Has 10 pairs of eyes!
Leech Scientific Classification
Leech Physical Characteristics
Green, Dark Brown
10 years
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Leech Distribition

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The leech (Hirudinea) is a killer and blood- drawing bloodsucker that is belonging to nearly every continent. This marine worm belongs to the Annelida phylum, which indicates it belongs to the earthworm.

Leeches have a poor online reputation amongst humans. We consider them bloodsucking insects and make use of the term “leech” as a disrespect. The majority of them do not strike humans, nonetheless, and numerous do not depend upon blood as their primary diet. In old times, they were made use of medicinally. Today, medical professionals make use of clinical leeches to tidy fragile cells throughout surgical procedure. Keep reading for more information regarding these appealing invertebrates.

5 Fantastic Leeches Realities!

  • They have 10 eyes, however they have bad sight.
  • They can go 6 months without feeding.
  • Leeches stay in every continent other than Antarctica.
  • Some individuals utilize them as angling lure.
  • Leech treatment is an approved clinical technique.

Leech Scientific Name

The leech’s scientific name is Hirudinea. There more than 680 various species of leeches. Of these, 100 are deep sea fishes, 480 are freshwater et cetera survive land. Land- home leeches normally survive the financial institutions of fish ponds and lakes. They are invertebrates that are participants of the Annelida phylum, which is the phylum that consists of earthworms.

The scientific name originates from words hirudin. Hirudin is a normally taking place peptide in the salivary glands of bloodsucking leeches that protects against blood clot.

Leech Appearance

A leech resembles a fat, dark and shiny earthworm. It has a strong, fractional body with conical ends that consist of a set of fools at each end. The leech utilizes its suction mugs to connect itself to the skin of an animal and draw its blood.

A leech generally has 2 or 3 rows of little teeth. The little dimension of these teeth belongs to the factor you can not really feel a leech bite.

The leech’s body is normally a dark, green- brownish shade without places or red stripes. Some are so dark that they look black. Leeches differ in dimension, however a common one is 2 inches long. The biggest leech species is the titan Amazon leech ( Haementeria ghilianii), which can expand 18 inches long and 4 inches vast.

Marine fish leech or a piscicolid leech, Malmiana virgata on a Yellowfin sole from the Eastern Bering Sea.
Marine fish leech or a piscicolid leech, Malmiana virgata on a Yellowfin sole from the Eastern Bering Sea.Ronald Shimek/Shutterstock. com

Leech Actions

Leeches normally stay in lakes and fish ponds. They relocate gradually via the water looking for food. They do not create complicated cultures, however they can normally be discovered in teams with each other.

Leeches are bloodsuckers andpredators They victimize insects and little marine animals, and they likewise draw blood from fish and cozy- blooded animals. Their saliva consists of an anticoagulant, which maintains the blood of their target moving when they attack, and an anesthetic, which stops their target from really feeling the bite.

They are a fundamental part of fish pond ecological communities, and some individuals that maintain all-natural fish ponds in their yards place leeches in them therefore. They are an essential food resource, and they tidy up the waste from dead animals. Fish pond and fish caretakers, nonetheless, need to beware to make use of the best kind of leech. Some leeches create damages to fish by drawing their blood, and this can create the fish to get ill or weak.

Leeches do not seek individuals, however they will certainly attempt to get hold of a dish if you swim or pitch in their region.

Leech Environment

Many leeches stay in freshwater fish ponds and lakes. Their favored environment is a cozy, slow-moving- relocating body of water. They do not succeed in promptly relocating streams or rivers. There are some deep sea leech species, however they mainly stay in the sea depths much from human habitation.

Although leeches choose cozy temperature levels, they are incredibly versatile to their setting. They can go a long period of time without consuming, and they will certainly readjust their body temperature level to their present setting. That’s why they are discovered anywhere other than the cold areas of Antarctica.

Leech Diet

In spite of their bloodsucking online reputation, leeches have a different diet. While they do draw blood, freshwater leeches likewise eat mollusks, insects, insect larvae, fish eggs, and worms. When they draw blood, they choose to draw the blood of various other water animals, consisting of worms, snails, and fish.

Some leeches are scavengers that eat dead animals and plants. Just a tiny percent draws the blood of creatures.

Leech Predators and Risks

Leeches are an essential food resource for fish, turtles, and ducks. Their population is steady and isn’t vulnerable to any type of hazards. Any kind of tasks that hurt pond life will certainly hurt leeches.

Leech Reproduction and Life Process

Leeches are hermaphrodites, and there are no distinctions in between males and females. Throughout reproduction, they make use of cross- fertilizing. As soon as the leech’s eggs are fed, the female lays them in a cocoon. There might be anywhere from 1 to 300 eggs in the cocoon. The female after that affixes the cocoon to a dealt with location like a plant or rock.

Child leeches create inside the cocoon. Unlike moths and butterflies, that experience numerous phases in the cocoon, they create to their complete dimension. Sometimes, the mom leech lugs the cocoon on her body to shield it.

Advancement of the young inside the cocoon can use up to 9 months. Leeches are birthed completely developed and prepared to survive their very own. They get to sex-related maturation in 2 years.

Leeches are singular and just join various other leeches throughout reproduction.

Contrasted to numerous invertebrates, they have a lengthy life-span. They can measure up to one decade in the wild. Their life-span in bondage is also much longer.

Leech Population

There are no quotes of leech populaces on the planet. They stay in every component of the globe other than Antarctica, and their population is not endangered.

Nice Leeches?

We wish you have actually found out some fascinating truths regarding these usual, scary however safe animals. Like all animals, they play an essential function in their ecological communities. They might not be charming, however they’re not harmful.


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