Florida Woods Cockroach

Often found on palmetto trees
Florida Woods Cockroach Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Eurycotis floridana
Florida Woods Cockroach Physical Characteristics
12-15 months
Top speed
3 mph
0.105 g
Florida Woods Cockroach Distribition

” The Florida woods cockroach is generally referred to as the palmetto pest in the southeastern USA.”

You might review words ‘cockroach’ and assume promptly of those bothersome spiders that attack houses and spread dirt any place they go. Yet, felt confident, the Florida woods cockroach is not one of those cockroaches. In fact, amazingly couple of species of cockroach ever before trigger issues for humans. Out of virtually 5,000 species worldwide, just a handful ever before entered call with humans.

Of those couple of species, the Florida woods cockroach is one that is generally discovered in the warm southeastern states of Florida and Georgia. Recognized commonly as a ‘palmetto pest’ due to its prejudice for palmetto plants, the Florida cockroach makes its house generally outdoors. Sometimes, they might roam inside searching for food or sanctuary, yet they would certainly a lot instead be outdoors in the dust, or hanging around on a wonderful plant.

4 Extraordinary Florida Woods Cockroach Truths!

  • Florida woods roaches are additionally referred to as palmetto bugs
  • Both females and males do not have wings
  • Florida cockroaches can mature to 1.5 inches long
  • Fairies molt 7 times prior to the adult years

Florida Woods Cockroach Species, Kind, and Scientific Name

The scientific name of the Florida woods cockroach is ‘ Eurycotis floridana‘ They’re generally called palmetto bugs, Florida stinkroaches, or skunk cockroaches. Florida cockroaches are belonging to the severe southeastern component of the USA; they can be discovered in the Florida Keys, Florida, and the southerly components of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Appearance: Exactly How to Recognize Florida Woods Roaches

Palmetto bugs have a tendency to be really thick- looking cockroaches. They do not have the lengthy, slim form of the American cockroach, though they’re not rather as large as the large Madagascar hissing cockroach. Greater than anything, they appear like dark brownish, squashed eggs.

Like all cockroaches, Florida woods roaches have 2 antennae and 6 legs. Their antennae are virtually the size of the body and expand out in front of the head, instead of crinkling back over the body. There are 3 legs on each side of the body; both closest to the head are the fastest, while those at the back are the lengthiest. Each leg comes furnished with strong- looking spikes– yet do not stress, they’re for climbing up, not assault.

The Florida Woods cockroach is often called the "stinking" cockroach because it produces a foul-smelling fluid to protect it from predators due to the fact that neither sex can fly.
The Florida Woods cockroach is typically called the “stinking” cockroach due to the fact that it generates a nasty- scenting liquid to shield it from predators as a result of the reality that neither sex can fly.Nainong/Shutterstock. com

Do Florida Woods Roaches Fly?

Some species of cockroach have wings and can fly, yet not the palmetto pest. Florida woods cockroaches are wingless. Rather than wings, they have hard, guard- like frameworks on their backs called ‘tegmina.’ The tegmina lie simply behind the pronotum– the difficult guard that secures the rear of the cockroach’s head.

Like various other species of cockroach, the Florida woods cockroach has really basic mouthparts. Actually, these mouthparts have actually continued to be incredibly streamlined for numerous numerous years. In roaches, the mouthparts really encounter backwards as a result of the alignment of the directly the body. If human heads were connected similarly cockroach heads are connected, our faces would certainly punctuate to the skies.

Life Process: Exactly How to Recognize Florida Woods Cockroach Eggs

All roaches share 3 life phases: egg, fairy, and grownup. For the Florida woods cockroach, the egg stage takes around 48 days, relying on climate condition. Female cockroaches generate eggs framed in an egg situation that ends up being hard not long after birth. As soon as she’s removed the egg situation, the female adhesives it in a refuge, like inside a dead log, or under thick substratum.

Upon hatching, the fairies are intense white and soft. Gradually their exoskeletons enlarge and dim; they dropped them 6- 8 times prior to maturating. After 100- 120 days, the fairies get to complete maturation and no more drop their exoskeletons– they’re done expanding.

As grownups, palmetto bugs can get to 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide, and live for approximately 2 years. Because time, females can recreate with or without males– though unfertilized eggs are not likely to hatch out, and fairies birthed of the unfertilized eggs seldom maturate.

Environment: Where to Locate Florida Woods Cockroach

Florida woods cockroaches aren’t most likely to attack your house. If you’re handling a problem of interior cockroaches, possibilities are excellent that they’re not Florida woods cockroaches. It’s possible to locate them within, specifically if there are very easy ways of gain access to, like open doors, yet palmetto bugs much like the exterior.

Better, Florida woods roaches do not live anywhere cool, and they’re mostly restricted to the pleasant areas of the southeastern USA. So, if you’re residing in Asia, South America, or anywhere else outside the southerly USA, it’s not likely that you’ll see a palmetto pest.

Diet: What do Florida Woods Roaches Eat?

Palmetto bugs are scavengers; they’re detritivorous omnivores. Their major resource of food originates from decomposing plant issue, like fallen leaves, bark, fruit, and timber. This diet becomes part of the factor you will not typically locate Florida woods cockroaches inside– human houses do not have a tendency to have big quantities of rotting plant issue. You’re a lot more most likely to see a palmetto pest outside in a planter bed or potted plant than in a residence or organization.

What Consumes the Florida Woods Cockroach?

As a sluggish- relocating, ground- home insect, the Florida woods cockroach is vulnerable to assault from lots of animals. These consist of little animals like mice and rats, frogs, lizards, birds, and also little snakes. Nevertheless, the palmetto pest has a special protection capacity; smelly chemical secretions.

When at risk, the Florida woods cockroach sprays an oily, unpleasant- scenting fluid from its back side. The fluid is extreme sufficient to aggravate the eyes and skin of any type of animal it can be found in call with, consisting of humans. So, if you see a palmetto pest and seem like you simply need to choose it up– do not, or danger obtaining splashed with poisonous chemicals.

Florida Woods Cockroach vs. Asian Cockroach

There is one kind of issue cockroach that looks really similar to the Florida woods cockroach: the Oriental cockroach.

Asian roaches are so dark brownish that they’re virtually black. Like palmetto bugs, they have ovoid bodies and virtually do not have wings. Yet, they have a lot longer antennae than the Florida woods cockroach. Rather than fleshy pads where the wings must be (as in the Florida woods cockroach), the Oriental cockroach has little, vestigial wings.

If you’re still uncertain which kind of cockroach you’re considering, think about where you discovered it. If it was within, after that it’s possibly an Asian cockroach. Better, Florida woods cockroaches relocate a lot slower than Asian cockroaches.

Avoidance and Elimination: Exactly How to Do Away With Florida Woods Roaches

If you fear you might have way too many palmetto bugs spending time your house, there are a couple of actions you can take. Your initial step ought to be to eliminate all ground cover and environment-friendly waste. Doing so will certainly eliminate the cockroaches’ major food resource, and they must promptly proceed.

If that does not suffice, you might intend to think about making use of shop- got cockroach catches and chemicals, like borax. Keep in mind, if your cockroach issue is inside, you’re possibly handling a various species. If the issue lingers, think about employing an expert insect exterminator.


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