The largest shark to ever exist! Over 50 feet long and up to 100X the mass of today’s great whites!
Megalodon Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Otodus megalodon
Megalodon Physical Characteristics
‘Conservatively’ estimated at 100,000 pounds
Megalodon Distribition

The megalodon was the most significant shark to in the past online. With a measurement that may reach over of 50 feet in addition to quotes for its weight prolonging previous 100,000 added pounds, the megalodon was drastically larger than any kind of kind of numerous other shark species on record. Discover the most significant sea animals to have in fact in the past lived listed below.

Astonishing Megalodon Truths!

  • In January 2019 video of a great white shark nicknamed “Deep Blue” made world info several thanks to the shark’s incredible measurement. It was estimated “Deep Blue” was amongst the most significant great white sharks in the past taped, examining in at 2.5 loads. As you’ll examine listed here, estimates for megalodon measurement reach 20 to likewise 50 times the measurement nowadays’s most significant great white sharks!
  • The greatest feasible bite stress of living shark species today has in fact been assessed at 18,216 newtons. A present 3- D computer system examination placed the megalodon’s bite stress at as long as 182,201 newtons! That’s higher than 5 times the bite stress estimates for a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  • While megalodons were incredible peak predators, one of the most current fossils on record return to no behind 2.6 million years back We have in fact constructed a full listing of scientific ideas on why the megalodon may have gone extinct listed here!

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Megalodon Scientific Name

The scientific name of the megalodon shark is Otodus megalodon.

With megalodon teeth reaching previous 6 inches in dimension, expeditions of megalodon teeth in between ages were normally thought to be dragons or numerous other epic animals. The first scientific name for megalodon was Carcharodon megalodon. Megalodon was placed in the genus Carcharodon — a genus that includes today’s superb white shark– as a result of similarities in its teeth structure.

However, existing scientific arrangement places megalodon in the family Otodontidae. There stays to be conversation surrounding megalodon’s specific classification, so the genus of the species may change in the future prohibiting even more research study in addition to fossil expeditions.

Megalodon Appearance in addition to Activities

The megalodon was a massive species of shark. Due to the fact that first expeditions of its teeth, scientific conversation has in fact risen around megalodon’s measurement (a wrap-up of scientific searchings for can be uncovered listed here). Like several big wheel, it’s assumed megalodon presented dimorphism where females broadened drastically larger than males.

As sharks have in fact skeletal systems made from cartilage product, most of what we comprehend worrying megalodon today is based off fossilized teeth that have in fact been uncovered throughout the world. While several variations in addition to imaginative efficiencies of the megalodon have the species looking very confine appearance to a much larger superb white shark, there is some conversation that the type of the species may have added really carefully resembled numerous other shark species, such as a whale shark (which like the megalodon reaches 50 feet in dimension).

Megalodon Vs. Great White
Megalodon Vs. Great WhiteSammy33/Shutterstock. com.

Megalodon Measurement

Megalodon’s measurement has in fact been the subject of considerable research study, yet several research study studies placed its maximum dimension at around 50 feet (15 to 16 meters). With scientists counting mostly on tooth instances that can reach higher than 6″ in dimension, many methods have in fact been used to approximate the dimension in addition to body mass of this substantial shark.

Listed here, we have in fact summarized the essential looking for of existing scientific research study right into simply exactly how large megalodon may have reached:.

  • A 1996 paper from Gottfried, et al. placed the maximum dimension of megalodon at an outstanding 20 meters (67 feet). In addition to that, the paper placed a traditional body mass optimum of 47,960 kg (105,733 extra pounds). The paper similarly established an optimal body mass of 103,197 kg (227,510 extra pounds). For perspective, the maximum measurement nowadays’s great white sharks is roughly 5,000 extra pounds!
  • A 2019 research study from Kenshu Shimada placed the maximum measurement of megalodon at in between 14.2 in addition to 15.3 meters (50 feet).
  • In September 2020 a team of researchers from Swansea in addition to the University of Bristol used 2D reconstruction to approximate megalodon’s measurement. Their research study placed the megalodon’s maximum measurement at 16 meters (52 feet) with a head that reached 4.65 meters (15 feet) in dimension!

While female megalodons reached substantial measurements, males were drastically smaller sized. Males had an optimal dimension worrying 20% much shorter than females in addition to may have reviewed worrying half as a great deal typically.

Megalodon Tooth Measurement

Megalodon teeth have in fact been located on every continent with the exemption of Antarctica. The teeth are exceptional for their measurement, with the most significant instances in the past located surpassing 7 inches in dimension! For perspective, larger superb white shark teeth differ in measurement from 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Megalodon teeth have in fact been called the “finest reducing tools” in addition to had actually serrated sides constructing to a sharp end.

Several many thanks to the expedition of many practically complete collections of megalodon teeth, scientists have in fact had the capacity to reconstruct the appearance of megalodon’s jaws in addition to the positioning of its alternative teeth (see image listed here).

Megalodon teeth rows
Megalodon teeth rows

Today, there are many locations where megalodon teeth can be uncovered crazy one wide range. As an instance, high cliff take care of in Western Australia are believed to have “thousands” of megalodon teeth. In the U.S.A., they have in fact been frequently discovered in places like off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Megalodon Setting in addition toDistribution

Like great white sharks today, megalodon were uncovered throughout the world in non- polar waters, nonetheless their range did enhance throughout time.

The earliest megalodon expeditions in the Extremely very early Miocene (worrying 23 million years ago) stay in a lot more concentrated places along the Baja coast, Caribbean, Mediterranean Sea, in addition to Australia. By the Late Miocene (roughly 6 million years ago), the species distribution had in fact widened throughout North in addition to South America in addition to was added commonly uncovered in position like South Africa.

In the Extremely Very Early Miocene, North in addition to South America weren’t affixed, which allowed taking a trip in between the eastern in addition to west coasts of the continent. In addition to that, the Mediterranean open up to a massive sea that included a great deal nowadays’s facility eastern. These surface seas supplied exceptional browsing opportunities for the species.

Megalodon Diet

The megalodon was an “pinnacle awesome” that consumed baleen whales, toothed whales, sea turtles, in addition to likewise numerous other sharks. As an outcome of its very large size, the megalodon called for to eat a ferocious amount of food. Its estimated that to feed its food cravings, the shark would definitely call for to eat roughly 2500 added pounds of food every day.

( For recommendation, that works out to a diet requiring eating the mass of 6.5 bottlenose dolphins every day!).

Evidence from fossils discloses megalodon mosted likely to the top of the food internet, in addition to strike marks attributed to the shark can be uncovered throughout large whale species such as the sperm whale, which can climb to 130,000 added pounds. However, fossil records reveal megalodon species may have sought numerous target relying on their location, normally targeting target such as dwarf whales in addition to device- measurement baleen whales.

Megalodon Predators in addition to Dangers

Fossil records reveal the megalodon is a shark without peer. A study launched in Historical Biology in October 2020 finished their gigantism was “off the variety” in addition to modern-day sharks in their gamily– Lamniformes– reached no higher than 23 feet in dimension. That recommends that megalodon’s measurement (assessed by weight) may have been 10 to 30 times larger than its closest enjoyed ones.

Evidence in the fossil record discloses that sharks while megalodon lived may have remained free from the species, picking cooler waters where megalodon actually did not mission in addition to total for resources. Yet, in spite of its incredible measurement in addition to predacious change, megalodon managed rivals. As an instance, a toothed whale that lived at the similar time as megalodon– Livyatan — sought in similar approach as today’s killer whales. However, the species was a great deal larger, with blade- like teeth that may reach higher than a foot in dimension.

Was Megalodon the Biggest Awesome In The Past?

The listing of most significant predators in the past is focused in the water. Modern sperm whales can reach higher than 75 feet in dimension in addition to take into consideration higher than 90,000 added pounds. Today, sperm whales mission target such as squid, yet their predecessor– Livyatan— may have battled megalodons right.

Another awesome that was confine measurement to megalodon was Mosasaurus We simply lately matched megalodon vs. Mosasarus versus each various other in an academic battle, in addition to both sea titans had advantages that made this a close fight!

Megalodon Discontinuation

A selection of ideas have in fact been recommended for megalodon’s discontinuation differing from setting change, to a close- by supernova, to the discontinuation of its essential target. We’ll look into the ideas of megalodon’s discontinuation individually.

Setting change

Megalodon’s range was restricted to added positive waters. As an instance, in the north hemisphere megalodon fossils have actually not been located much better north than Denmark. The development of glaciers at the World’s messages– in addition to resulting loss of surface, positive seas– may have caused a decline in atmospheres proper to the megalodon in addition to decreased its populace.


A study launched in the journal Astrobiology in 2018 recommended that a supernova 150 light years from world eliminated higher than 1/3 of the world’s large marine animals 2.6 million years back– in addition to megalodon was amongst its victims.

Why would definitely this event have been so hazardous to megalodon? The authors of the research study estimated a wave of polluted ‘muons’ would definitely have actually struck world in addition to lasted for a generation, produce a risk of cancer cells that enhanced in larger animals. With quotes of megalodon’s measurement reaching 100,000 added pounds in addition to previous, it would definitely have actually been amongst the most significant animals worldwide at the time.

An amazing white shark discontinuation?

Last but not least, an examination in PeerJ that was launched in 2019 recommends that megalodon’s discontinuation may have been induced by a a great deal smaller sized shark: the superb white!

The authors of the examination show evidence that megalodon’s discontinuation may have been earlier than previously assumed, worrying a million years before the supernova that struck world in addition to removed great deals of large marine animals. They recommend that megalodon populations were presently on the reduction from setting change in addition to the loss of target like smaller sized whales. Consisting of in the species distress, now the superb white shark progressed in addition to begun tackling a lot more vibrant megalodons for target.


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