Fox Squirrel

Although it is a tree squirrel, it spends most of its time on the ground.
Fox Squirrel Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Sciurus niger
Fox Squirrel Physical Characteristics
Brown, Grey-Brown
6-12.6 years
Top speed
17 mph
Fox Squirrel Distribition

“Fox squirrels make use of fragrances to interact with various other squirrels, although it is not territorial.”

The fox squirrel, additionally called Bryant’s fox, eastern fox, stump- eared, raccoon, and the monkey- encountered squirrel is a typical tree squirrel species. It is belonging to The United States and Canada. The biggest North American squirrel species that exists, is two times as huge as the grey squirrel, which is much more usual. Individuals might puzzle it with the eastern grey squirrel or the American red squirrel.

3 Amazing Fox Squirrel Truths!

  • Adaptable ankle joint joints permit it to transform its feet at 180 levels.
  • It can drop from a tree at an elevation of 20 feet and land securely on the tree- trunk.
  • It can leap a number of feet at once.

Scientific Name

The scientific name of the fox squirrel is Sciurus niger, which implies “black squirrel.” Squirrels are rodents therefore they remain in the order Rodentia. Their family is Sciuridae, that includes little and tool- sized rodents. Ground squirrels, tree squirrels, flying squirrels, chipmunks, and prairie dogs are all participants of Sciuridae. The fox squirrel genus, Sciurus, consists of most of the usual, bushy- trailed squirrel species around the globe.

Recognition of fox squirrels consists of 10 subspecies, which vary by dimension and geographical place:

  • Southern fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger niger)
  • Eastern fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger vulpinus)
  • Texas fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger limitis)
  • Western fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger rufiventer)
  • Delta fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger subauratus)
  • Large Cypress fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger avicinnia)
  • Upland fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger bachmani)
  • Delmarva fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger cinereus)
  • Pineywoods fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger ludovicianus)
  • Sherman’s fox squirrel ( Sciurus niger shermani)


The fox squirrel actions 20 to 30 inches in size, with a body size of 10 to 15 inches and the tail concerning the very same. Typically, it is 21 inches long. It evaluates one to 2.5 extra pounds with a typical weight variety of 1.6 to 2.3 extra pounds. Western species are smaller sized than those in various other locations. All have a number of delicate hairs on each lower arm, on their nose and chin, and over and listed below the eyes, which they make use of for sensory input from their setting.

Recognition of the sexes by outside appearance alone is difficult due to the fact that they look the very same and coincide dimension. When it comes to shades, 3 feasible kinds are depending upon location. Recognition of fox squirrels in many locations by shades implies brownish- grey to brownish- yellow with a brownish- orange tummy, while all have huge, bushy tails. Recognition of fox squirrels in eastern locations by shades reveals dark brownish and black squirrels with white bands on the tail and face. For instance, the eastern fox squirrel has grey- black hair on its back and orange hair on its tummy. Those in the south reside in separated neighborhoods and are black.

The tail of a fox squirrel actions practically as lengthy as its body.JustPixs/Shutterstock. com


The fox squirrel is a social creature. Although it is a tree squirrel, it invests the majority of its time on the ground where it forages throughout the day. It is not territorial either, however it does make use of scent markings to interact with various other squirrels, and it does protect its nest. The female is the primary sex that protects the nest with hostile actions, while the male can be hostile throughout the period. Both are hostile in the direction of adolescent squirrels throughout young dispersal.

In any type of house, the fox squirrel is most likely to make use of electric lines to take a trip and can trigger power interruptions. Often, it munches on telephone cords or gnaws openings right into wood structures and attacks attic rooms. It can come to be a parasite because it digs openings in yards and lawn to keep acorns. It additionally consumes nuts, fruits, and lots of various other plants, and strips the external bark of trees to eat the juicy internal bark. Every one of this actions triggers damages to grass, yards, and trees.


The United States And Canada is the indigenous house of the fox squirrel. Its environment variety consists of the majority of the eastern and main USA. Although it can reside in different kinds of woodlands and suburbs, its regular environment is open forests with fully grown trees however no thick cover or copse, normally huge trees blended in with farming land.

When it comes to the house it develops, it makes 2 various kinds: fallen leave nests, or dreys, and tree dens. It makes use of tree dens over the wintertime and while elevating young, however if they are not offered, it makes use of fallen leave nests throughout the year. The summertime is when it constructs fallen leave nests and it does so around 30 feet in the air, utilizing the forks of deciduous trees.

The size of den trees can differ; typically, those in Ohio balance a size at bust elevation (fbh) of 21 inches and concerning 53.6 m (58.6 backyards) far from the closest forest boundary. Many tree dens in eastern Texas standard a dbh of 12 inches or even more. Nevertheless, they are normally 6 inches large and 14- 16 inches deep. Because of this, overstory trees need to have a typical dbh of a minimum of 15 inches.

Tree cover closure ought to be 20 to 60%, with understory closure of 30% or much less bush- crown closure. The fox squirrel normally makes use of all-natural dental caries or dental caries developed by red- headed woodpeckers, northern flickers, or crow nests. The trees it makes use of are oaks, hickories, and periodically pines.

Not just is the fox squirrel forgiving of humans, however it can additionally grow in rural and also city locations alike. It makes use of suburbs for food resources and nesting websites.


Truths concerning the fox squirrel reveal that its diet is omnivorous. Nevertheless, its primary diet relies on geographical place. It typically consumes insects, tree buds, pole, roots, origins, light bulbs, fungis, ache and springtime- fruiting tree seeds, and bird eggs. It additionally consumes fruit, wheat, oats, soybeans, and corn. The pole it consumes is normally online oak, poak oak, bluejack oak, southerly red oak, and turkey oak. Typically, it consumes concerning an extra pound of food a week.

Predators and Dangers

Predators of grown-up fox squirrels are huge hawks, owls, bobcats, lynxes, foxes, and coyotes, while snakes exploit young squirrels. Nevertheless, due to the fact that couple of all-natural predators can capture them frequently, they are opportunistic seekers.

Fox squirrels bring conditions such as ringworm, which they can send to humans. Manage termites, severe wintertime weather condition, woodland damage, and overhunting are all dangers to fox squirrel populaces.

Reproduction and Life Process

This squirrel’s breeding actions begins with females, that enter into estrus or “warmth” in mid- December or very early January in addition to in June. As component of their regular squirrel breeding actions, they make “kuk” and “qua” groaning audios prior to and after breeding, and males chase them as a type of teasing. Females come to be sexually fully grown at 10 to 11 months and have their very first trash at a years of age.

Yearling females have one trash, while older females have 2 each year. A trash can be birthed as early as January, however many are birthed in mid- March and July. Many females deliver in September or October, however with their 2nd reproduction period in wintertime can deliver once more from February via May. They registered nurse their young in the nests for 2 months.

There is approximately 3 juveniles in a clutter with a typical variety of 2 to 4, although there can be anywhere from 2 to 7 infants. The gestation duration is 44 to 45 days. It depends on the squirrel species, with the gestation duration varying from much less than a month to a month and a fifty percent. And also, the moment females enter into estrus is embellished, so they do not enter into warmth at the very same time. Grey squirrels are extremely similar in their breeding actions and various other behaviors therefore interbreed where their location overlaps.

The life expectancy of this squirrel species in the wild is bad, with lots of squirrels passing away prior to they come to be grownups as a result of the previously mentioned dangers. Females can meet 12.6 years while males can meet 8.6 years as their optimum life expectancy. Typically, they live for 6 years however in bondage can meet 18 years.


Truths concerning these squirrels reveal that they have the biggest population of squirrels in The United States and Canada, although the grey squirrel is much more usual when it come to environment variety and regularly seen. Specific subspecies, such as the Delmarva fox squirrel, are endangered as a result of overhunting and woodland damage, while manage termites and severe wintertime weather condition reason squirrel populaces as a whole to decrease. Nevertheless, the conservation status of the species is detailed as secure and Least Concern.


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