IO Moth

The larvae of the Io Moth has a poisonous and painful sting.
IO Moth Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Automeris io
IO Moth Physical Characteristics
Brown, Yellow, Red, Dark Brown
7-14 days
IO Moth Distribition

The larvae of the Io moth have a dangerous and excruciating sting.


Additionally referred to as the peacock moth, the Io moth is a stunning moth belonging to the North American continent. Probably among one of the most identifiable moth species on the planet, Io moths have noticeable eyespots on their back wings. The caterpillar of the Io moth has a special protection adjustment, an unpleasant poison that shields it versus predators. The Io moth made use of to be extensive throughout different areas in The United States and Canada. Nevertheless, recently, the moth has actually ended up being much less typical in the majority of its array.

IO Moth Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

Io Moth (Automeris io) is a vibrant moth of the family Saturniidae, a family that includes large silkworms and imperial moths. It comes from the order Lepidoptera in addition to various other butterflies and moths. The genus Automeris where this moth belongs, is a big genus with 145 species of moths. All species in this genus have noticeable eyespots on the back wings. A lot of species happen in the Americas, yet the Io Moth is belonging to The United States and Canada.

The name Io is originated from the name of a Greek siren that was the temporal enthusiast of the god Zeus. Lesser- recognized typical names for this moth consist of the corn emperor moth and peacock moth.

Like lots of moths, grown-up peacock moths have a brief life expectancy, and they do not feed throughout their brief life expectancy, which commonly lasts in between 1- 2 weeks. The moth is recognized to have intriguing defenses. The caterpillars of Io moths have painful spinal columns that launch excruciating poison. Grownups additionally utilize their hindwing eyespots as a kind of protection to discourage predators.

Appearance: Just How To Determine IO Moth

Moths - Io Moth
A male io moth, with the large collection of eyes that it creates as an innovative defense reaction.Kevin Collison/Shutterstock. com

Grownup Io Moths have a typical wingspan of 2.5– 3.5 inches (63– 88 mm). The species is sexually dimorphic, which suggests male and female peacock moths have various looks. Females are commonly bigger than males. Their antennas are additionally somewhat various. The shade of the forewings is additionally rather various for males and females. Male Io moths are yellow-colored, while females are mainly brownish, purple, or corroded red.

Io moths remainder with their wings squashed sideways and spread over their backs. When interrupted, they typically split their forewings and hindwings to disclose huge eye areas.

The shade of the larvae differs relying on the phase of advancement. They’re red- brownish in the beginning, yet this slowly transforms yellow-colored- brownish as the caterpillar creates. At complete maturation, the larvae are commonly yellow-colored- eco-friendly or blue- eco-friendly. Their body is covered in thick bristles with painful spinal columns that launch a bothersome poison.

Fully grown larvae are yellow-colored- eco-friendly to blue- eco-friendly with a red- and- white red stripe on the sides. They have a great deal of thick bristly, painful spinal columns on their body that reason serious irritability in some individuals. The pupa of the io moth is commonly dark brownish. The appearance of the pupa differs relying on whether it’s a male moth or female. Youthful larvae of this moth remain in teams. Nevertheless, they come to be extra singular as they develop and turn into grown-up moths.

Environment: Where To Discover IO Moths

The Io moth is belonging to The United States and Canada. It is most typically located in the Southern Canada location in addition to in the eastern USA. They have actually additionally been located in some components of eastern Mexico. In position where they happen, they reside in a range of environments. Nevertheless, you’re most likely to run into these moths in woodlands and parklike locations. The caterpillar of this moth is polyphagous, which suggests it can take different plants as hosts. Nevertheless, professionals assume they show local choices for the plants they pick as hosts.

Diet: What Do IO Moths Eat?

Grown-up peacock moths, like various other participants of the silk moth family, do not feed throughout their brief life expectancy. They just live for 1 to 2 weeks and do not feed throughout this duration since their mouthparts are lowered. The Larvae are recognized to feed task on different plants. This consists of floral plants, yards, some deciduous trees, bushes, and conifers.

Their selection of host plant differs from one place to the various other. In the Ozarks, for example, Io Moth larvae pick sassafras trees as their host. Yet in position like Missouri, the moth has actually been located in greater than 30 tree species.


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