Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish)

It’s called the rabbit of the ocean because it multiplies so quickly.
Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Coryphaena hippurus
Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) Physical Characteristics
Blue, Gold, Green, Beige
4 – 5 years
15 – 29 pounds
Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish) Distribition

Mahi mahi, likewise called typical dolphinfish, is a surface area- house ray- finned fish species that stays in pleasant, exotic, and subtropical waters around the globe.

It is taken into consideration among one of the most lovely sea fish as a result of its shimmery, dazzling shades. The fish is preferred for sporting activity and industrial angling and has breast meat with a company, wet structure, a pleasant, moderate taste, a selection of dishes and numerous health and wellness advantages. Its name is in some cases perplexed for Ahi, the Hawaiian word for yellowfin tuna.

5 Mahi Mahi Realities

  1. The name mahi mahi is favored over dolphinfish so regarding not perplex it with the aquatic animal.
  2. It was called dolphinfish as a result of its propensity to swim in advance of cruising ships, like dolphins do.
  3. The fish was initially a bycatch of tuna and swordfish fisheries, today has a longline fishery simply for its species.
  4. The term “clipper” indicates the highest possible- high quality mahi mahi, which is iced up mixed-up for quality.
  5. It can swim as much as 60mph.

Classification and Scientific Name

The name mahi mahi is a Hawaiian acceptation “really solid,” however it’s likewise called mahi mahi lapa, mahi mahi oma, and mahihi. In Spanish, it is called dorado, describing its low-key gold shade upon appearing of the water. Its scientific name is Coryphaena hippurus. The genus Coryphaena describes dolphinfishes and is the only genus of the family Coryphaenidae.

Carl Linnaeus called the genus from the Greek word koryphe, which indicates leading or pinnacle in 1758. Associated scientific names for the species are Coryphaena argyrurus, Coryphaena chrysurus, and Coryphaena dolfyn Its closest family members are the remora, jack, and cobia.


Although there is one mahi mahi, it is split right into Atlantic and Pacific. There is another species in the genus Coryphaena, the pompano dolphinfish ( Coryphaena equiselis). Like its close loved one, it is a surface area- house fish and is usually a replacement for swordfish. It overlaps with it in its environment of exotic and subtropical waters around the globe. Often, it’s incorrect for adolescent mahi mahi, and it is smaller sized than the grown-up mahi mahi.


These fish have actually squashed bodies with a lengthy- based dorsal fin that prolongs almost all the method from the head to the tail. Males have big, sticking out temples, while females have actually rounded heads. Both of their back and rectal fins are really scooped. Nevertheless, what strikes individuals one of the most is their lovely shades of shimmery gold sides, blue and eco-friendly sides and back, and a gold flank with shimmery blue pectoral fins.

The fish have functions that assist them to stay clear ofpredators For one point, their coloring is thought to assist them camouflage themselves by transforming the method light mirrors off their skin while they wander the open sea at surface area degrees. Additionally, their physique and their lengthy- based dorsal fin assist them swim as much as 60mph.

Typically, these fish procedure 39.3 in lengthy and evaluate 15- 29lbs, however hardly ever go beyond 33lbs. Females are smaller sized than males.

Distribution, Population, and Environment

This fish species stays in deep sea and makes its environment in pleasant, exotic, and subtropical waters of the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific seas. It is most typical around Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Indian Sea. As a surface area- house fish, it can be located at deepness degrees of 5- 10m on the ocean blue however likewise near the shore.

This species is very migratory and takes a trip in colleges. Generating on the ocean blue, it relocates closer to the shore when the temperature level climbs.

Wild- captured mahi mahi is sustainably taken care of and its numbers are taken into consideration to be steady for both Alantic and Pacific populaces, although population numbers are not understood. The IUCN Red Checklist notes the typical dolphinfish as Least Concern.

Where to Discover Mahi Mahi and Exactly How to Capture Them

You can locate these fish in waters with a temperature level of 83 levels F, and even more of them throughout springtime and loss. Anglers in French Polynesia usage harpoons to capture them, however due to the fact that the fish are likewise drawn in to drifting items, you can conveniently capture them by tossing lure out beside drifting algae.

Predators and Target

These fish are actually omnivorous, although its diet is mostly meat-eating. Its rate enables it to promptly capture its target. To decrease discovery by predators, its coloring works as camouflage on the open sea, while its physique enables it to swim promptly. Due to the fact that it expands so quick, it can promptly restore its numbers.

What do mahi mahi eat?

It consumes flying fish, mackerel and various other forage fish, crabs, and squid. It likewise consumes zooplankton and sargassum weed.

What consumes mahi mahi?

Sharks, billfishes, big tuna, marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and aquatic creatures eat mahi mahi. Humans likewise eat mahi mahi.

Reproduction and Life-span

Both males and females come to be sexually fully grown in 3- 5 months and therefore are called the rabbits of the sea. They generate at when they get to 7.9- 22in. Females generate as much as 2- 3 times a year and can launch anywhere in between 80,000 and 1,000,000 eggs each time. The mahi mahi’s life-span can be as much as 5 years, although it generally does not live longer than 4.

Mahi Mahi in Angling and Food Preparation

These fish are captured in both entertainment and industrial angling. Places that are its biggest customers are Hawaii, the USA, the Caribbean, Australia, and Japan, although it is ending up being much more frequently consumed in European nations. Worldwide supply areas for the fish are Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and USA.

This fish has a meat that transforms white when prepared. It has a company, wet structure, and a pleasant, moderate taste. Out of 4 degrees of mercury, it is a modest- mercury fish. The advantages of mahi mahi are lean healthy protein, iron, selenium, potassium, omega- 3 fats, and vitamin B.


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