Golden Masked Owl

While flying high above this owl can hear a mouse moving in the tall grass of field!
Golden Masked Owl Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Tyto aurantia
Golden Masked Owl Physical Characteristics
Brown, White, Light-Brown
2,500-9,999 individuals
4 years
Top speed
20 mph
0.9lbs – 1.7lbs
Golden Masked Owl Distribition

“Golden masked owls have lengthy legs and solid talons permitting them to scoop up rodents from the ground”

The golden masked owl is recognized for its whitish/yellow heart- designed face and huge dark eyes. This owl is a predator consuming tiny rodents, birds, insects, rabbits, and often various other owls. The plumes on its wings are created for relocating calmly via the air. These birds reside in the exotic environment of the island New Britain, Papua New Guinea.

5 Amazing Golden Masked Owl Truths!

  • This owl lives approximately 4 years in the wild
  • It has 2 to 3 eggs per clutch
  • This owl does not hoot, it shrieks
  • It is a singular bird
  • It begins searching for victim at sunset

Golden Masked Owl Scientific Name

This owl’s scientific name is Tyto aurantia. Words Tyto is Greek definition owl and words aurantia is Latin for orange or tawny. This describes the orangish plumes of the golden masked owl.

This bird is additionally called a Bismarck masked owl, a New Britain barn owl, or a New Britain masked owl. It comes from the Tytonidae family and remains in the Aves class. There are greater than 16 species of owl in the Tytonidae family. Various other owls in the Tytonidae family consist of the Australian masked owl, the Tasmanian masked owl and the Sulawesi masked owl.

Golden Masked Owl Appearance

This owl has actually orangish/brown plumes on its back and on the top of its head. Its face is heart- formed with yellow and white plumes. The costs of this owl is level, it has long legs and effective talons. There are white plumes diminishing its upper body. Both dark eyes on its heart- designed face are frequently browsing its environments.

This owl has no ear tufts on its head like various other owls such as the Great Horned owl. A golden masked owl has actually ears concealed on the sides of its head. One ear is greater on its head than the various other. Its left ear has the ability to listen to noises happening on the ground listed below it while its ideal ear listens to noises airborne. This makes it simple to track the noises taking place around!

A grown-up golden masked owl can be from 10.6 to 12.9 inches high. A 10- inch- high golden masked owl coincides elevation as 2/3 of a bowling pin. Completely- expanded this owl considers from 0.9 to 1.7 extra pounds. As an instance, an owl that considers 1 extra pound amounts to the weight of 2 hamsters from the pet store. Generally, female golden masked owls are bigger than males. The masked owl is the biggest of the owls in the Tyto genus.

The pigmentation of a golden masked owl’s plumes assimilates with the branches in its woodland environment. This is among its major defenses versus predators And also, the style of the plumes on its wings permits it to fly calmly. Its wings have actually serrated sides or sides that appear like the teeth of a comb. This style separates the air moving over its wings and develops quiet trip. As an incentive, this little owl can fly at quicken to 20mph!

Golden Masked Owl Actions

Generally, the New Britain barn owl is a singular animal, yet it often couple with one more owl. Throughout reproducing period, owls might collect in a team of 7 or even more. This team is called a parliament. They are reluctant animals that such as to remain concealed in their environment.

It’s a misconception that owls can transform their heads right around. Right around would certainly be 360 levels. Owls, consisting of the golden masked owl, have added vertebrae in their neck permitting them to transform their head 270 levels. An owl’s eyes are repaired in position, so the capacity to transform their head 270 levels assists them absorb their environments.

Golden Masked Owl Environment

This owl survives the island of New Britain, Papua New Guinea. This is an island near the continent of Australia. These owls reside in an exotic environment in bog and coniferous woodlands. This owl lives near the equator and does not move.

Golden Masked Owl Diet

What do golden masked owls eat? This bird is a predator. Its diet primarily includes rodents. However it additionally consumes birds, insects, rabbits, amphibians, bandicoots and smaller sized owls. This owl might eat as several as 4 tiny rodents per evening.

Like many owls, the golden masked owl has superb hearing. It can listen to the rustle of a tiny rodent in an area or on the woodland flooring. Its wings are quiet when it flies permitting it to creep up on its victim to catch it.

Golden Masked Owl Predators and Dangers

Eagles, hawks, and various other owls are all predators of these owls. A number of these predators are larger and more powerful than this owl making it vulnerable to strikes.

Loss of environment as a result of logging is one more danger to this owl. These owls make their nests in hollow trees.

The conservation status of this owl is: Vulnerable Its population is believed to be lowering. This is regrettable since the golden masked owl plays an integral part in the environment. It assist to regulate the rodent population and works as food for larger birds.

Golden Masked Owl Reproduction and Way Of Living

The reproducing period of this owl lasts throughout the year. These owls stick with the exact same companion every year. Simply put, they are virginal. Both make a nest on soft compost inside a hollow tree. Making a nest in a hollow tree assists to supply security for the young. The female lays 2 to 3 eggs and remains on them while the male heads out to quest for food to feed the female. The gestation duration is 32 days.

Child owls are called owlets or nestlings. Owlets consider a little much less than one ounce. They are birthed blind and without plumes, yet promptly start to expand a penalty, pure white layer of down. Their eyes open at around 10 days old. As they expand, their plumes begin to tackle the orange/tawny, white and yellow pigmentation of grown-up golden masked owls. Their mommy brings them tiny rodents and various other victim that she barges in items for her owlets to ingest. After these owlets have every one of their plumes, they remain to be fed by their mommy and dad owl for regarding a month much longer. After that, they are pressed out of the nest to live separately. They are with their moms and dads regarding 80 days amount to.

These owls have an ordinary life expectancy of 4 years. They are vulnerable to Psittacosis, an usual respiratory system disease.

Golden Masked Owl Population

There are an approximated 2,500 to 9,999 specific golden masked owls in Papua New Guinea. These owls remain in concealing making it testing to figure out a specific population number. Their conservation status is Vulnerable, and this owl’s population is believed to be lowering.


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