.1 million lots of milkfish annually.
  • Female milkfish can disable to 5 million eggs at once throughout the generating period.
  • The golden state attempted, yet fell short, to present the milkfish right into neighborhood fish ponds and freshwater lakes in 1877.

Milkfish Classification and Scientific Name

Today’s milkfish is the last making it through participant of the Chanidae family. It comes from the Chanos genus and its scientific name is Chanos chanos

Over the centuries given that the milkfish’s forefathers initially showed up 140 million years earlier, there have actually been 5 various other category of species in the Chanidae family. These extinct category consist of

  • † Gordichthys,
  • † Nanaichthys
  • † Rubiesichthys
  • † Dastilbe,
  • † Parachanos

All the Chanidae fish species, consisting of the milkfish, are bonier and thornier than several various other existing- day fish species.

Milkfish Species

There are just one living species of milkfish on the planet today. This animal is called Chanos chanos It stays in exotic areas within the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Its various other usual names consist of Bandeng and Bangos.

Milkfish Appearance

The milkfish’s vital qualities consist of a shiny blue and silver shade that stands out from several various other fish. They additionally have a noticeable fork in their tail and a muscle body. They can get to 6 feet and evaluate 35 extra pounds or even more when completely expanded.

These fish have no teeth, which indicates they survive on plants and various other soft invertebrates near the coast where they make their environments. Surprisingly, they do not have noticable sex body organs, which indicates it can be challenging to determine male and female samplings in the wild.

Milkfish in fish farm industry of Thailand

Milkfish Distribution, Population, and Environment

These animals favor cozy, exotic waters that are greater than 85 levels Fahrenheit. Therefore, they are often located in the Indian and Pacific Oceans near islands or reef.

They are often observed in the wild around Hawaii, the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Vietnam. They favor superficial water and generally swim in colleges in between one and 100 meters from the water’s surface area.

As grownups, they additionally seek fresh fish ponds, tidewaters or rivers with excellent resources of algae as their perfect environment. Nevertheless, they require to generate in salted water and the young milkfish, described as french fries, swim out right into deep sea where zooplankton is a lot more numerous.

Milkfish Predators and Target

Bangos are most vulnerable when they remain in the egg, larvae or fry (i.e., adolescent) advancement phase. Its most usual killer is the Tarpon, a huge meat-eating fish species additionally usual in Indo- Pacific waters.

Ladyfish, additionally called Tenpounders, are an additional species recognized to prey upon the young bandeng. Nevertheless, Tenpounders generally just get to 3 feet long and an optimum weight of 20 extra pounds. Therefore, they are not a hazard to elder milkfish.

Milkfish Reproduction and Life Expectancy

Milkfish require briny, i.e., salted, water for reproduction and spawning. Females normally launch approximately 5 million eggs during the night throughout the cozy months yet can happen throughout the year.

Larvae hatch near reef or various other secured locations and afterwards wander bent on sea. The sea deep sea is abundant with zooplankton and various other tiny microorganisms that the young fish demand to expand and endure. As they grow over the following 2 to 4 weeks, these animals progressively swim back in the direction of the cozy waters near the coast or to lakes, tidewaters, rivers or various other freshwater resources.

Milkfish in Angling and Food Preparation

Milkfish is an exceptionally prominent active ingredient in Oriental dishes as a result of its moderate preference. It is high in omega- 3 fats that are very important for human heart wellness. It additionally has tender, white flesh that can be frying pan- burnt, sauteed or made right into fish spheres. Individuals in the Philippines eat greater than 250,000 extra pounds of milkfish annually.

Oriental nations have actually been farming and elevating this species for greater than 5 centuries. Today, Oriental nations and various other island countries create greater than 1 million extra pounds of this fish each year.

Milkfish Population

The milkfish population is steady and of least concern as for possible for coming to beendangered Farms around Taiwan, Indonesia, and various other Oriental nations have actually been elevating milkfish for greater than 5 centuries.

Today, there are advanced procedures in position to make sure that just fully grown milkfish that correspond dimensions are collected. There are additionally developed procedures to deal with parasite invasions and nematode episodes among the reproducing supply.

Since 2016, the worldwide manufacturing of milkfish described as tank farming went beyond greater than 1.1 million lots of fish. Need for this fish is just anticipated to raise as the populaces of the Philippines and various other island countries expand.


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