Gargoyle Gecko

Gargoyle Geckos are about an inch long and weigh as little as 3 grams when they hatch!
Gargoyle Gecko Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Rhacodactylus auriculatus
Gargoyle Gecko Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey, Red, White, Orange
10,000 or more in the wild
20 years or more in captivity, only 10 – 15 years in the wild
Less than 1/4 of a pound
Gargoyle Gecko Distribition

These pocket- sized geckos are charming however additionally beginning to experience difficulty enduring as a result of their decreasing environment.

With a wide variety of shades and patterns, the Gargoyle Gecko is an enjoyable pet. They live just in one location, New Caledonia. This French area lies in the southwest Pacific Sea, near Australia. This gecko calls this island house, although they have actually been exported to come to be pets worldwide.

5 Gargoyle Gecko Realities

  1. These geckos are small, frequently evaluating as low as 3 grams when they are birthed.
  2. Gargoyle Geckos can can be found in all type of shades, consisting of orange, red, grey, brownish, and white.
  3. They obtain their name from the gargoyle- like bumps on the top of their heads.
  4. Gargoyle Geckos can shed their tails and expand them back.
  5. Gargoyle Geckos are nighttime and most energetic in the evening.

Scientific Name

The Gargoyle Gecko passes numerous names, consisting of New Caledonia Bumpy Gecko and Handle- HeadedGecko Its scientific name is Rhacodactylus auriculatus It belongs to the Rhacodactylus genus. All species in this genus are geckos located in New Caledonia. Its family, Diplodactylidae, lives around the area. Diplodactylidae geckos can be located in New Caledonia, Australia, and New Zealand.

They belong to the Squamata order, additionally called Squamates This describes reptiles with ranges. Together with the Gargoyle Gecko, Reticulated Pythons and Frilled- Neck Lizards are additionally Squamates The Gargoyle Gecko belongs to the Reptilia class, Cordata phylum, and Animalia kingdom.


The initial point you will certainly observe regarding a Gargoyle Gecko is its dimension. These geckos are tiny. Grownups are in between 7 and 9 inches long and much less than one- quarter of an extra pound. After hatching out, infant Gargoyle Geckos are more detailed to 1 inch long and 3 grams and are definitely small!

Gargoyle Geckos are additionally identified by the handles on the top of their head that provide their name. They lie on their head where you might anticipate to see ears. There are 2 of them precisely the top, similar to horns or ears in place just. Nevertheless, these bumps do not supply hearing. They have tiny openings behind their huge eyes. These openings really attach to their acoustic features, which are interior.

They have a prehensile tail that can really diminish and grow back. Dropping their tail is one manner in which these geckos get away from predators It frequently occurs when they are under stress and anxiety, although it does not harm them in all. The freshly regrown tails are almost similar to the ones that diminished.

Gargoyle Geckos do not have a details shade or pattern. They are located in orange, red, grey, white, or brownish. They can additionally be candy striped or multicolor.

A Gargoyle Gecko on a black background
Geckos listen to via openings behind their huge reptiles4all


You might have a challenging time locating these geckos throughout the day. Not just are they tiny, however they are additionally nighttime and are most energetic throughout the evening. They can climb up creeping plants and branches. Gargoyle Geckos like to live up in trees and plants. Like various other geckos, they can leap fairly much to reach the following branch or creeping plant. Unlike a few other geckos with stickier toe pads, they can not climb surface areas like glass, nevertheless.

When you do identify a Gargoyle Gecko on the ground, opportunities are they are seeking food or a friend. As a result of their tiny dimension and typical place in trees, it’s rarely that you discover among these geckos relaxing on the ground.

The majority of gecko species lick their eyeballs to maintain them tidy. This consists of the Gargoyle Gecko This unusual habits is feasible since they do not have eyelids. Rather, a clear membrane layer can conform their eye to maintain them damp. They additionally lost their skin and frequently eat it to obtain nutrients.


These geckos reside in a really certain location. Gargoyle Geckos live mainly in the southerly third of Grande Terre. Suggesting “Big Planet,” this island is the biggest in New Caledonia. The exotic rain forests in this component of the globe have a lot of trees and plant life that are perfect for Gargoyle Geckos’ environment.

Gargoyle Geckos are additionally preferred pets. They are very easy to look after and have a fascinating appearance. While they were as soon as taken into consideration uncommon and unique, they are currently coming to be increasingly more typical worldwide in bondage. All Gargoyle Geckos can map their family tree back to New Caledonia, although numerous are reproduced in bondage for pets. Grande Terre island is still the only location they are located in the wild.

When maintained as pets, search for a storage tank that goes to the very least 20 gallons. This offers a lot of area for your gecko to discover. Furnishing your container with branches, creeping plants, and various other plants is additionally essential to reproduce their environment in the wild. Exotic plants are the most effective alternative.


These geckos are omnivores and eat both plants and animals. They do not require to eat a great deal to keep their dimension however do eat regularly. They are recognized to eat centipedes, tiny lizards, various other geckos, blossoms, and also sap. They frequently take a trip to the jungle flooring to search for food and eat. They will certainly eat on branches and creeping plants, nevertheless, as long as they can remain in one location.

In bondage, crickets make a suitable food for Gargoyle Geckos You can additionally feed them powdered gecko food as their key food resource or as a supplement. This specialized food consists of included nutrients that they require to remain healthy and balanced. Attempt to feed them some live food, nevertheless, to enable them to capture it like they would certainly in the wild.

Gargoyle Gecko Predators and Dangers

Various other animals like cats and dogs are one of the most typical predators in New Caledonia for Gargoyle Geckos Rats and various other similar- sized jungle animals eat Gargoyle Geckos These geckos will certainly drop their tails to get away. The tails really remain to relocate, which motivates the killer to pursue the tail rather than the gecko.

The loss of their environment additionally affects the Gargoyle Gecko population in the wild. Due to the fact that they have such a little all-natural environment, also a little modification in the jungle can have a significant impact on these geckos.

As a result of their value as a pet, some individuals maintain and reproduce Gargoyle Geckos This maintains them from coming to be endangered and even extinct. It is still essential to just obtain pets from a respectable dog breeder that preserves risk-free and hygienic problems and does not take geckos from their native environment.

Gargoyle Gecko Reproduction, Children, and Life Expectancy

Gargoyle Gecko children are small and charming, a minimum of for a gecko. When they hatch out, they are around 1 inch long and can be as tiny as 3 grams. After about 18 months, they consider around 30 grams and prepare to mate. Gargoyle Geckos invest a lot of their lives in the trees however concern the ground to mate.

The female Gargoyle Gecko lays 2 eggs, hiding them to maintain them risk-free and to urge the children inside to expand and create. They hatch out after 70 to 90 days and arise, all set to eat. A solitary female Gargoyle Gecko might lay eggs as much as 10 times in her life time.

Gargoyle Geckos meet twenty years or even more in bondage. Keeping the best atmosphere and diet are necessary to guarantee your pet gecko lives a lengthy and healthy and balanced life. In the wild, they likely live much shorter lives, frequently around 10- 15 years.

Gargoyle Gecko Population

Although they have a minimal environment in the wild, researchers are not worried regarding the Gargoyle Gecko population numbers. They are taken into consideration a species of “least concern” on the endangered species listing. Scientists do not understand precisely the number of of these geckos exist in the wild however they approximate the population at 10,000 or even more.

Maintaining these geckos as pets really assists keep the general globe population. Simply see to it to obtain your gecko from a dealership that maintains their geckos in risk-free problems.

Gargoyle Geckos in the Zoo

These geckos laugh at enhancements to a zoo’s reptile home. They are enjoyable to view and frequent appealing exhibitions as a result of their way of life of living in trees. Their intriguing tinting and rough heads are 2 various other reasons that site visitors like to see them. They have a diet like numerous various other geckos, making them very easy to look after too. The Louisiana Acquisition Zoo & & Gardens has Gargoyle Geckos on display.

Gargoyle Geckos are generally maintained as pets, also by those without much experience taking care of geckos. They just call for a standard configuration and basic gecko price.

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