Gulper Catfish 

Gulper catfish can consume prey twice its size
Gulper Catfish  Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Asterophysus batrachus
Gulper Catfish  Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Black, Light Grey
10-20 years
Gulper Catfish  Distribition

Gulper Catfish Recap

The gulper catfish ( Asterophysus batrachus), additionally referred to as the troll catfish, is a species that is belonging to the Orinoco and Rio containers situated in Colombia, Brazil, and Venezuela in South America. These predacious fish occupy blackwater tributaries and proactively search during the night. Their thick and rounded body differentiates them from various other species of catfish, and they can capturing and eating target that is two times their dimension. These catfish can be discovered both in the fish tank pastime and in the wild.

3 Truths Regarding Gulper Catfish

  • As opposed to ranges, gulper catfish have a flexible skin that extends over their tummies.
  • They expand to an optimum dimension of 12 inches (30 centimeters) and can take in target two times their dimension.
  • They ingest their target whole.

Gulper Catfish Appearance

Gulper catfish have thick- established bodies, and their pigmentation can vary from black, white, brownish, and also orange. The tummy of the gulper is grey or white and matches their lengthy barbels. Their tummy typically shows up swollen after dishes, and their huge jaw opens up commonly to ingest target.

The flexible skin that covers their scaleless body enables their tummy to extend to suit their dish. Exceptionally, their jaw extends to the rear of their head when capturing target. They have former dorsal fins and 3 sets of barbels around their mouths. The typical grown-up dimension of a gulper catfish is in between 10 and 12 inches (25- 30 centimeters), yet some can get to 14 inches (35 centimeters) in size.

Catfish, Fish, Mississippi River, Underwater, USA
The flathead catfish, visualized over, does not have the one-of-a-kind capability to unhitch its jaw like the gulper stammphoto

Gulper Catfish Distribution, Population, and Environment


The gulper catfish is belonging to South America where it can be discovered in the Orinoco drain systems in Venezuela and the river containers in Rio . They are found in southerly components of South America, like Argentina. In addition, the gulper catfish is dispersed throughout river containers and drain systems in Brazil and Colombia.


These fish come from the family order Auchenipteridae The earliest species booming rivers in southerly Central America. Eventually, the population reached the southerly areas of Argentina and Brazil.

Their conservation status is not intimidated, and it does not show up on the IUCN redlist, yet they are rather unusual in the wild and are mostly discovered in the fish tank profession sector.


Gulper catfish are not accustomed to high currents, favoring to occupy slow-moving- relocating, dirty waters, like blackwater tributaries. They search in superficial water throughout the evening, given that they are nighttime animals. Actually, these base- residence fish invest most of the day hiding.

When maintained in fish tanks, their all-natural environment needs to be reproduced to make sure that they can expand to their complete grown-up dimension and show all-natural habits. This suggests maintaining them in a big fish tank with a soft substratum, superb filtering, marine greenery, and driftwood.

Gulper Predators and Target

Gulper catfish are vicious predacious fish that take in target bigger than themselves. They achieve this by prolonging their huge jaws and ingesting their target whole. Nonetheless, without ranges to shield them, gulper catfish are vulnerable to strikes from predators

These fish are purely predators and eat a healthy protein- abundant diet that contains fish. Nonetheless, in fish tanks, they might eat pellets and feeder fish. Since they can remove nutrients from plants, they might additionally integrate veggie issue right into their diet.

Gulper Catfish Reproduction and Life-span

Sexually fully grown male gulper fish have actually enlarged rectal fins that end up being lengthened and fuse with each other to create an intromittent body organ. This develops a genital pore at the idea of their customized rays. Males are smaller sized and narrower than females. The females’ bigger body enables them to bring eggs in their bellies.

When males wish to mate, they will certainly go after a female and scrub her body to show their need. Reproduction occurs via spawning, yet there is very little paperwork on gulper catfish breeding and reproduction due to the fact that it is unusual for this species to replicate in bondage.

The typical life-span of a gulper catfish in the wild is in between 10 and two decades, yet their life span in a fish tank is much shorter, at 8 to 15 years.


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