Masiakasaurus had dentition adapted to catching fast-moving prey.
Masiakasaurus Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Masiakasaurus knopfleri
Masiakasaurus Physical Characteristics
44 pounds
Masiakasaurus Distribition

Masiakasaurus is a genus of tiny theropod dinosaurs that stayed in Madagascar throughout the Late Cretaceous (concerning 70.7– 65.5 million years ago). Just one species of this dinosaur has actually been discovered to day. It was a tiny killer adjusted to capturing tiny and quick- relocating victim. Researchers have a relatively total image of exactly how this dinosaur might have looked considering that the fossils discovered thus far comprise greater than half of a total sampling. This implies it is just one of one of the most well- understood dinosaurs in its family.

Summary and Dimension

Masiakasaurus 3D render
The name Masiakasaurus equates to “savage lizard.”

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Masiakasaurus is a genus of tiny- sized predators from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. The genus name is from the neighborhood Malagasy word “masiaka,” which equates as “savage.” Therefore, the complete name Masiakasaurus implies “savage lizard.” Just one species has actually been recognized thus far. Masiakasaurus knopfleri, the very first and only species in the genus, was called after artist Mark Knopfler.

Masiakasaurus was a reasonably tiny dinosaur. It expanded to a size of concerning 6.6 feet and evaluated concerning 44 extra pounds generally. Masiakasaurus was a bipedal dinosaur. This implies the forelimbs of this dinosaur were much shorter than the back arm or legs. It had a reasonably slim neck which was formed in different ways from that of various other theropod dinosaurs. While the majority of theropods had s- designed necks, Masiakasaurus had a rigid flat- located neck that had just a mild contour.

Among one of the most famous attributes of this dinosaur is its distinctively designed teeth. Unlike various other theropods whose front teeth have a tendency to forecast straight downward, the Masiakasaurus had teeth that predicted ahead and external, recommending a specialized diet.

From the fossils of this dinosaur discovered thus far, 2 unique kinds of the Masiakasaurus are understood. One had an extra cumbersome develop with thicker bones, while the various other was much less durable and would certainly have been much more active. Professionals are unclear if these 2 fossil kinds stand for unique ranges of this species or if the animal displayed sex-related dimorphism.

The head of the Masiakasaurus looked a little various from that of the abelisaurid dinosaurs, although they were family members. While the abelisaurids have a tendency to have a deep head, the Masiakasaurus’s head was lengthy and reduced. They additionally had some rough forecasts around their eyes, which would certainly have offered the skin over a kind of distinctive appearance.

Diet – What Did Masiakasaurus Eat?

Although professionals have a tendency to concur that the Masiakasaurus was a predator, there are various concepts concerning the precise diet of this dinosaur. The one-of-a-kind teeth of this dinosaur gas the dispute. The front teeth of Masiakasaurus resemble they were for understanding tiny, quick- relocating victim yet except tearing bigger foods apart.

The front teeth looked significantly various from that of various other meat-eating dinosaurs. The forward- forecasting teeth were lengthy and spoon- designed and had actually hooked sides with weak serrations. Based upon this one-of-a-kind oral framework, professionals believe their diet included fish and various other tiny, quick- relocating victim. They might have taken in tiny invertebrates or perhaps fruits. Their back teeth were not so various from that of various other theropods. It offered the exact same feature of reducing and cutting via victim’s flesh.

Environment – When and Where Masiakasaurus Lived

Masiakasaurus lived in the Island of Madagascar throughout the Cretaceous Duration. This had to do with 72.1 to 66 million years earlier. We do not understand a great deal concerning the details nature of their environments. We do understand that the atmosphere where they lived had a number of tiny animals, consisting of small creatures, bird dinosaurs, and tiny crocodilians. They lived along with dinosaurs like the Rapetosaurus, Majungasaurus, and Rahonavis

If the concept that they had a fish- based diet is anything to pass, this dinosaur most likely made its residence near to water bodies and nabbed victim straight out of the water. Nonetheless, this appears not likely due to the fact that the island where they lived was a semi- dry landscape throughout the Late Cretaceous. Nonetheless, researches reveal that a number of the ancient animals that stayed in Madagascar around that duration lived around a seaside floodplain that had lots of sandy river networks.

Hazards and Predators

Thinking about the reasonably tiny dimension of this dinosaur, they would certainly have been simple- choosing for any one of the big- sized dinosaurs. Luckily, there weren’t a great deal of titan predators in their residence environment. They lived along with reasonably tiny dinosaurs like the Rahonavis and herbivores like the Rapetosaurus Although this implies they really did not have a great deal of predators, these dinosaurs were predators too, which implies they would certainly have completed for food and various other sources to endure in their residence environment.

Researchers believe Majungasaurus, a sort of big abelisaurid dinosaur that stayed in Madagascar around the exact same time, might have exploitedMasiakasaurus They pertained to this verdict based upon slit marks discovered in one fossil of theMasiakasaurus Nonetheless, this might have been from scavengers or perhaps condition.

Discoveries and Fossils – Where Masiakasaurus Was Found

The very first fossils of the Masiakasaurus were explained in 2001. The remains were discovered in Late Cretaceous rocks near the town of Berivotra on the northwestern side of the Island of Madagascar. The remains were fragmentary. Just 40 percent of the dinosaur’s bones were protected. The discover included head pieces with teeth, humerus, pubis, and vertebrae bones.

Paleontologists found one more sampling in 2011. This was a much better- managed fossil with the braincase, jaws, face bones, chest, and sections of the top arm or legs well- protected. The reality that it included lots of missing out on bones in the very first discover made this exploration rather vital. The brand-new bones assisted to make clear the makeup of this dinosaur. As much as 65% of the dinosaur’s skeletal system has actually currently been rebuilded.

Termination – When Did It Pass away Out?

Masiakasaurus lived in between 72 and 66 million years earlier. While the factor for their termination isn’t specifically clear, the loss appears to accompany the Cretaceous- Paleogene termination occasion, which happened concerning 66 million years earlier and eliminated all the non- bird dinosaurs that were living at the time.

Similar Animals to the Masiakasaurus

Similar animals to the Masiakasaurus consist of:

  • Majungasaurus This is a genus of abelisaurid theropod dinosaurs that stayed in Madagascar around the exact same time as the Masiakasauraus Given that it was substantially larger in dimension, there are suppositions that this dinosaur may have been a killer of the Masiakasaurus.
  • Rapetosaurus – This is a genus of sauropod dinosaurs that stayed in Madagascar in between 70 and 66 million years earlier. Like the Masiakasaurus, this dinosaur additionally vanished at the end of the Cretaceous Duration.
  • Rahonavis – This is a bird- like dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous of Madagascar. It was a tiny killer, and professionals believe it can most likely fly.


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