The AKC does not recognize this breed or the parent breed Catahoula
Labahoula Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Labahoula Physical Characteristics
10-14 years
Labahoula Distribition

Possessing among these dogs is similar to having an additional human kid in the family. They long for time invested with their proprietors and do not such as being overlooked of tasks.

Labahoula is a combined type from a Labrador retriever and a Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog. It is thought the type was initial created in the late 1990s or very early 2000s. Both beginning species give Labahoula pups with the Labrador’s mild personality and the Catahoula’s physical dexterity. They are wonderful, dedicated, and caring dogs ideal for energetic family members. Yet these developer dogs need great deals of workout, training, and socializing under skilled proprietors that can spend time to make sure pups turn into well- acted grownups.

Due to their safety and dedicated nature, these dogs succeed as both buddy and attack dog. Its moms and dad types, both Labrador Retrievers and Louisiana Catahoula leopard dogs are made use of in searching. The Labrador is called a retriever for its birding abilities. Louisiana Catahoula leopard dogs are additionally called “hog dogs” due to the fact that they work in monitoring and searching wild boar in Louisiana’ sswampy problems. With these reactions, pups can be educated for searching yet they are more frequently buddy dogs and guard dogs.

With skilled proprietors, the Labahoula is a superb enhancement to energetic, outside- caring family members. They are excellent with youngsters and appreciate having fun with humans of every ages. Since the dog is so mild yet brave, they are the ideal mix of actions as attack dog and safety buddies for family members.

3 Pros and Cons of Possessing a Labahoula

Pros! Cons!
Exceptional with youngsters and family members: Since the blended type is a caring, safety, lively, and energised dog, they make excellent buddies for youngsters of every ages. They additionally give excellent friendship for joggers, walkers, and pedestrians that desire a safety animal by their side throughout these tasks. Not a small dog: Labahoula is reproduced for their energetic spirits and continuous need to play, track, get and herd. This implies they are much less usually resting than they are up and relocating. Their task degree implies they are bad buddies for much less energetic families.
Lifetime of 10 to 14 years: With an ordinary life expectancy of 10 to 14 years, your pet will certainly be on your side for years. Bad with various other animals: The type is bad with various other pets like cats or smaller sized dogs as they are frequently up for a chase. They can additionally be hostile with various other dogs.
Very little losing: They have a brief, rugged layer that loses extremely little contrasted to various other types. They do not need specialist pet grooming and can be bathed as required. Calls for a great deal of focus: These energetic dogs intend to trail their humans almost everywhere they go. They aspire to play throughout their day and have great deals of power to shed. For these factors, they require much time invested running around outdoors and playing bring. They additionally plead to enter the guest’s seat anytime their proprietors grab their auto tricks.

Labahoula Dimension and Weight

The Labrador- Catahoula mix is a tool- sized dog with brief, rugged hair that loses bit. Males of this type typical 25 ″ high and females typical 23 ″. Male weight is normally 80lbs as a totally expanded grown-up. Females consider approximately 65lbs at complete maturation.

Elevation (Male): 25 inches high
Elevation (Female): 23 inches high
Weight (male): 80 extra pounds, totally expanded
Weight (female): 65 extra pounds, totally expanded

Labahoula Typical Health And Wellness Issues

Labahoula dogs are generally healthy and balanced. They are not a type understood for particular health and wellness problems. Yet they can acquire the usual hip and joint dysplasia of their moms and dad types, the Labrador retriever and Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog. Catahoulas often additionally have hereditary hip joint malformation for which a Labahoula young puppy might have a hereditary tendency. Catahoulas with greatly seen and white- significant layers additionally often tend to have hearing problems that a Labahoula might experience.

Various other problems these dogs occasionally experience in seniority are modern retinal degeneration and cataracts.

A recap of the Labahoula’s most usual health and wellness problems consists of:

  • Pooch hip dysplasia
  • Hearing Problems
  • Dynamic retinal degeneration
  • Cataracts

Labahoula Character and Habits

The Labahoula is called being well- solidified, dedicated, and mild, yet safety. They are outstanding buddies for family members with young kids and have a pleasant and caring characters. Nevertheless, they do need perseverance throughout very early training. Proprietors additionally should pay attention to these dogs when other individuals or animals are about, especially dogs of the exact same dimension or bigger. They can be daunting to complete strangers that go to and will bully, herd and track various other animals.

The Labahoula’s habits is formed by their very early training in puppyhood. For the very best outcomes, it is very important to make use of reward- based support and begin both training and socializing early. Several proprietors explain their young puppy’s habits as persistent throughout very early training. Yet these are clever dogs efficient in discovering obedience for a delighted and healthy and balanced life both inside and beyond the house.

As component of day-to-day life, it is additionally vital to not leave a Labahoula alone for long. They can obtain wild and devastating if delegated their very own gadgets. Most of their pet moms and dads explain them as “rowdy” when not kept track of. Obedience training mainly concentrates on suppressing the wilder propensities and qualities in the Labrador- Catahoula mix.

Being so energised and healthy and balanced implies a Labrador- Catahoula mix is an outward bound, individuality- driven buddy throughout their lives. They require task and workout for at the very least 90 mins daily. Due to their task qualities, they are bad pets for homes or city slicker. They require their very own room, normally being finest matched for country or country residences with enough yards or land.

Exactly How To Care For Labahoulas

Labahoulas are very easy to bridegroom and have couple of significant health and wellness problems past hip dysplasia. Yet individuals curious about having a Labrador- Catahoula young puppy should think about the type’s requirement for day-to-day task and friendship. These pets additionally need training from a very early age.

Upkeep And Pet Grooming

Labahoula dogs are very very easy to bridegroom and preserve. They have short, rugged layers of hair that dropped extremely little and need just a light cleaning weekly to 2 weeks. Besides a periodic bathroom as required, there are no genuine specialist brushing requirements. Certainly, it is very important to comb their teeth concerning two times regular to stop oral condition. You must examine your dog’s ears and tidy them each to 3 months. Search for indicators of wax construct- up, particles, or infection. If your dog continues to be energetic outside, it might not require routine nail clipping. Yet you must cut their nails as required every a couple of weeks.


Educating a Labahoula is not constantly very easy. They are clever dogs yet can be persistent in both the young puppy stage and as grownups. Obedience, socializing, and potty training must begin immediately. Nevertheless, basic obedience needs some support throughout their life time. They do quite possibly with reward- based favorable support. The blended type’s primary problems often tend to be misdeed when laid off when around various other animals or amongst individuals they do not understand.


Labahoula dogs require at the very least 90 mins daily of exercise. This play can consist of video games like bring, fieldwork, swimming, or simply spare time to run and mingle around an open room. They are energetic dogs and do not live well in homes or little setups. They make outstanding buddies for joggers, walkers, and other individuals that enjoy to be outdoors and energetic daily. To name a few types of dogs, these are a few of one of the most energetic pets. Pet proprietors can anticipate to stroll or run their pet a matching of at the very least 15 miles each week.


These blended type pups require to be interacted socially and educated from a really young age. They require routine direct exposure to individuals of every ages and various other pets from the beginning. At the exact same time, they should undergo extensive training to suppress a few of their propensity towards security and stubbornness. Or else, the dog ends up being tough to take care of within a house and around other individuals or animals.

The blended- type additionally is mischievous when laid off for also lengthy and will certainly need pet crate training to handle this touch. Pups to grown-up dogs can additionally aggravate various other pets due to their monitoring, herding, and going after actions.

Labahoulas and Kid

These pups are lively, caring, and vibrant around kids from the beginning of their lives. They excitedly intend to take part in family tasks and make dedicated and safety family buddies. Since they have a high requirement for task, they make excellent pets for families with numerous kids. At the exact same time, they give the family with security.

Dogs similar to Labahoulas

There are numerous dog types similar to Labahoulas These consist of the Labraheeler, collie, and Bouvier des Flandres.

  • Labraheeler— The labraheeler resembles the labahoula in knowledge and power. They share most of the usual qualities of their labrador retriever beginning. Both need energetic families, tend to “guard dog” and require very early training and socializing. These dogs additionally have similar shade selection as the labahoula’s layer.
  • Collie— The grown-up collie is similar in dimension to the labahoula. Both types are great with kids and share a propensity to herd individuals and animals. They appreciate similar lifetime and additionally do not like being divided from their humans.
  • Bouvier des Flandres— These dogs additionally need great deals of workout as a result of their energetic nature. They are rounding up dogs, sharing the propensity to herd individuals and various other animals around the home and outdoors. Both types share modest splitting up stress and anxiety when far from their humans or laid off for extensive durations.

Popular names for labahoulas consist of:

  • Bella
  • Blue
  • Cooper
  • Tucker
  • Pepper
  • Sadie


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