Maiasaura dinosaurs can grow to 31 feet long.
Maiasaura Scientific Classification
Scientific name
†Maiasaura peeblesorum
Maiasaura Physical Characteristics
Weight: 2.8 tons
Maiasaura Distribition

Maiasaura dinosaurs can expand to 31 feet long”

Maiasaura Summary and Dimension

The Maiasaura was among numerous dinosaurs referred to as duck- billed. It had a thick, level nose or beak similar to a duck’s expense, however a lot larger! The Maiasaura was approximated at 31 feet long and evaluated 2.8 lots. It was believed to be 8 feet in elevation. This dinosaur can basing on its back legs, so it would certainly’ve been much taller than 8 feet if it stood!

Paleontologists recognize the Maiasaura was an herbivore due to the layout of its teeth. It had more than 900 short, tough teeth made to eat and squash up plants. Their teeth were situated in the cheek location of their mouth. Like numerous various other sorts of dinosaurs, the Maiasaura shed a great deal of teeth throughout its life time. Yet, when a tooth would certainly befall, one more would certainly expand in to change it. When you think of it, every tooth shed by a dinosaur offers us even more details concerning them and just how they lived.

The Maiasaura’s back legs were longer than its forelegs. So, dinosaur researchers think it can go on its 2 back legs along with on all fours. By carefully researching the bones in the feet of this dinosaur, paleontologists wrapped up that adolescent Maiasaura walked around on their back legs and switched over to taking a trip on all fours as grownups.

Grownups most likely depended on their back legs to pluck plant life situated in the treetops. Furthermore, paleontologists approximate this dinosaur can go for a rate of 25mph on its back legs.

The solid, thick tail of the Maiasaura was most likely useful in offering equilibrium as it relocated. And also, it might have been made use of as a tool when the Maiasaura was struck by predators.

The Maiasaura is consisted of in the Hadrosaur team. These were the duck- billed dinosaurs. Its scientific name is Maiasaura peeblesorum The Greek word Maia implies excellent mom and saura implies lizard. The very first exploration of this dinosaur’s remains consisted of Maiasaura grownups along with eggs and juveniles. This led paleontologists in conclusion that this dinosaur hung out looking after and securing its young.

Diet – What DidMaiasaura Eat?

This dinosaur was vegetarian like various other participants of the duck- billed team. So, what did a Maiasaura eat? It consumed brushes, ache needles, leaves, and various other plant life.

Maiasaura was a duck-billed herbivorous dinosaur that lived in Montana, USA in the Cretaceous Era. Scientists believe that Maiasaura was a good mother that cared for her young.
Maiasaura was a duck- billed vegetarian dinosaur that stayed in Montana, U.S.A. in the Cretaceous Age. Researchers think that Maiasaura was a great mom that looked after her young.Catmando/Shutterstock. com

Environment – When and Where It Lived

These dinosaurs go back 76.7 million years ago to the Late Cretaceous Duration. They stayed in The United States and Canada in Canada and the USA. Especially, its bones and fossils have actually been discovered throughout the state of Montana along with in Alberta, Canada.

Hazards and Predators to the Maiasaura

A dinosaur called the Troodon was one killer of theMaiasaura Currently, if you place an illustration of a Troodon and a Maiasaura side-by-side, you might question just how a Troodon can’ve been a danger to aMaiasaura Nevertheless, Troodon dinosaurs were typically 11 feet high and evaluated 110 extra pounds. Nonetheless, Troodons were extremely smart, quickly, and scheming dinosaurs. Paleontologists believe that Troodons taken advantage of old, weak, or extremely young Maiasaura dinosaurs. A Troodon dinosaur would likely have actually been extremely reluctant to assault a healthy and balanced grownup Maiasaura!

The Tyrannosaurus rex was additionally a killer of theMaiasaura The Maiasaura had couple of defenses versus these big, solid predators.

Paleontologists think the very best protection of the Maiasaura was its rate. Additionally, it’s thought these dinosaurs lived and took a trip in herds. So, herd habits offered some security versus its predators.

Discoveries and Fossils- Where Was It Found

Maiasaura bones were very first found in 1978 in both Medication Development situated in Choteau, Montana. Paleontologist Jack Horner discovered the remains of fourteen nests of adolescent Maiasaura dinosaurs total with damaged eggshells. Furthermore, there were grown-up Maiasaura dinosaurs discovered close by. This led dinosaur researchers to think the Maiasaura looked after its young. The website of this exploration is called Egg Mountain.

In the north part of the state of Montana, loads of Maiasaura bones have actually been removed from ash beds. These bones came from Maiasaura dinosaurs of every ages. This exploration is a lot more proof that these dinosaurs stayed in teams.

Termination – When Did It Pass away Out?

Paleontologists aren’t settled on just how the Maiasaura passed away out. Yet there are numerous that believe these dinosaurs went extinct due to a planet that struck the planet near completion of the Cretaceous Duration. The planet was believed to be 6 miles wide. When it landed, it sent out up a massive cloud of dirt that entered into the planet’s ambience. This dirt obstructed the sunshine triggering plant to slowly . When the Maiasaura shed its food resource, it also.

Similar Animals to the Maiasaura

Dinosaurs similar to the Maiasaura:

  • Brachylophosaurus – A Brachylophosaurus is a Hadrosaur or duck- billed dinosaur, like theMaiasaura Yet the Brachylophosaurus was a whole lot larger at as much as 36 feet lengthy considering 7.7 lots.
  • Edmontosaurus – This is one more duck- billed dinosaur with a level, beak- like nose. It’s an herbivore like the Maiasaura, however they are bigger at 39 feet long with a weight of 4.4 lots. As a note, the remains of the Edmontosaurus were very first found in the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. That’s just how this dinosaur obtained its name.
  • Shantungosaurus – The Shantungosaurus had a duckbill and its back legs were longer than its forelegs much like the Maiasaurus A huge distinction in between this dinosaur and the Maiasaurus is that the Shantungosaurus stayed in China.


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