Great Blue Heron

Their wingspan is larger than an eagle’s; both males and females help hatch the eggs; rich in symbolism
Great Blue Heron Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Ardea herodias
Great Blue Heron Physical Characteristics
Grey, Blue
5-6 pounds
Great Blue Heron Distribition

The Great Blue Heron is a big water bird discovered mainly in The United States and Canada

They have gorgeous tuft and a remarkable wingspan dimension. Indigenous individuals think there is meaning in seeing among these birds.

4 Extraordinary Great Blue Heron realities!

A Few Of one of the most fascinating realities concerning Great Blue Herons are:

  • These birds just evaluate concerning 6 extra pounds, regardless of their plus size
  • These birds have a wingspan of concerning 7 feet
  • We call their nesting premises a rookery
  • The earliest well-known herons lived to be 24 years of ages!

You can find out more unbelievable realities concerning the great blue heron.

Great Blue Heron Scientific name

The scientific name for these birds is Ardea herodias Individuals in some cases call them cranes, which is wrong, as that is a various species. There is a white range referred to as the Great White Heron, which is discovered mainly just along the Florida shoreline. There is likewise a Little Blue Heron, which is a lot smaller sized and does not have the head tuft. It likewise has a various phone call.

Great Blue Heron Appearance

These birds are blue- grey with black red stripes. The juveniles are rather brown and shaggier. Their eggs are light blue.

Great Blue Heron catching a huge fish.
Great Blue Heron capturing a substantial fish.David Byron Keener/

Great Blue Heron Actions

Herons nest in trees. They quest for food both night and day, many thanks to outstanding evening vision. They normally do this by pitching in the water.

Great Blue Heron Environment

These birds are normally discovered in marshes, and along rivers and coastlines. Throughout the southerly USA, they are typically seen pitching in superficial waters next to streets, most likely trying to find food. Their environments vary from southerly Canada to the really North components of South America.

Great Blue Heron Diet

Blue herons mainly eat fish, however as a matter of fact they will certainly likewise eat a series of various other animals they locate while wading, consisting of turtles, reptiles, insects, various other birds and in some cases little animals.

Predators and hazards

Though the totally expanded birds have really couple of all-natural predators, the juveniles and eggs are typically victim for crows and ravens, eagles, hawks, turkey vultures, bears and raccoons.

Reproduction and Life Process

These birds lay anywhere in between 2 to 7 light blue eggs. Both males and females participate in the incubation procedure, which takes around 25- thirty day. Within 60 days of hatching, juveniles can trip. They leave the nest concerning thirty day after discovering to fly


The precise variety of these birds is unidentified, however the population approximates variety from 100,000 to 250,000, and it is categorized as “Least Concern”.


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