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No, that’s not a wipe– the Komondor is a white, fear- haired dog coming from a long, worthy, centuries- old heritage as Hungarian sheep guardians. These all-natural herding dogs deal with a fabled background: after The second world war and the Cold Battle quit the importing of Komondors from Hungary, the type diminished almost to the factor of termination. In the 1960s, nevertheless, American dog breeders reconnected with Hungary and had the ability to rejuvenate the type and make them well-known all over the world.

The Komondor is covered head to tail in white, corded hair, making it quickly identifiable. Regardless of their mass, they are remarkably quick and carry out with skill and poise when offered a job to do. These dogs are increasingly smart and independent, needing a solid hand throughout training.

Find Out More concerning what makes the Komondor one-of-a-kind and whatever to understand prior to thinking about the type as a pet.

The Komondor type is taken into consideration among Hungary’s nationwide prizes, to be safeguarded from adjustments and maintained.

The Most Effective Dog Food For Komondor

The most effective food and diet prepare for your grownup Komondor relies on its dimension, age, metabolic rate, and workout task. No 2 dogs are alike, and extremely energetic dogs will not surprisingly need even more healthy foods than one that’s a lazy-bones. Komondors can bloat or often tend in the direction of weight problems with excessive accessibility to food. They might gain from 2- 3 smaller sized dishes daily as opposed to a huge, complimentary- feed meal.

Komondors ought to access healthy, active ingredient- abundant food with a lot of meat- based healthy protein, healthy and balanced fats, and minerals and vitamins. These will certainly assist maintain your dog in suggestion- leading form, remain energetic, and stay on par with its workout requires. We at A- Z Animals, as a result, advise Primitive Duck Solution Nuggets Grain- Free Raw Freeze- Dried out food as one of the healthiest choices for your puppy. You can feel confident that your dog gain from actual, non- dealt with animal- based duck meat blended in with natural fruit and vegetables combined right into an optimum formula of macro and trace elements.

While Komondors gain from deals with in training, make certain to dole them out moderately. Your puppy will certainly be equally as satisfied with a little training reward as a bigger item. Make sure to give accessibility to tidy, fresh water in any way times.

3 advantages and disadvantages of possessing a Komondor

Pros! Cons!
Very smart and conveniently trainable
These smart sheepherders can find out techniques promptly and gladly handle appointed jobs.
Loud barker
As sheep herdsmans, these dogs bark to caution off trespassers and present individuals to the home.
Exceptionally dedicated
Komondors enjoy their family members and will certainly do anything to safeguard them.
Independent with rounding up impulses
Delegated their very own gadgets, these dogs will normally herd member of the family and might consider themselves the one in charge.
Healthy and balanced with reduced clinical upkeep
Komondors are normally healthy and balanced and need little in the method of clinical maintenence.
High upkeep brushing demands
Their unique, corded layers make brushing a significant and essential routine.

Komondor Dimension and Weight

The Komondor female’s ordinary elevation varieties in between 22 and 26 inches, with males efficient in expanding concerning 2 inches taller. Males can come up to 100 extra pounds at complete maturation, and females normally evaluate concerning 80 pounds.

Elevation (Male) 28′ Tall
Elevation (Female) 26′ Tall
Weight (male) 100lbs, completely expanded
Weight (female) 80lbs, completely expanded

Komondor Typical Health And Wellness Issues

Komondors have no type- certain wellness problems to stress over. Sourcing your puppy from a liable dog breeder will certainly enable you to ensure your puppy’s without possibly creating hip dysplasia. The Komondor Club of America likewise calls for dog breeders to obtain eye wellness accreditations to caution proprietors of possible loss of sight.

Komondor Character

These dogs were reproduced to safeguard their herds, making them normally careful of complete strangers and safety of their “groups” or family members. As devoted watchdog, Komondors will happily notify you if somebody brand-new is coming close to the home. The Komondor’s freedom and safety herding reaction make it much better fit for bigger residences where barking will certainly be much less of a concern. Regardless of their bossiness, these dogs are caring dogs that will certainly follow their human fees from area to area.

Exactly How To Care For Komondor

best big dog - Komondor
The lengthy and wiry Komondor layers floor covering and cable normally in very early their adult years.Colin Seddon/Shutterstock. com

Komondors’ caretaking relaxes largely on normal, routine brushing practices that are needed to keep the wellness and sanitation of their layers. With company and regular training, proprietors can develop themselves as pack leader and make the loyal depend on of their Komondors. Routine workout and psychological excitement are essential, as these dogs will promptly end up being bored and determine they supervise of the home.

Upkeep And Pet Grooming

The lengthy and wiry Komondor layers floor covering and cable normally in very early their adult years. As your pup becomes their adult years, proprietors need to tear the bigger floor coverings right into smaller sized ones to develop limited cables. In maturation, these cables can get to the ground otherwise reduced and need to be routinely preserved for size. The majority of proprietors like to maintain cables in between 8 to 10 inches long to maintain them tidy, and dogs can be sheared a number of times a year to stop dust from gathering.

Komondors lost their undercoats two times a year. Throughout the dropping period, you need to by hand divide cables to maintain them from matting as well near to the skin and tearing. While this straightforward procedure calls for just a few hrs every year, it is crucial for your dog’s hairy wellness. You need to likewise keep the cables regular to maintain them from entangling as well chaotically.


The training and framework upkeep for a Komondor is one more difficulty that possession involves. You need to regularly educate and educate the dog from puppyhood to adhere to orders and act within your desires. Obedience courses in between 4 and 8 months old assistance mingle your Komondor with other individuals and pets. Showing your dog just how to act when novices go to your house is likewise a should to assist your Komondor not end up being inhospitable to complete strangers.


Grown-up dogs run quickly and bark noisally, yet normally, they continue to be fixed in their safeguarding settings. They do not require one of the most substantial backyards yet proprietors need to stroll them a couple of times everyday to maintain them energetic. Psychological excitement with techniques or dexterity training works as abundant task for these dogs.

Young Puppies

As pet grooming is vital to possessing a Komondor, adjust your pup to individuals touching their ears, mouth, and paws by touching and analyzing them regularly. Combining brushing with a lot of incentives and deals with will certainly make future upkeep a delightful experience.

Komondors normally get to complete maturation in concerning 3 years, so taking this time around to present them to various individuals, views, scents, and experiences is crucial. Pup courses assist Komondors grow by training and presenting them to dog good friends, while lengthy strolls assist them fulfill brand-new individuals regularly.

Komondor And Youngsters

Komondors normally agree considerate older kids or more youthful kids if they are elevated with each other. They are caring family dogs that take into consideration youngsters their “group” to be maintained in their view by following them throughout your house.

Dogs similar to Komondor

The furry Komondor is very closely pertaining to the Puli, Bergamesco dogs, and the Spanish Water Dog.

  • Puli: The Puli shares both the lengthy corded layer and its Hungarian origins with the Komondor.
  • Bergamasco: These independent, friendly dogs make them best rounding up dogs, similar to the Komondor.
  • Spanish Water Dog: This type is likewise a watchful spectator that intends to please its family with effectively satisfying its functions.

Popular names for Komondor dogs consist of:

  • Soma
  • Albert
  • Bodi
  • Laszlo
  • Gigi
  • Zuri

Famous Komondor

American artist Beck included a Komondor on the cover of his 5th workshop cd, Odelay

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