Eurasian Beaver

Eats 20% of its weight daily!
Eurasian Beaver Scientific Classification
Scientific name
Castor fiber
Eurasian Beaver Physical Characteristics
Fawn, Light-Brown
More than 200,000
seven to eight years
Top speed
25 mph
47 to 51 pounds
Eurasian Beaver Distribition

” The Eurasian beaver was as soon as looked for its castoreum.”

The Eurasian beaver is a huge rodent belonging to Europe, Scandinavia, and components of Asia. You can discover it in France, Spain, and the UK. When pursued to termination in a lot of its variety, the Eurasian beaver is currently flourishing and a preservation success tale.

3 Unbelievable Eurasian Beaver Realities!

  • It is the biggest rodent species belonging to Europe.
  • It is a keystone species.
  • Like its North American relative, it is a diligent dam building contractor.

Scientific Name

Its scientific name is Castor fiber


Recognition of an Eurasian beaver starts with its dimension. With a typical size of greater than 3 feet and a typical weight of 50 extra pounds, it is the biggest living rodent in Europe. It is additionally the 2nd heaviest rodent species worldwide after the capybara.

The beaver’s thick, lengthy hair is typically light brownish or fawn. Some have red- brownish hair. It has a solid, stocky body, webbed feet, and a huge, level tail.

Eurasian beavers consider, typically, 50 extra belizar73

What Is the Distinction In Between a North American Beaver and an Eurasian Beaver?

The Eurasian beaver resembles the North American beaver, however there are some essential distinctions. One is that the North American beaver has 40 chromosomes, and the Eurasian beaver has 48. Consequently, tries to reproduce them with each various other have actually been not successful.

One more distinction is their hair shades. Many Eurasian beavers are brown or red- brownish. They hardly ever show up at night or black shades of North American beavers.

One more recognition mark is their head dimension. A Eurasian beaver has a much less spherical head and a narrower muzzle than a North American beaver. It additionally has triangular nasal openings, while a North American beaver has square nasal openings.

Ultimately, the Eurasian beaver has a narrower tail than a North American beaver.


Like its North American sibling, the Eurasian beaver is an active animal recognized for developing dams. These dams develop fish ponds and water resources for numerous animals.

The Eurasian beaver is thought about a keystone species. That implies its visibility is crucial to a healthy and balanced ecological community. There are a number of reasons that this beaver is environmentally crucial. It produces marshes that sustain a huge variety of species, consisting of waterfowl and little rodents. By getting rid of trees, it urges the regrowth of thick bushes, which provide cover for birds and little animals. Gotten rid of trees additionally make it simpler for woodland bats to browse.

Beaver dams enhance water high quality by capturing and filtering system debris. This enhances the population of crucial victim fish, consisting of salmon and trout.

Eurasian beavers do not have intricate interactions. They will certainly occasionally grumble or hiss. Their most typical kind of interaction is slapping their tails externally of the water. They do this to alert various other beavers of risk.


This beaver resides in fish ponds, lakes, and various other freshwater bodies of water. It likes fish ponds in forested locations bordered by softwood trees.


Eurasian beavers are herbivores. They mainly eat shore plants like myrtles, cattails, and water lilies. They additionally eat tree bark. To sustain its hectic dam- structure life, the ordinary beaver requires to eat 20% of its body weight daily.

Predators and Dangers

The largest hazard to Eurasian beavers has actually been human searching. Its all-natural predators consist of big predators such as wolves, wolverines, foxes, and lynxes.

Reproduction and Life Process

Eurasian beavers get to sex-related maturation at 3 years of ages, however a couple of 2- year- old females duplicate. The reproducing period lasts from December to Might. Prior to the reproduction period begins, the male beaver constructs a dam that works as a sanctuary for saving food and elevating the young. When the female obtains expecting, she gestates for concerning 107 days prior to bring to life a clutter of 2 to 6 infants, which are referred to as packages.

Eurasian beavers stay in little family teams that consist of young people that have not gotten to sex-related maturation. These young people aid back the young packages, that are discouraged at 6 weeks old. Unlike various other rodent species, Eurasian beavers are virginal. Pairs typically remain with each other and proceed duplicating with each various other time after time. They commonly have one reproducing period annually. This trustworthy, routine life process is one factor beavers have actually efficiently duplicated after reintroduction.

Their life-span in the wild is 7 to 8 years. Beavers in bondage can have a life expectancy of 14 to 17 years.


The Eurasian beaver’s healthy and balanced existing population can be attributed to effective reintroduction initiatives by guardians in Europe, Russia, and Scandinavia. One more consider its success was the beaver’s capability to adjust to brand-new settings and a life process that consists of routine reproduction by virginal sets.

Currently, numerous nations that have actually shed their beaver populaces have healthy and balanced, growing varieties of animals. An approximated 14,000 stay in France, and 100,000 beavers currently stay in Germany. In 2018, beavers went back to Italy after a 500- year lack.

Some nations in the beaver’s previous variety have actually never ever recouped their beaver populaces. It is still thought about seriously endangered in the UK, endangered in Scotland, and endangered in much of Asia.

Conservation Status

The Eurasian beaver was pursued thoroughly for its meat and hair. By the very early component of the 20th century, there were just about 1,200 left. Initiatives to reestablish Eurasian beavers have actually succeeded, nonetheless, and the species is provided as “least concern” by the International Union for the Preservation of Nature (IUCN).

Busy Building Contractors

The Eurasian beaver enhances its ecological community and is a keystone species in its environment. Many thanks to effective reintroduction and its capability to duplicate routinely, it has actually recuperated from the edge of termination.


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