Jaguarundi Cat

These cats are expert swimmers.
Jaguarundi Cat Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Herpailurus yagouaroundi
Jaguarundi Cat Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Red
15 years
Top speed
40 mph
Jaguarundi Cat Distribition

” The jaguarundi has 13 one-of-a-kind audios it utilizes to connect with various other cats.”

The Jaguarundi has a label: theOtter Cat This is due to the fact that its head is similar fit to an otter’s head. This cat’s tail additionally bears a similarity to an otter’s tail. In addition to that, a jaguarundi cat is a specialist swimmer which includes a lot more credibility to the label! Nevertheless, a jaguarundi is absolutely a feline. This little animal is a predator discovered in the scrublands, swamps, and woodlands of Central and South America.

5 Unbelievable Jaguarundi Truths!

  • Unlike various other cats, a jaguarundi is out trying to find food in its environment throughout the day.
  • This cat interacts with various other cats in several methods consisting of whistling, tweeting, babbling and, obviously, purring.
  • They have the capability to leap 6.5 feet right into the air to catch a bird.
  • The population of this cat is endangered by loss of environment along with catches established by humans.
  • These cats have a life expectancy of as much as 15 years.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the jaguarundi is Herpailurus yagouaroundi They are referred to as otter cats and weasel cats. Jaguarundis are participants of the Felidae family and Mammalia class. Jaguarundi is a Guarani word. Guarani is talked in Paraguay where this cat is discovered.

The 8 subspecies of jaguarundi:

  • Puma yaguarondi armeghinoi
  • Puma yaguarondi cacomitli
  • Puma yaguarondi eyra
  • Puma yaguarondi fossata
  • Puma yaguarondi melantho
  • Puma yaguarondi panamensis
  • Puma yaguarondi tolteca
  • Puma yaguarondi yagouaroundi

Appearance & Actions

A jaguarundi cat has actually brief legs coupled with a long, slim body. This is yet one more reason it’s described as an otter cat. Its body actions 19 to 30 inches long and adds one more 12 to 24.5 inches for its tail. Its elevation varies from 10 to 14 inches from shoulder to paw. This cat has a weight variety of 6 to 20 extra pounds as a grownup. It’s covered in brownish, red, or dark grey hair.

Think Of a 20- extra pound jaguarundi and you’re visualizing an animal the exact same weight as a dachshund. A 19- inch long jaguarundi is equivalent in size to one and one- quarter bowling pins. The lengthiest a jaguarundi cat’s body can be is 30 inches. So, when you consider a jaguarundi believe along the lines of the ordinary housecat as opposed to a tiger.

The ocelot is one more little participant of the Felidae family. It’s similar in dimension to a jaguarundi in regards to elevation at 16 to 20 inches high. Yet ocelots are larger considering as much as 35 extra pounds. Ocelots have actually been recognized to victimize jaguarundis.

The dark hair of a jaguarundi cat offers it some security from predators in its scrubland, overload, or woodland environment. They can run reasonably quickly for a cat in the wild at a rate of around 40mph. These little cats can swim which provides a benefit over a killer that will not venture right into the water.

A lot of jaguarundis are singular, yet researchers have actually seen them develop sets in their environment. They are reluctant mainly because of their little dimension and susceptability to bigger creatures in the location.

A jaguarundi’s body can expand as huge as 30 inches!slowmotiongli/Shutterstock. com

Jaguarundi Cat vs Jaguar

A jaguarundi has words jaguar in its name, so you figure they need to be basically the exact same animal. Yet, while there are some resemblances, there are plenty of distinctions in between these 2 cats.

They are both participants of the Felidae family and are both predators. Both animals reside in Central and South America. Their environments are similar because jaguars reside in scrublands and marshes equally as jaguarundis do. And also, they are both qualified swimmers and are singular other than at reproducing time.

Among one of the most evident distinctions in between the jaguar and the jaguarundi concerns their dimension. A jaguar can be 30 inches high at its shoulder and males can evaluate about 200 extra pounds. Several of the bigger males of the species can evaluate in at over 300 extra pounds! Conversely, the jaguarundi stands a little over one foot high and can evaluate as much as 20 extra pounds.

A jaguar’s layer is tan with black places while a jaguarundi’s layer is strong brownish, red, or grey.

One more distinction is while the jaguarundi has a preservation listing of Least Concern, the jaguar is provided by the IUCN as Near Threatened because of loss of environment. Luckily, companies such as Large Cat Rescue have actually taken actions to aid study this cat’s population and placed defenses right into area.


Jaguarundis reside in Central and South America. Though they as soon as inhabited the southerly component of Texas, there hasn’t been one seen there because 1986. Their environment consists of scrublands, swamps, savannahs, and woodlands. They reside in pleasant and exotic environments.

Though they can relocate quickly on the ground, jaguarundis invest a great deal of time up in the trees. This is a great way to evaluate their environment for dangers and target. When they get on the ground, a jaguarundi can jumping 6.5 feet directly airborne to capture a bird.

Predators and Risks

Jaguarundis are predators. They are various from various other cats because they quest for target in the daytime. You have actually most likely been under the impact that many cats are nighttime. A lot of are nighttime, yet the jaguarundi is an exemption. Normally, it is energetic in the late mid-day right into the night. These little cats are recognized to look for food near streams and creeks. Understanding exactly how to swim broadens the selection of target offered to this cat. They are versatile in discovering food anywhere target is offered in their environment.

What consumes jaguarundis?

This little animal has greater than one killer. It is preyed upon by coyotes, mountain lions, and ocelots. Humans are additionally a killer of the jaguarundi.

Mountain lions and ocelots can climb up trees making it simpler to access to jaguarundis. Furthermore, they have the rate to overtake a taking off jaguarundi. Coyotes are energetic on ground degree in much of the exact same environments as this little cat. A coyote additionally has the rate to go after and catch a jaguarundi.

Jaguarundis can be drastically harmed or eliminated in catches established by individuals. These catches might be established by neighborhood farmers or herdsmans to stop these cats from victimizing chickens and various other chicken kept the farmland. According to the Big Cat Rescue company, these cats are additionally endangered by the damage of their environment as an outcome of building and land growth.

In regards to its conservation status, the jaguarundi has a reducing population yet is still signed up as Least Concern.

What does a jaguarundi eat?

Fish is the primary diet of this cat. It would not be uncommon to see a jaguarundi trying to find fish or frogs in superficial locations of a stream or various other body of water. Various other animals in their diet consist of spiny rats, Brazilian guinea pigs, mice, and rabbits.

Reproduction and Life Process

The breeding period of the jaguarundi happens whenever of the year. A female is sexually fully grown at 2 years of ages. When she prepares to mate, she pees in numerous locations on the ground so a male will certainly get her aroma. The aroma of her pee can take a trip a lengthy means to the area of a male. Furthermore, the female makes a chattering or weeping audio as one more means to draw in males in the location. A male jaguarundi couple with a various female each time it types.

The gestation duration of this cat is 70 to 75 days. As a contrast, an ocelot’s gestation duration can increase to 90 days. A female jaguarundi makes a nest for her young in a thicket or in the hollow of a tree. Discovering an area where her young are well- surprise methods they will certainly be much less endangered by predators in the location. She offers real-time birth to one to 4 children. Babies evaluate much less than one extra pound and are totally dependant on their mom. The male does not aid take care of the young.

Newborn jaguarundi children are additionally called kitties. They are birthed without the capability to see or listen to much like simply pet kitties in a house. These kitties have places on their hair when they are birthed. Yet the places discolor and go away within days. The mom registered nurses the kitties to provide sustenance. When they get to a number of weeks old and their eyes and ears have actually opened up, she starts to feed them little components of the target she records. Quickly, she starts to show her kitties exactly how to quest for target. They are completely discouraged at 40 days old. Jaguarundi young can live separately at 10 months old.

These cats have a life expectancy of as much as 15 years and often much longer.


The population of this little cat is unidentified. Yet its condition of preservation is Least Concern Biologists think their population is lowering.

Though these cats as soon as stayed in the southerly location of Texas, they are currently taken into consideration Extinct because place.


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