Korean Jindo

At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Jindos marched in the opening ceremonies.
Korean Jindo Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
Korean Jindo Physical Characteristics
Grey, Fawn, Black, White, Tan, Brindle
12-15 years
Male, 35-50 lbs. Female, 25-40 lbs.
Korean Jindo Distribition


The Korean Jindo is an old searching dog from the non- showing off team that established over countless years on the Island of Jindo, southwest of South Korea. They easily strolled the countryside together with their masters, searching tiny video game by themselves, bringing the victim back to their proprietors, and searching deer and boar in packs.

Jindos create a solid bond with their key caretaker and are very faithful to and safety of that individual. Their territorial nature makes them outstanding attack dog. Korean Jindos are withdrawn with unfamiliar people and will certainly not take food from somebody they do not understand. They are not pleasant to various other dogs or animals. As a family pet, they know pecking order, remaining faithful to the one they regard to be accountable.

The 2 Various Kinds Of Korean Jindos

The Korean National Dog Organization (KNDA) identifies 2 various type of body:

The Tonggol (or Gyeopgae) is muscle and stocky.

The 2nd variant (Hudu or Hotgae) is somewhat longer and slenderer than the Tonggol.

Korean Jindo Enjoyable Truths

  • The Social Heritage Defense Act provides the Jindo as All-natural Prize # 53 in Korea.
  • At the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Jindos marched in the opening events.

3 Pros and Cons of Having a Korean Jindo

Pros! Cons!
Jindos are one- proprietor dogs. They are faithful and safety of that individual in their life. They make outstanding attack dog. As outstanding attack dog, they can be extremely territorial. The majority of the hostile propensities they show are in the direction of those they regard to be invading their region.
They are extremely smart. Korean Jindos can addressing obstacles without instructions. They tame conveniently, also! Aside from their proprietors, Jindos intend to supervise of whatever scenario they remain in. They pursue supremacy, and proprietors need to understand what they’re doing while training.
Jindos are an old and resistant type. With just a couple of significant wellness worries, they have an extraordinary life expectancy for a tool- sized dog at 12- 15 years. As a result of their knowledge and their issue- addressing abilities, they have solid sensations of freedom. They have actually been understood to review a circumstance and decide up in arms with what their proprietor desires.

Korean Jindo Dimension and Weight

Jindos are average- sized dogs. The male is 18 to 25 inches high and considers 35 to 50 pounds. Females are 16 to 22 inches high and consider 25 to 40 pounds.

Elevation (Male): 18- 25 inches
Elevation (Female): 16- 22 inches
Weight (Male): 35- 50 pounds.
Weight (Female): 25- 40 pounds.

Korean Jindo Typical Health And Wellness Issues

A durable, old type, Jindos are strong and healthy and balanced. Nonetheless, 2 well-known concerns might impact the Jindo: hypothyroidism, which shows up in hostility, and skin and layer concerns, and discoid lupus, where the dog comes to be adverse its very own cells. Discoid lupus leads to scabbing, loss of coloring, blood loss, and scarring around the nose and various other locations.

The Korean Jindo is reasonably unusual and has actually not been reviewed widespread, so the type’s real orthopedic and eye standing has yet to be completely checked out. Select your dog from a reliable dog breeder and demand full inoculation and testing documents to stay clear of significant wellness concerns.

Korean Jindo Personality

If you are trying to find a faithful, safety friend, the Jindo might be your dog. They are independent seekers, critical guardians, and faithful buddies, following their proprietor from area to area and discovering an area to huddle and enjoy what they are doing. The Korean Jindo is a brave issue solver. When they are utilized as attack dog, they observe, make a decision, and respond according to their training and understanding of the scenario.

As a family dog, they call for unique training and factor to consider. Family participants need to all can connecting with the dog properly; the Jindo looks for a leading location in the family pecking order, reacting to one trainer. They are victim driven and not thinking about connecting with anybody outside their “pack.” They are not thinking about various other animals and can be territorial, particularly with males.

Exactly How To Deal With the Korean Jindo

Korean Jindo puppy
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Korean Jindo Upkeep And Pet Grooming

Korean Jindos often tend to brush themselves like cats, with dual layers that dropped crud and wetness. This layer undertakes large dropping two times a year. Aside from that surge of hair, the dog does not drop that much and need to be cleaned once a week with a pin brush. They just require to be bathed sometimes, though cozy bathrooms will certainly aid throughout their dropping period.

In Addition To this, simply cut their nails on a regular basis, clean their teeth, and examine their ears often for wax and particles to maintain them from obtaining contaminated.

Korean Jindo Training

The Jindo is a qualified and smart issue- solver and will just reply to one instructor. Although it is faithful to its proprietor, it can making independent choices and will in fact evaluate its trainer’s reasoning, so it’s important that you follow your training.

It can conveniently discover methods, consisting of opening up doors and containers, making it something of an escaper. If you allow it run totally free in a confined location, the wall surfaces or fencings need to go to the very least 6 feet high. On the various other hand, it is very easy to tame!

Korean Jindo Workout

A sports type, the Korean Jindo calls for job and some type of task. It is great if they become part of an energetic house. Tempt gushing and dexterity tests are great for this dog. 2 30- min strolls each day are the minimal essential to please their requirement for movement. When strolling, maintain the dog on its lead (its victim drive is solid), and do not allow it stroll ahead; it will certainly take that as an indicator of entry on your component. Contest of strength is additionally not advised.

Korean Jindo Young Puppies

Jindos are birthed in a clutter of 4- 8 pups. Socializing must start as quickly as the pup returns since their understanding of what is normal requirements to be instead extensive to ensure that they do not respond adversely to brand-new scenarios. They are smart sufficient to educate at that phase, also. Taming the Jindo is rather very easy since they are tidy dogs.

Korean Jindo And Kids

The Jindo can be great with older youngsters that engage with the dog properly. It suches as to have fun with and is faithful to its relative. As a result of its territorial and victim- driven propensities, proprietors need to enjoy it around tiny or strange youngsters. Never ever leave an inexperienced dog alone with youngsters.

Dogs Similar to the Korean Jindo

  • Shiba Inu: The Shiba Inu is a Japanese searching dog that is literally similar to, though smaller sized than, theKorean Jindo The Shiba Inu is additionally meticulous regarding its layer, like the Jindo.
  • Akita: The Akita additionally looks similar to the Jindo, though it is a lot bigger. It is a searching dog reproduced in the hills of Japan.

Famous Korean Jindos

Jindos are understood for their commitment, homing reaction, and orientation. Every one of these were presented in the tale of Baekgu, a female Jindo that was offered in 1993 to a brand-new proprietor in a town virtually 180 miles away. Baekgu really did not affix to her brand-new proprietor, escaped, and made her back to her initial proprietor after a painful 7- month trip. Her initial proprietor altered her mind regarding the sale and maintained Baekgu till her fatality 7 years later on.

Popular Names for a Korean Jindo

  • Baekgu
  • Yong
  • Shin
  • Sejong
  • Jin- Ho
  • Shiri
  • Chin- Sunlight
  • Hyun
  • Jung
  • Mi- Hi

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