They can run as fast as 45 mph.
Jackrabbit Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Lepus californicus
Jackrabbit Physical Characteristics
Brown, Black, White
five to eight years
Top speed
45 mph
three to six pounds
Jackrabbit Distribition

” A black- trailed jackrabbit can cover 10 feet of range in simply one jump”

A black- trailed jackrabbit is a hare located in the south and western components of the USA in addition to in Mexico. Together with having a black tail, this hare has hair shades of grayish- brownish on a lot of its body with white hair on its face. It’s an herbivore consuming turf, bark, cacti, and branches. The life-span of this hare is 5 to 8 years.

5 Amazing Jackrabbit Realities!

  • Its normal environment consists of areas, levels, and the desert.
  • This hare has scent glands near its tail it makes use of to note its region.
  • It has a running rate of a minimum of 40mph.
  • It runs in a zig- zag pattern to avoid coyotes, bobcats, and various other predators.
  • The life-span of this hare increases to 8 years in the wild.

Scientific name

Lepus californicus is the scientific name of the black- trailed jackrabbit. An additional name for this animal is the American desert hare. Words Lepus describes this hare’s genus and words californicus describes The golden state which is one location where this animal is located. It remains in the Leporidae family and the class Mammalia.

Subspecies of the black- trailed jackrabbit are:

  • Lepus californicus californicus
  • Lepus californicus deserticola
  • Lepus californicus madalenae
  • Lepus californicus melanotis
  • Lepus californicus texianus
  • Lepus californicus insularis

Appearance & Actions

The hair of this animal includes a mix of shades, particularly grey and brownish. Together with a black tail, it has white hair on its face and yellow eyes with rounded black students. This hare depends on 2 feet long and can consider 3 to 8 extra pounds. 10 extra pounds is the heaviest this hare can be.

Its ears are one of the most significant attribute of this animal. When it involves appropriate recognition, a hare’s ears can expand as long as 7 inches while a rabbit’s ears are just 3 or 4 inches long. The back feet of a hare are likewise much longer than a rabbit’s back feet. A hare utilizes its lengthy back feet to move itself off the ground to jump a range of 10 feet while running. When you imagine this animal jumping 10 feet, bear in mind that a range of 10 feet amounts to half the size of a grown-up giraffe!

The grey and brownish hair of a black- trailed jackrabbit assists it to assimilate with its desert and levels environment. This camouflage assists shield these hares frompredators This animal’s rate is one more protection it has versuspredators This animal can get to a rate of as much as 45 miles per hour. In addition, it runs in a zig- zag pattern which can place a lot more range in between this animal and its predators.

These are singular animals. This is one more distinction in recognition in between hares and rabbits. Rabbits are social animals residing in huge teams. Hares are called timid and non- hostile.

One of the most distinguishing characteristic of a jackrabbit is its lengthy, put up ears.iStock.com/ Supercaliphotolistic


Black- trailed jackrabbits stay in the western and southerly components of the USA and the north component of Mexico. They are located on the open levels, in rough locations, and in a desert environment. These hares can make it through in a dry to temperate environment.

These hares remainder throughout the day in between huge rocks or under thick shrubs. This assists them to remain amazing in even more dry settings. They appear at night as the sunlight is dropping and are energetic throughout the evening. Their eyes are outstanding at identifying movement at night. Nevertheless, their feeling of odor and hearing is much sharper than their feeling of view. Though these animals are regularly on the action within their region, they’re ruled out migratory animals.

Predators and Risks

Black- trailed jackrabbits are herbivores. They try to find turf, branches, bark, and various other plant life in the evening.

What Do Black- trailed Jackrabbits Eat?

The almost all of a black- trailed jackrabbit’s diet is turf. If the turf is thin in their setting, they might eat bark, weeds, and even cacti.

A hare has the ability to absorb cacti, bark, and various other difficult plant life since it takes a trip to the appendix where it’s damaged down prior to it gets to the animal’s belly.

What Consumes Black- trailed jackrabbits?

Coyotes are the primary predators of these hares. Various Other predators consist of bobcats, hawks, and eagles.

Every One Of these predators can take a trip at a high price of rate much like the black- trailed jackrabbit. A coyote or bobcat might track a jackrabbit out trying to find plant life at sunset. Those 2 animals are professionals at concealing and tracking their target. Conversely, a hawk or an eagle might detect one while remaining on a high branch in a tree. These birds can swoop down and get this creature with their sharp talons. In addition, they are huge sufficient to lug the weight of this hare as they fly away.

These quick animals go to threat of environment loss. Their population is lowering; nevertheless, their conservation status is Least Concern.

Reproduction, Children, and Life Process

The breeding period of this hare goes from January to August. Throughout this time around, male and female black- trailed jackrabbits run around going after each various other and jumping airborne, done in an initiative to locate a friend. These hares have various companions in a breeding period, and a female has 3 to 4 clutters of infants annually. The gestation duration is 41 to 47 days long and the female provides online birth to in between one to 8 infants. Contrast this to a rabbit’s gestation duration of thirty day. Additionally, the normal trash of a rabbit includes 4 to twelve rabbits.

Female black- trailed jackrabbits have their young in a superficial anxiety on a stretch of ground. They do not develop a nest. Infants consider simply a couple of ounces. A black- trailed jackrabbit’s infants are called leverets. They are birthed with a slim layer of hair and their eyes are open. The mom jackrabbit registered nurses her newborn leverets yet leaves them to live separately within 2 weeks of birth.

The life-span of the black- trailed jackrabbit is 5 to 8 years. These hares are vulnerable to an infection called Tularemia. It can eliminate a hare and can be sent to humans by means of a tick or an animal bite.


The population of the black- trailed jackrabbit is unidentified yet provided as lowering. Nevertheless, these hares have a conservation status of Least Concern.


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