Ghost Catfish

You can see its heart beating
Ghost Catfish Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Kryptopterus vitreolus
Ghost Catfish Physical Characteristics
Less than an ounce
Ghost Catfish Distribition

Because of its clear shade a ghost catfish is occasionally called a glass catfish, a phantom catfish and even an X- ray fish.

At its biggest dimension, this fish is 2.5 inches long. The ghost catfish is belonging to inland streams in Thailand and is a preferred enhancement to several freshwater fish tanks.

3 Ghost Catfish Realities

  • Noticeable heart beat: The clear body of this fish enables you to see its spinal column along with its pounding heart.
  • Rainbow fish: If sunshine takes a trip with this fish at a particular angle it can produce a rainbow- like pattern of shades in a fish tank.
  • Not expecting with fed eggs: A female ghost catfish spreads her prompt drifting plants where they’re fed by a male. So, though she is bring eggs inside her for some time, she is not expecting with fed eggs.

Classification and Scientific Name

Kryptopterus vitreolus is the scientific name of the ghost catfish. The Latin words Kryptopterus vitreolus equate to the English words surprise glass. It’s likewise referred to as a glass catfish. It remains in the Siluridae family and the class Actinopterygii.

The ghost catfish falls under a team referred to as Oriental glass catfish. Some instances consist of:

  • Kryptopterus baramensis
  • Kryptopterus bicirrhis
  • Kryptopterus cheveyi
  • Kryptopterus cryptopterus

Various Species

There are 104 subspecies in the Siluridae family of fish. Ghost catfish remain in the Oriental glass catfish team.

  • Kryptopterus geminus: Like the Kryptopterus vitreolus, this glass/ghost catfish stays in streams and rivers in Thailand. Nevertheless, the Kryptopterus geminus is bigger in dimension at 6.7 inches long with a thinner head.
  • Kryptopterus bicirrhis: This fish is one more homeowner of streams and rivers in Thailand. One distinction goes to 6 inches this fish is bigger than the Kryptopterus vitreolus. And also, the body of the Kryptopterus bicirrhis is just clear near its head.
  • Kryptopterus piperatus: This fish shares the very same kind of clear body with the Kryptopterus vitreolus Yet, unlike the Kryptopterus vitreolus, the Kryptopterus piperatus is classified as Vulnerable with a reducing population.
  • Kryptopterus cryptopterus: This participant of the Oriental glass catfish team is bigger than a Kryptopterus vitreolus at 5.7 inches long. It likewise has a thicker head.


The ghost catfish is likewise referred to as the glass catfish due to its clear body. Its spinal column can plainly be seen in addition to its pounding heart.

Like various other catfish, this fish has barbels near its mouth. Barbels are spiny developments that assist a catfish locate food on dark river bases.

Ghost catfish are extremely little in dimension that makes them an enticing selection for somebody that wishes to equip a residence fish tank. They are 1.5 to 2.5 inches long as grownups and consider much less than one ounce.

The clear body of this fish can make it show up practically unseen which aids it to conceal from predators like herons and bigger fish. In addition, ghost catfish traveling in colleges. This offers some security when a killer techniques.

A school of glass catfish
Due to their clear skin, you can see glass catfishes’ whole skeletal systemVolha Vasilevich/Shutterstock. com

Distribution, Population and Environment

These fish stay in inland streams and rivers in Thailand. A number of them are discovered in slow-moving- relocating streams. They stay in a freshwater environment with a water temperature level of 75 to 79 levels Fahrenheit.

The complete population of the ghost catfish is unidentified. Yet it’s provided as Least Concern by the IUCN Red Checklist of IntimidatedSpecies They’re recorded and offered in the pet profession, however this does not appear to position a considerable hazard.

Predators and Victim

Ghost catfish are predators. Unlike various other sorts of catfish referred to as base- feeders, these catfish like to record their food as it fails the water.

What consumes a ghost catfish?

These fish are occasionally consumed by bigger fish. Frogs and herons eat the eggs of ghost catfish along with recently hatched out ghost catfish called fry.

What does a ghost catfish eat?

Mosquito larvae, salt water shrimp, and bloodworms are all sorts of food consumed by ghost catfish.

These fish are captured and cost display screen in residence fish tanks, however this has actually not had a significant result on its general population. Reproducing ghost catfish occurs right here in the united state. This fish is provided as Least Concern.

Reproduction and Life-span

In the wild, the reproduction task of this fish occurs in the wet springtime period. Throughout this time around, the female launches or spreads her prompt drifting plants in her environment. She can launch 50 to thousands of eggs. Then, a male ghost catfish feeds the spread eggs. So, a female isn’t expecting with fed eggs. Rather, the eggs are fed on the surface. They hatch out in 3 to 4 days.

Somebody reproducing this fish in a residence fish tank ought to take the infant fish called fry, out of the fish tank as soon as possible. This is to stop their larger storage tank companions from consuming them!

Ghost Catfish in Angling and Food Preparation

Though several sorts of catfish are captured and consumed, these fish are little in dimension and not consisted of in this team. Rather, they’re maintained in temperature level- kept, freshwater fish tanks in residences.


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