German Longhaired Pointer

German Longhaired Pointers are excellent hunters-tracking, pointing, and retrieving game over land and water. They can jump up six feet high and make wonderful emotional support dogs!
German Longhaired Pointer Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Canis lupus
German Longhaired Pointer Physical Characteristics
Brown, White, Dark Brown, Chocolate, White-Brown, Multi-colored
12 to 14 years
55 to 80 lbs
German Longhaired Pointer Distribition

German longhaired pointers are exceptional seekers– monitoring, directing, and recovering video game over land and water. They can raise 6 feet high and make terrific psychological assistance dogs.

German Longhaired Pointer

German longhaired pointers were reproduced for over a century in Germany to develop the excellent weapon dog. The German dog breeders combined numerous dog types in order to accomplish this exceptional searching type: water dogs, scent dogs, and guardian. A seeker extraordinaire, the German longhaired pointer is not scared to obtain its paws damp! German longhaired pointers are a dog type concentrated on monitoring, directing and recovering video game in all scenarios, from the water, upland, and forest locations. This dog type is extremely flexible and adjusted to be both mild buddies and perky seekers.

German longhaired pointers are infamously dedicated and passionate buddies, frequently enjoyable themselves and their human beings throughout searching explorations. They are open to fulfilling brand-new unfamiliar people and come to be incredibly affixed to their proprietors and relative.

German Longhaired Pointer on the beach
German longhaired pointers are learnt monitoring, directing and JWB Fotografie

Possessing a German Longhaired Pointer: 3 Pros and Cons


  • Remarkable family dog: German longhaired pointers make exceptional, dedicated buddies and are spirited with youngsters. They likewise connect well with various other dogs and cats.
  • Lovely to lay eyes on: German longhaired pointers have stunning brownish, polychromatic, or roan tool- size layers which are thick and glossy. Correct upkeep will certainly leave your dog looking regal and honorable.
  • An experienced seeker: German longhaired pointers are ardent seekers, adjusted for both land and water video game. They are exceptional in the area and forest locations, and are outstanding swimmers!


  • High workout demands: German longhaired pointers are very energetic and energised dogs and need similarly energetic proprietors that can stay up to date with their day-to-day power demands. If you’re not the outdoorsy kind, you might intend to reassess obtaining this dog type.
  • Calls for normal maintenance: As a result of their tool- size layer, German longhaired pointers require brushing one or two times a week, especially after play sessions or searching explorations.
  • Not appropriate for city life: Due to their high task degrees, German longhaired pointers favor backwoods (vs metropolitan locations) where they have room to run, play, and swim in order to maintain fit.

German Longhaired Pointer Dimension & Weight

The German Longhaired Pointer is a tool to huge dog type with weight averaging from 55- 80 extra pounds, with males varying from 25- 28 inches in elevation and females at 23- 26 inches.

Elevation (Male) 25- 28″″
Elevation(Female) 23- 26 ″
Weight (Male) 55- 80 pounds
Weight (Male) 55 – 80 pounds

German Longhaired Pointer Usual Wellness Issues

German Longhaired pointers do not have any kind of recognized hereditary health and wellness problems. Nevertheless, they are susceptible to ear infections and wax accumulation, and their ears need to be cleansed routinely particularly after swimming. Hip dysplasia is likewise an usual condition in German longhaired pointers. It is an acquired condition that is German by misshapen hip joints, which can result in joint inflammation and needs medical therapy characterized One more prospective condition that can influence your dog is tooth infection, a condition that influences approximately 80% of dogs by age 2. This can result in your longhaired pointer obtaining dental caries and ultimately shedding its teeth. It can also threaten various other essential body organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver. It is critical that you routinely tidy your dog’s teeth to avoid plaque and tartar accumulation.

German Stomach expansion and volvulus, or bloat, can likewise influence your longhaired pointer much more so than various other dogs as a result of the deep, conical nature of its breast. Bloating can create your dog’s belly to turn around itself and remove blood supply. This condition typically materializes when your dog consumes a big meal prematurely prior to or after workout, or also promptly. The dog displays signs of this by resting on its front paws and its back side up in the air, or gagging without eliminating anything. This problem is fatal. If your dog reveals indicators of it, hurry them to the healthcare facility instantly.

German Last but not least, cancer cells is one more leading condition that the longhaired pointer is susceptible to. Ensure to obtain your dog took a look at occasionally. Cancers cells can be eliminated operatively or via radiation treatment, and the trick is very early discovery.

German In total amount, the usual health and wellness problems longhaired pointers might experience are: German Ear Infections

  1. Hip Dysplasia
  2. Tooth Infection
  3. Stomach Extension and Volvulus (Bloat)
  4. Cancer Cells

Character and Actions

German longhaired pointers are caring, smart, and spirited dogs. They are very trainable and anxious to please. They have actually been observed to be passionate searching buddies and pleasant with unfamiliar people. Due to their favorable character, they make wonderful family pets and like to have fun with youngsters along with various other dogs.

These dogs are solid minded and require positive proprietors whom they can trust for company advice. They like their family and flourish on social communications with human beings. They are recognized to create deep add-ons to their liked ones and need human touch and visibility. It comes as not a surprise that they are recognized to struggle with splitting up stress and anxiety when laid off for also lengthy.

Exactly How To Look After

It is vital that brand-new and potential proprietors of a German Longhaired Pointers longhaired pointer takes into account not just the power demands of these puppies, yet likewise their dietary, psychological, and physical demands too. Routine cleansing and pet grooming are needed for these lengthy German haired elegances along with lots of excellent food, love, and broad open areas.

Treatment and Pet Grooming

German longhaired pointers are energetic searching dogs and because of this need normal upkeep. Their lengthy layers are susceptible to burs from day-to-day task in areas, which would certainly require to be cut off. Abrasions could likewise occur on their tails throughout pursues in hefty cover, and consequently need to be inspected routinely. In addition to this, they do not need hefty upkeep and can do well with modest brushing one or two times a week given that they lost reasonably. Their nails need to be cut and clipped periodically to avoid splitting and fracturing. You need to likewise keep in mind that their ears need to be cleansed of wax and particles routinely, consisting of after swimming tasks, to avoid accumulation, which can result in infection. Their teeth need to be cleaned routinely to avoid tooth infections or degeneration.

German Training

German Longhaired Pointer longhaired pointers are extremely smart dogs. Their anxious German to- please character makes educating them a problem- complimentary experience. They like to function and require something to do, so this need to be included right into their training regimen. Nevertheless, – longhaired pointers do not react well to rough training techniques or unfavorable support. It’s finest to maintain training sessions brief as they are likewise quickly sidetracked.

German It is particularly crucial that these dogs are educated to acknowledge smaller sized house pets as sidekicks rather than target. Due to their impassioned searching impulses, longhaired pointers require to be interacted socially asap from their pup days.

German Pups

German Longhaired Pointer These need to be educated to not be hostile in the direction of smaller sized pets as a result of their all-natural searching impulse. It is best presented at a young age to compare outside target and interior pets. These dogs are great students and will certainly capture on rather quickly.

longhaired pointers need to be educated from their earliest days to compare outside target and smaller sized pets.

Adorable German Longhaired Pointer puppy
German JWB Fotografie

Dogs Similar

  • English setters: English setters and German Longhaired pointers are similar because they are both searching dogs and they have similar characters. They are both dedicated and caring buddies. German English setters evaluate in between 65Male 80 extra pounds. One distinction in between these 2 is their searching maneuver. While English setters established their bodies short on the ground to suggest video game to the seeker, – longhaired pointers utilize their entire bodies to direct the video game out.
  • German Shorthaired Pointer: German Shorthaired Pointer and German Longhaired Pointers Shorthaired German are relative types. They are both searching dogs and exceptional swimmers. They vary by layer size, as their names recommend.
  • Small Münsterländer: Small Münsterländers resemble longhaired pointers due to the fact that they are both pointer dogs, which implies that they ferret out and explain little video game to seekers. Among the primary distinctions in between both types is the dimension. Small Münsterländers remain real to their name, standing at a small 19German 22 inches and considering just 33 extra pounds.
  • Dakota
  • Gunther
  • Precursor
  • Cayden
  • Luna
  • Coco
  • Seeker
  • Associated
  • Moose


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