Hooded Seal

Hooded seal pups are called bluebacks because the color of the fur on their back is blue-gray. This pretty color made people want to make fur coats out of them and made them a target for hunters.
Hooded Seal Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Cystophora cristata
Hooded Seal Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue, Silver
35 years
352 to 661 pounds. Males are much heavier.
Hooded Seal Distribition

” The seal with the blow up red nose.”

A laid-back consider a male hooded seal exposes a normal huge real seal. This indicates he has a blubbery, round body, no ear flaps, tiny fins, and a tail that makes him an outstanding swimmer yet awkward on the ice floes where he typically lives. Yet after that, if the hooded seal will opt for a dive or wishes to excite a competing or a female, the skin in addition to his head can swell to the dimension of 2 footballs. Not just this, yet he can turn off among his nostrils and fill up the various other with a lot air that one more balloon, this set brilliant red, bulges of his nose. Both the balloon on the head and the one that appears of the animal’s nose can generate audios that advise competitors and would certainly- be predators and draw in females.

5 Amazing Hooded Seal Realities!

Right here are some realities regarding this uncommon pinniped:

  • The children are birthed precocial, which indicates they can care for themselves soon after birth. They just registered nurse from 4 days to 2 weeks, after that they’re totally by themselves. Nothing else animal has such a brief lactation duration, yet the high- fat web content in the seal’s milk goes a lengthy means.
  • They can dive to midsts of over 3000 feet and can remain undersea for 50 mins.
  • Males create their renowned hood when they have to do with 4 years of ages.
  • They have the biggest nostrils of any type of seal.
  • The hooded seal cow has really abundant milk. It has to do with 60 to 70 percent fat.

Hooded Seal Scientific Name

This species’ scientific name is Cystophora cristata. Cystophora is Greek for “bladder- holder,” and defines the bladder- like framework located on the male hooded seal’s head. Cristata is Latin for “crested.” There are just one species of hooded seals, though biologists different them right into 2 populaces. There’s the population in the northeast Atlantic and a population in the northwest Atlantic.

Hooded Seal Appearance

The hooded seal is a big seal with silver- grey hair with black places. They have black faces and tiny arm or legs. Though their arm or legs are tiny, these seals are professional swimmers and scuba divers. Males are a little bit longer than females yet consider a lot more. They can consider 661 extra pounds usually to a female’s 353 extra pounds, and naturally, they can inflate their nasal flows.

Hooded seals additionally vary from various other seals in the adjustments nature made to their teeth. Unlike various other seals, they have 2 incisors in their top jaw and one incisor in their reduced jaw.

A male hooded seal can consider, usually, 200 extra pounds greater than a female.Agami Image Agency/Shutterstock. com

The Red Nose of a Male Hooded Seal

The male hooded seal’s “hood” and red nose have actually long been items of attraction for biologists. They are the outcome of a dental caries or bladder in the seal’s nose that can extend. When it’s not blown up, the bladder suspends over the seal’s mouth. When he inflates it, it makes his head appearance practically two times as large as it is, which frightens challengers and is meant to excite females. When the hood is partly blown up, the seal additionally strikes up the elastic septum in their left nasal tooth cavity till it appears like a red balloon. When the seal drinks these balloons, they can make whooshing and sounding sounds that are distinct over land and in the water.

Hooded Seal Actions

Hooded seals are greatly singular up until the reproducing period, which is uncommon. They do not develop social power structures or contest regions, though male seals will certainly contend for a location around a female. Also after they deliver, hooded seal cows and their puppies do not remain with each other long.

Seals primarily eat throughout the loss and wintertime and quit consuming throughout the springtime and summer season when they reproduce and drop their old hair. This indicates that the mommy does not eat while they’re nursing their puppies also as the puppies obtain 15 extra pounds everyday on their really fatty milk up until they’re discouraged. She sheds 15 to 22 extra pounds everyday in the meanwhile. After the springtime reproducing period, the seals go into the water once again to locate food, after that transport out in the summer season to molt.

A hooded seal puppy can obtain 15 extra pounds a day up until it’s discouraged from its mommy.TravelMediaProductions/Shutterstock. com


Hooded seals invest a lot of their time swimming and diving in the cool waters of the North Atlantic Sea and the Arctic Sea. They transport out on ice floes or ashore that is covered with ice and take care to move to locations where ice floes abound.


The seal’s diet is mostly shellfishes and fish. They prefer the capelin, which is a sort of scented located in cool north waters. This tiny fish offers the seal the fat it shops in its blubber and makes use of when it does not eat. Various other foods are squid and octopus, cod, redfish, herring, and halibut.

Hooded Seal Predators and Dangers

Humans have actually been the primary predators of hooded seals. The animals have actually been pursued because a minimum of the 18th century and were gathered so indiscriminately that it was tough for their populaces to recuperate. They were very first eliminated for oil and to make natural leather out of their hides. After that, also child seals were eliminated for their gorgeous hair, and their moms were frequently eliminated as they attempted to shield them. Some individuals are subsistence seekers of hooded seals, yet the seal has actually been so diminished by business searching that also subsistence searching is bothersome. Seals are additionally located stranded on coastlines and obtain knotted in webs implied for various other aquatic animals.

Much less ravenous predators of the animal are killer whales, sharks, consisting of the Greenland shark, and polar bears. Seals, which do not relocate well out of the water, are particularly vulnerable when they are reproducing or molting on pack ice. Smaller Sized predators consist of heartworms, which infest the animal’s heart and lung arteries and can reduce its life. These animals that are kept in bondage additionally pass away from consumption and infection.

What consumes the Hooded Seal?

Hooded seals are consumed by killer whales, sharks, and polar bears.

What does it eat?

The hooded seal consumes fish, aquatic mollusks, and aquatic shellfishes. Though the physical adjustments of the grownups permit them to dive deeply to locate this food, freshly discouraged puppies need to capture their victim near the coast.

Hooded Seal Reproduction and Life Process

The reproducing period for the hooded seal remains in springtime. Because she registered nurses her puppy for such a brief time, a hooded seal cow brings in the interest of males soon after she delivers. The males pump up and seem their balloons both to excite her and to endanger each various other. Occasionally they will merely push each various other off the pack ice. The bull and cow companion in the water, after that he’ll go off and locate one more cow. In the meanwhile, the very first cow is expectant for regarding 8 months. The mommy is increasingly safety of the child for as lengthy as it’s nursing.

Hooded seal - mother and pup
Mommy seals are really safety of their puppy while it’s still nursing.slowmotiongli/Shutterstock. com

Hooded Seal Population

The hooded seal population is thought to be 650,000 animals according to the MarineBio Preservation Culture. Still, the animal is noted as vulnerable. The northwest Atlantic population is either secure or raising, yet the northeast Atlantic population is still in decrease.

Preservation Initiatives

Though the hooded seal is still pursued in locations, it is safeguarded by the Marine Mammal Defense Act of 1972 and undergoes a stringent allocation. No greater than 10,000 hooded seals can be captured in any type of provided year worldwide.


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