The military macaw is named for the green uniforms that many soldiers use in South America.
Macaw Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Macaw Physical Characteristics
Yellow, Red, Blue, White, Green
50 – 60 years
Top speed
15 mph
0.9kg – 2kg (2lbs – 4.4lbs)
Macaw Distribition

There are roughly 17 distinct species of Macaw birds in the wild and in bondage today. All these birds become part of the Psittacidae family, which converts to “real parrots.” This parrot family better divides right into 2 subfamilies: the Psittacinae and the Arinae, or Vintage and New Globe parrots, specifically.

Vintage parrots consist of the Grey Parrot, the Cape Parrot and the Senegal Parrot, which are discovered mostly in Africa. On the other hand, New Globe Parrots consist of 6 category of Macaw birds that live and wander in Mexico, Honduras, Brazil and various other countries in Central America and South America. These birds consist of the scarlet Macaw, heaven and gold Macaw, the eco-friendly wing Macaw, the red- took on, or Hahn’s, Macaw, and the buffoon Macaw.

Unlike their Old- Globe relatives, these all have brilliant plumes in differing tones of eco-friendly, blue, yellow, gold and red. While these shades are really dynamic and eye-catching to humans, these shades permit Macaw birds to camouflage themselves in the eco-friendly fallen leaves of the Amazon rain forest and various other woodlands that they call house.

An Incredible Bird: 4 Macaw Realities

  • These birds are lengthy- lived; their life-span can get to as much as 60 years or even more, also in the wild.
  • They are spirited birds and will certainly utilize their feet, beaks and tongues to check out brand-new things
  • The hyacinth Macaw is the biggest of all parrot species It can rise to 3 feet long and consider as much as 4 extra pounds.
  • There more than 17 various species of this bird, a lot of which are in jeopardy for termination

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Where to Discover Macaw Birds

Heaven and gold and hyacinth species of these birds are belonging to Central America and South America. They can be seen in the wild in such nations as Mexico, Honduras and Brazil. Their distinct plumes and brilliant tinting aid them mix right into the Amazon rain forest and their various other all-natural environments.

These birds usually reside in virginal sets however likewise create family members of as much as 30 in one one group. They usually clear up right into the gaps within high trees or reside on cliffsides for defense. They have actually likewise been understood to remove clinical depressions in shores or various other hillsides made from soft planet.

Macaw: The Bird’s Scientific Name

Because of the lot of living species, there are countless scientific names for these birds. Generally, all 17 of these species are discovered in the Psittacidae, or real parrot family. Additionally, they become part of the Arinae, or New Globe parrots, subfamily and the Arini people of Macaws and parakeets.

The 6 category of living Macaws are as complies with:

  • Ara, that includes the scarlet (Ara macao) and the eco-friendly wing Macaws (Ara chloropterus)
  • Primolius, a genus that consists of smaller sized, mainly eco-friendly Macaws such as heaven- headed (Primolius couloni) and the yellow- collar Macaws (Primolius auricollis)
  • Orthopsittaca, the genus of which the red- bellied Macaw (Orthopsittaca manilatus) belongs
  • Diopsittaca, a genus which contains just the red- took on Macaw (Diopsittaca nobilis). This species has 2 subspecies consisting of the worthy Macaw and the Hahn’s Macaw.
  • Anodorhynchus, that includes the Hyacinth Macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus)
  • Cyanopsitta, a genus of which the Spix’s Macaw (Cyanopsitta spixii) is the just living participant

Because of their pleasant nature, their dynamic coloring and their capability to discover words, several birds of this species are prominent pets. This standing has actually led dog breeders to produce some crossbreed species in bondage. As an example, the buffoon is a brand-new type that is a cross in between heaven and gold and the eco-friendly wing species. Buffoons usually have individuality and tinting components from both species.

Macaw Dimension, Appearance & Habits

These are usually spirited and pleased birds. Their proprietors have actually defined them as clowns or jokers. They are very social animals both in the wild and in bondage. Numerous succeed with family members where they have a lot more humans to communicate with often. If they are hand- fed from a very early age, after that they will certainly end up being connected to their proprietors.

In the wild, these wonder birds. Researchers and fanatics have actually observed these birds having fun with brand-new things. They will certainly usually throw brand-new points right into the air and capture them with their beaks or their feet. They likewise will certainly lick and taste the challenge attempt and obtain even more info regarding it.

While these birds bond in sets, they likewise normally look for to create bigger groups of 30 to 40 or even more birds. Boosted numbers offer to shield themselves from humans, snakes, bigger birds, jaguars and various other dangers. Macaws usually squeal or discharge loud sounds to interact with or to caution their group friends. In bondage, they such as to discover words and will certainly exercise brand-new vocabulary up until they grasp it.

As you can picture, the ordinary dimension, weight and wingspan differs extensively from species to species. The biggest instances become part of the Ara genus. This team consists of the hyacinth Macaw, which has a wingspan in between 3 and 4 feet and considers as much as 4 extra pounds. It is likewise greater than 39 inches long.

The tiniest species is the red- took on Macaw (scientific name Diopsittaca nobilis), which is likewise called the mini-Macaw These birds consider just 5.8 ounces and just 12 inches long. The Hahn’s Macaws and worthy Macaws that compose this species are nearly the same in appearance. Nevertheless, the Hahn’s has a black top jaw.

macaw bird in flight
Passakorn Umpornmaha/

Macaw Bird Nests

These birds generally nest in the knots or gaps in high rain forest trees. Some species likewise make their residences in deteriorated out trees on the savannahs and levels in South America. Various other species will certainly choose to nest on rough high cliffs for defense while some will certainly pick to remove a location in a shore.

What This Bird Consumes: The Macaw Diet

Macaws mostly eat fruit as their major resource of nourishment. Nevertheless, they do likewise fly to verdant locations trying to find seeds or nuts. Their solid beaks can breaking almonds, brazil nuts and various other similar nuts. Nuts’ greater calorie worth and fat web content is essential to the bigger species like the hyacinth Macaw.

For a total evaluation of the diet of macaws, do not miss our ‘What Do Macaws Eat: 11 Foods in their Diet’ overview!

Macaw Predators and Hazards

These birds go to threat from numerous indigenous species in the Amazon rain forest and the woodlands of Central and South America. These predators consist of snakes, monkeys, and bigger birds. Certain dangers consist of pythons, boa constrictors, jaguars, ocelots, eagles and falcons.

Macaw Reproduction, Children, and Life-span

Macaws get to sex-related maturation in between 2 and ten years relying on the species. During that time, they will normally pair and bond with an additional bird in their group. Many clutches have in between one and 4 eggs. If reproduction succeeds, after that females will usually wait 2 years to mate once again.

The eggs generally breed anywhere in between 24 and 28 days relying on the kind of Macaw Chicks will normally stay in the nest under their moms and dads’ defense for as much as 3 months after hatching out. Then, they will certainly usually stick with their moms and dads and brother or sisters for a year and afterwards avoid to locate their area in a group.

A Macaw’s life-span differs considerably based upon its species. As an example, heaven and gold Macaw will certainly measure up to 35 years in the wild. In contrast, the eco-friendly wing and scarlet Macaws have a life-span in between 70 and 75 years. Generally, these birds ordinary 60 years in the wild, however some people do endure right into their 80s and past.

Two baby macaw birds

The Bird Population of Macaws

The Macaw population differs considerably relying on which species you assess. Some species, like the Spix Macaw are extinct in the wild. As a matter of fact, much less than 200 of these birds left in bondage worldwide.

On the other hand, there are thought to be at the very least 10,000 blue and gold Macaws left in the wild. This species is classified as least concern since its numbers, while still decreasing, have actually continued to be fairly secure over the last years.

Various other species, like the hyacinth Macaw, are endangered and thought about endangered. There are just an approximated 6,500 samplings of these birds left in the wild. Likewise, there are just around 2,000 scarlet Macaws left on the planet.


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