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There are two types of green snakes: smooth green snakes and rough green snakes
Green Snake Scientific Classification
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Green Snake Physical Characteristics
5-8 years
Green Snake Distribition

Green snakes include perfectly brilliant green dorsal ranges and assist regulate insect populaces in yards, plants or any place they live.”

Green snakes are the only strong, brilliant green snakes in The United States and Canada and north Mexico. Both subspecies comprising the genus Opheodrys, the smooth green snake ( Opheodrys vernalis) and rough green snake ( Opheodrys aestivus), are nonvenomous and non- endangering to humans. Rather, they offer humans, yards and farming well by feeding mostly on soft- shelled arthropods like spiders, crickets, grasshoppers, moths and butterflies. They likewise play a considerable duty in the community as food for their predators, consisting of birds like crows and hawks, various other snakes, foxes and raccoons.

5 Fantastic Truths

  • The genus Opheodrys consists of 2 subspecies of green snakes, the smooth green snakes and the rough green snakes
  • Both sorts of green snakes lay in between 3 and 13 eggs per clutch
  • The smooth green snake obtains its name from its smooth dorsal ranges of brilliant green
  • The rough green snake is so- called due to the fact that its green dorsal ranges are harsh in appearance and appearance
  • Of both sorts of green snakes, the harsh subspecies is lengthier in both dimension and life-span

Where to Locate Green Snakes

Green snakes live from southerly Canada to north Mexico, consisting of within the majority of states of the USA. In the united state, their geographical array is from North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Montana, Wyoming and Utah eastward, with eastern states having greater populaces of the snakes. Both smooth and rough green snakes are generally non- current in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, The Golden State, Arizona and Nevada. They are likewise not discovered in British Colombia or Alberta, being primarily from Saskatchewan eastward to the Atlantic coastline.

The snakes’ environment is primarily in damp locations with rich plant in which they can camouflage themselves and quest for victim. Both smooth green snakes and rough green snakes like living near water resources, like fish ponds or lakes. Yet smooth green snakes live mainly on the ground in yards, meadows, fields, yards, woodlands and various other vegetation. Their harsh equivalents invest evenings primarily up in trees, bushes and shrubs off the ground and along a coastline.

Since the snakes mate from springtime to very early summer season and lay eggs from June to September, you are probably to see complete grown up green snakes throughout the springtime or summer season. Smooth green snakes are most conveniently discovered in springtime and rough green snakes are most conveniently discovered in summer season. Juveniles are independent upon hatching out in August or September. On the whole, green snakes are energetic from April to October and hibernate throughout chilly cold weather. Throughout that hibernation, normally from December to February at the very least, you will certainly not normally locate green snakes in the wild.

Scientific Name

The green snake is within the family Colubridae, subfamily Colubrinae and genus Opheodrys. The smooth green snake’s scientific name is Opheodrys vernalis and the rough green snake’s scientific name is Opheodrys aestivus Opheodrys originates from the Greek word ophios indicating “snake” and drys indicating “tree.” Vernalis of the smooth green snake’s scientific name originates from the Old Latin vesnālis, indicating “springtime.” Aestivus of the rough green snake’s name originates from the Latin aestivus, for “summer season.”

The 2 Various Sorts Of Green Snakes

Green snakes of The United States and Canada and north Mexico consist of 2 kinds. Initially, the species Opheodrys consisted of classification of 7 various other sorts of green snakes. Yet 2 of these were moved to the genus Cyclophiops in 1981. Both of those snakes are belonging to Eastern locations and are not discovered in The United States and Canada or Mexico. 5 various other subspecies of Opheodrys in The United States And Canada are no more identified as various from rough green snakes or smooth green snakes. These 5 are currently organized with the rough green snakes (Opheodrys aestivus) or smooth green snakes (Opheodrys vernalis).

Both distinctive sorts of green snakes in The United States and Canada and north Mexico consist of:

  • Smooth green snakes (Opheodrys vernalis)– Understood to reside in their ground environments as much as 6 years, smooth green snakes have smooth dorsal ranges and get to sizes as much as 26 inches
  • Rough green snakes (Ophedrys aestivus)– Understood to reside in their tree environments as much as 8 years, rough green snakes have harsh dorsal ranges and mature to 37 inches long

Population & Conservation Status

Both green snakes, smooth and harsh, are noted since “least concern” by the IUCN Red Listing of EndangeredSpecies The populaces are likewise noted as secure.

The greatest population matters of green snakes remain in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina. These states contend the very least numerous Opheodrys green snakes where counted, with Texas having actually virtually 2000 counted samplings in the wild. Various other states and districts of Canada array in between reduced matters of 10s or loads to a couple of hundred per counted population. Just reduced matters of listed below 10 green snakes per population are discovered in north Mexico.

Just How To Recognize Green Snakes: Appearance and Summary

Green snakes are normally brilliant green from nose to tail pointer on the dorsal (back) side of their body. The sides are likewise the exact same shade green. The snake’s stubborn belly is normally lotion or yellow in shade. A smooth green snake has a smooth appearance on its dorsal ranges, while its rough green snake equivalent has a harsh dorsal range appearance and appearance.

Juvenile snakes in this genus are frequently tan, brownish or grey in shade, expanding much more green as they establish. As a complete- expanded snake, the green body shade can be a restrained green or an extremely brilliant, verdant or leafed shade.

Green snakes are slim- bodied with females being bigger than males. Both kinds vary from 13 inches in size to 37 inches. Smooth green snakes are the smaller sized of both kinds. The head of the snakes is just somewhat wider than the neck and oval fit.

Exactly how to determine a Green Snake:

  • Intense green dorsal and side shade for complete- expanded snakes
  • Grownups gauging in between 13 ″ and 37 ″
  • Yellow to lotion bottom shade
  • Oblong designed head just somewhat wider than neck
  • Juveniles often tan, brownish or grey in shade
  • Slim bodied

Green Snake Images

green snake in a tree
Green snakes assist to regulate insect populaces.samray/Shutterstock. com

Green rough snake babies emerging from eggs
Green snakes lay clutches varying in dimension from 3- 13 eggs.Stuart Hamilton/Shutterstock. com

close-up view of green snake
Green snakes are recognized for their vivid green coloring, which is contrasted with a lighter color of green beneath.samray/Shutterstock. com

Just How Unsafe Are They?

Green snakes are not unsafe or hostile to humans. They are non- poisonous and consequently not harmful to individuals or pets. As a matter of fact, many individuals attempt to maintain green snakes as pets, although it is challenging for restricted green snakes to live long without specialist treatment. If selecting a green snake as a pet, it is best to choose a rough green snake and workout excellent treatment with a vet’s continuous recommendations. According to lots of records, smooth green snakes frequently will certainly not eat in bondage and pass away from hunger.

Upon seeing a human or killer, a green snake will usually get away. If caught or endangered, they often surge or attack. This is especially real if held by a human. Yet the snakes do not have fangs and their bite is not harmful. It needs to not create injury to individuals or pets, such as cats or dogs. If you maintain a green snake as a pet, you need to take excellent like manage it comfortably. It takes some time and relentless handling for a green snake to obtain made use of to being around individuals.

Green Snake Habits and Humans

Green snakes are not poisonous or hostile to humans. They favor to get away the location and conceal upon spotting a human. The snakes do supply handy solution to individuals, especially in the world of parasite control for yards and plants. Green snakes feed upon soft- shelled arthropods that harm plants like spiders, grasshoppers, crickets, butterflies and moths.


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