French Lop

One of the largest rabbit breeds
French Lop Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Oryctolagus Cuniculus
French Lop Physical Characteristics
Brown, Fawn, Blue, Black, White, Chocolate, Light Grey
5-8 years
10-20 pounds
French Lop Distribition


Developed in France in the 19th century, the French Lop is amongst the most significant rabbits on the world. This stout, reliable kind has a large head along with extensive ears that put on hold listed here the jaw. French Lops can be located in 2 color varies along with many different color arrays. Although people at first raised them for their meat, they are presently primarily preserved as pal pets along with expose animals.

5 French Lop Facts

  • The preliminary French Lops were recreated as meat rabbits in France around 1850.
  • People assume the French Lop was created by recreating the English Lop with the presently extinct Titan Papillon.
  • The record for most significant French Lop originates from a rabbit called Humphrey that determined practically 42 inches long along with assessed over 28 additional pounds!
  • French Lops do not succeed in cages as an outcome of their large size along with can harm inexperienced owners with their reliable legs.
  • As an outcome of their large size along with moderate nature, French Lops clicked with different other pets, including dogs along with cats.

French Lop Scientific Name

The French Lop shares its scientific name ( Oryctolagus cuniculus) with all 305 acknowledged property rabbit kinds. This is because of the truth that all property rabbits share a normal beginnings with the wild European rabbit. Words Oryctolagus stems from the Old Greek words oryktos, which suggests “accumulated,” along with lagos, or “hare.” On the various other hand, words cuniculus has a far more intricate meaning. In Latin, words almost suggests “dig” or “underground residence,” yet is also pertaining to indicate “rabbits.” When it involves its regular name, the French Lop is required its country of origin (France) along with its unique lop ears, which put on hold the side of its head.

French Lop Appearance

It’s really simple to pick a French Lop out from a team as an outcome of its significant measurement, significant ears, along with unique markings. Normally, French Lops think about in between 10 along with 15 additional pounds yet can easily increase to 20 additional pounds. That declared, they can increase a whole lot larger, as revealed by a French Lop called Humphrey that showed up at a remarkable 28 additional pounds! They have a large, spherical head along with thickset body. On the various other hand, the front legs are rather short along with straight.

French lops can be located in 2 different color arrays, solid or harmed. Solid French Lops can be located in one primarily constant color, while harmed French Lops connect many different tones along with pattern markings. Unlike some kinds, they do disappoint any type of kind of well-known patterns in their layers. That declared, program standards establish that harmed French Lops require to have comparable light along with dark markings, a butterfly keeping in mind on the nose, dark ears along with circle the eyes, along with white feet along with legs. Their extensive, thick layer is offered in a selection of tones including white, brown, black, blue, fawn, chinchilla (grey), steel, cream, along with opal.

Amongst a French Lop’s most unique features is its significant, drooping ears. Described as full lop ears, their ears put on hold along with the head along with typically surface just listed here the jaw. While not as massive as the ears of its predecessor– the English Lop– a French Lop’s ears can increase rather extensive. Generally speaking, their ears determine in between 5 along with 8 inches in dimension.

French Lop
The French Lop is recognizable by its measurement along with trademark extensive ears.Eric Isselee/Shutterstock. com.

French Lop Practices

Despite their large size, French Lops get a kick out of a reputation as convenient along with wonderful- natured rabbits. Owners can attest their comfortable, unwinded personality along with decision to quadrate different other animals. They are a recommended choice for member of the family with youngsters lots of thanks to their really simple- going nature along with sturdy frameworks. That declared, they require to not be preserved by inexperienced rabbit owners. As an outcome of their reliable framework, they can easily harm people with their reliable back legs. If you decide to preserve a French Lop, ensure to handle them with therapy along with protect against frightening them, as they can stun easily along with mistakenly produce themselves or others injury.

French Lop Atmosphere

People at first recreated French Lops in France throughout the 1850s. They remained a commercial rabbit recreated for their meat till they wound up being chosen in surrounding countries including the Netherlands. Around 1933, the preliminary French Lops obtained right here in the UK, where they occurred for display. The kind wound up being rather chosen in the UK by the 1960s along with was preliminary imported to the U.S.A. around 1970. Today, French Lops get a kick out of charm worldwide along with are amongst the far more tried to find- after lop rabbits.

As an outcome of their measurement, French Lops require a good deal of room in which to live as well as play. They do not be successful in cages, whether preserved inside or outside. As a result, a number of owners choose to preserve their French Lops outside in hutches to match their measurement. They can wind up being rather perturbed or else allowed to stray, as a result you’ll usually see them in grass, backyards, or leaping around living locations. You’re not most likely to situate French Lops in the wild, yet if you do, you’ll potentially see them in an area or location.

French Lop Diet

French Lops– like all rabbits– are herbivores. Their diet is made up primarily of hay grass, along with they require to be fed as much fresh hay as they prefer. Together with grass, French Lops can also eat a limited amount of fresh veggies along with fruits. Leafed eco- friendlies are far better than factors like carrots along with apples, which have a good deal of sugar. You can also feed a French Lop a percent of rabbit- information pellet food. At most of, pellet food have to make up no higher than 10% of a French Lop’s diet.

French Lop Predators along with Threats

French Lops do not have all- all-natural predators because of the truth that they are typically preserved either inside or outside in safeguarded hutches. Nonetheless, you require to still preserve a close eye on your French Lop if you permit it stray around outdoors. The most effective threats that French Lops experience contain regular rabbit conditions, stomach problems, along with predation from larger predators along with pets. French Lops do not experience any type of kind of kind- information conditions. That declared, they are acknowledged to have fragile stubborn bellies along with take care of stomach issues. Therefore, you’ll desire to be careful concerning what you feed a French Lop along with ensure they acquire a great deal of fresh grass along with water. Moreover, as an outcome of their strength along with measurement, they can easily leave their spaces or eat right into cables.

Numerous many thanks to their measurement, French Lops do not have much to be terrified from smaller sized predators when they create. Nonetheless, child French Lops can go down target to stoats, weasels, or ferrets. On the various other hand, expanded- up French Lops can be removed by predators, foxes, coyotes, or significant cats or dogs. To stop predators, they require to depend on their anxious identifies of smell along with hearing. Their strong legs provide not equally as a method useful them leave yet also as a device that can provide a reliable kick if important.

French Lop Leisure along with Life cycle

Contrasted to different other property rabbits, French Lops reach sex- associated growth at an older age. Ideally, French Lops require to not start to replicate till they are around 9 months old. In addition, it’s recommended for does to say goodbye to have any type of kind of mess after they reach 3 years old. Like different other rabbits, French Lop does can be rather territorial along with aggressive, so they require to regularly be called for to a buck’s cage when recreating.

Maternity typically lasts around 31 days. The regular garbage measurement is around 5 or 6 kid rabbits, or felines, yet can be as a number of as 12. Throughout a year, a singular doe can give birth to 5 mess along with practically 60 felines. Youngster French Lops will definitely live particularly on their mother’s milk for the preliminary 2 weeks of life. At around 2 weeks old they will definitely begin to eat some fresh grass, pellet food, along with water. They usually have a tendency to inhibit themselves in between 1 along with 2 months old.

French Lops do not live as long as a couple of various other property rabbit kinds, which is more than likely as an outcome of their large size. Normally, French Lops live for around 5 years. Under certain circumstances, some can come up to 6 or 8 years old. French Lops experience countless regular rabbit conditions along with stomach issues which can affect their way of living along with life span.

French Lop Populace

The preliminary French Lops were recreated from English Lops along with Titan Papillons in the 1850s. They remained in enjoyed one obscurity in their aboriginal France till they began to contaminate surrounding countries. They inevitably wound up being rather chosen in the UK around the 1960s before filtering system to the USA in the 1970s. Today, you can situate French Lops worldwide, along with they remain to be amongst among one of the most favored property rabbit kinds. No credible info on French Lop people exists, so it is difficult to approximate their total populace with any type of kind of degree of accuracy. Still, they do not expose signs of reducing in charm as either program rabbits or pal pets whenever swiftly.

French Lop Locations

You can situate French Lops throughout the world anywhere you’re more than likely to situate property rabbits. They remain to be a recommended enter Europe, particularly in England, France, along with the Netherlands. In current times they have really obtained charm in the U.S.A.. While it is difficult to assert exactly the variety of French Lops exist, you’re more than likely to situate them in all 50 US states.

French Lop Conservation Status

As a household kind, there does not exist a good deal of credible details on the distribution of French Lops As A Result, the IUCN has really Not Analyzed the French Lop While it’s not as chosen as the Holland Lop or Mini Lop, it remains to be amongst among one of the most favored lop rabbits along with property rabbits overall. On the different other hand, the French’s Lops predecessors– the English Lop along with Big Papillion– have really both went down substantially in charm. Really, the Titan Papillion is presently effectively extinct. In a similar method, the wild predecessor of the French Lop, the European rabbit, is supplied as Endangered by the IUCN as an outcome of reducing people in its aboriginal collection of Iberia.

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