Mexican Alligator Lizard

Mexican alligator lizards shed their skin like snakes.
Mexican Alligator Lizard Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Abronia graminea
Mexican Alligator Lizard Physical Characteristics
Green, Orange
10 years
Mexican Alligator Lizard Distribition

The Mexican alligator lizard lives concerning 130 feet airborne in Mexico’s cloud woodlands.

This intense eco-friendly lizard is detailed as endangered as guy ruins its environment for farming objectives. There has actually been really little research study of this lizard in the wild, yet it lives for around one decade in bondage.

5 Amazing Mexican Alligator Lizard Truths!

  • Mexican alligator lizards reside in trees in Mexico’s cloud woodlands.
  • Unlawful poaching and asserting even more farming land is creating this lizard to go extinct.
  • Mexican alligator lizards live for around one decade.
  • Mexican alligator lizards eat insects.
  • Mexican alligator lizards are typically intense eco-friendly.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Scientific Name

The scientific name of Mexican alligator lizards is Abronia graminea They are participants of the Reptilia class, which likewise consists of turtles and snakes. They are participants of the Squamata order, the Anguidae family, and the Abronia genus.

There are 67 species of alligator lizards on the planet. 8 of them reside in The United States and Canada.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Appearance

Grownup lizards are a lively eco-friendly. Their shade resembles the shade of fallen leaves in the springtime. They have a brilliant yellow circle their eyes.

The realities are that the male is far more vivid than the female, that is a much deeper shade, and the circle the eye is far more refined.

Juvenile lizards are birthed a tannish shade with refined black dots. This coloring gives camouflage to make sure that predators do not as quickly find them.

Each has actually really specified ranges, contributing to its charm. The ranges typically are an eco-friendly shade with some black lines and dots in them.

When maintained in bondage, a lot of these lizards shed their lively eco-friendly shades. Rather, they transform blue shades. Researchers are uncertain why they transform shades, yet they assume this is as a result of the distinction in light. They require the sunlight to stay its initial shade.

Every One Of these endangered lizards have triangular- designed heads. The head has really sharp teeth, which aids them eat tough- shelled insects. They likewise have a lengthy tail that can be approximately 50% as long as their body. If they enter into difficulty, they can launch their tail to avoid threat or predators.

These alligator lizards have brief legs with lengthy claws. They can utilize their sharp claws to hang on much better in the trees where they live.

Abronia gramina, Mexican Alligator Lizard, sitting on a leaf in the forest.
Abronia gramina, Mexican Alligator Lizard, resting on a fallen leave in the woodland.Wesley Aston/

Mexican Alligator Lizard Habits

These lizards reside in trees in cloud woodlands. They invest the majority of their day amongst exotic plants. The Mexican alligator lizard chooses to live near bromeliads due to the fact that the mug- like leaves capture water for these lizards to consume alcohol.

They are most energetic throughout the day and rest in the evening. These alligator lizards invest a great deal of their time capturing insects to eat.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Environment

These lizards reside in trees in Mexico’s cloud woodland. An extremely couple of are likewise discovered in Guatemala. They like to live concerning 130 feet in the air.

The cloud woodlands of Mexico are reducing as even more land is transformed for farming objectives. These locations have young trees that loop locations of old- development woodland.

If you pick to elevate these alligator lizards in bondage, you require to offer their requirements. They require to be in a terrarium with great deals of moisture. Make certain that they have light throughout the day and darkness in the evening. You require to give great deals of locations for them to climb up and conceal. They can endure temperature levels as reduced as 40 levels Fahrenheit.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Diet

These lizards eat insects. They are opportunistic eaters because they eat whatever insects are offered. Sharp teeth permit them to fracture the coverings of also the hardest insect.

If you maintain among these lizards in bondage, feed them 3 to 4 crickets, moths, wax worms, tiny roaches, hornworms, mealworms, stick insects, or flies per lizard weekly.

Female lizards quit consuming concerning a month prior to they deliver. As quickly as they deliver, they will certainly go back to consuming.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Reproduction and Life Process

Females typically come to be sexually fully grown throughout their 3rd year. These lizards bring to life one to 12 juveniles.

Typically, reproducing happens in the late summer season or very early loss. After that, the children are birthed from late April to late July. In bondage, females will certainly quit consuming for concerning a month prior to delivering, yet couple of researches have actually been done on their breeding and reproducing actions in their indigenous environment. Researchers recognize that species of alligator lizards do not exercise sophisticated breeding routines. Rather, males seek females thinking about reproducing, and the sex-related act happens.

Mexican Alligator Lizard Population

The IUCN details the lizard on their endangered species listing. They claim that the population is reducing. No person understands for certain specifically the amount of are left in the wild.


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